If you were given a chance to have a super power, what is it ?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by hinakathleen, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. lockhard41

    lockhard41 New Member

    That is easy. The power to heal others and myself of course. I could change the lives of so many people who are suffering. The only draw back is that I would have to have a partner who had the power to make time slow down in order to help as many people as I could.
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  2. hgnguyen

    hgnguyen New Member

    I would absolutely pick the power to teleport. If I ever got into a dangerous situation like getting kidnapped, I could just teleport away and be warm and safe back home. I could do an infinite amount of teleportations so that it seems I have the ability to 'fly'. I can wake up later in the day because I wouldn't have to commute and visit my family any time I want. The only downside would be that I would probably gain weight from not walking enough!
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  3. dancemachine

    dancemachine New Member

    If I were given a chance to have a super power, I will go for any power that can fetch me lots of money and the best i can think of is "The Power To Predict The Future Accurately" just imagine the damage you can do to every Sport Betting company or the damage you can be unleashed of the stocks and Forex market. Mehn the thought of it is making me crave for it already...lol
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  4. nrnlss

    nrnlss New Member

    Superheroes are known to be helpful, but their strengths are for battles against villains. But if I'll become a superhero, I'll choose to be someone with a healing powers. I want to end someone's battle with her/his health, than starting a war with the villains. I will save the people in a way that I will not hurt someone.
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  5. John0520

    John0520 Member

    If i were given a super power, I want the power called knowledge. When you knows everything, you also knows its weakness and strength. I will know how such thing is created and its composition. But the reason i desire knowledge is because i want to change this chaotic world, where there would no longer be oppression, discrimantion, hunger, pain and inequality either in rights, gender etcetera. Knowledge is my only solution to change the world and make it a better place, where there is peace, unity and love.
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  6. montag

    montag New Member

    Time travel. I could go anywhere in history I wanted and just make up a life for myself. Preferably some remote location far in the past. I could live off the land and die of a cold at 25. Easy livin', what more could I ask for?
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  7. ConradeVanOrton

    ConradeVanOrton New Member

    If I have a superpower I only want one thing power of Happiness.So i can make smile on sad face, in this modern only thing we are missing is happiness and joy.If I have super power you never be sad again :)
  8. Jomari-QyEG

    Jomari-QyEG Member

    Teleportation. I love to travel to foreign places, see new things, sample different cultures. I just hate the part required to get there. Planes, trains, and automobiles are not fun. You're in limbo. Neither here nor there. The farther you have to travel, the more annoying and boring it is, if not downright painful (economy class going east is pure torture).
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  9. 0strich0377

    0strich0377 New Member

    If I will have a superpower, I wanted it to be able to have the ability to wish anything I want and make it come true- like magic. Like to have a healthy life, ability to appear anywhere in the world, unlimited knowledge that will be used for the betterment of other people's lives, have the capacity to help those who suffers from pain and injustice, to prevent war, to have wings and soar the sky, more money I can count, and a classic beauty. Too much to ask. But I would also wish that my life expires when I reached 100 years old. That is the end of my lifetime. Nobody would want to see their children or their loved one be buried before them.
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  10. omgdavee

    omgdavee New Member

    If I were given a chance to have a super power, I think I wanted a power that can read minds. I have two reasons for these thing.
    The first main reason is I want to know the real feelings of the peoples around me because nowadays there's a lot of people are great pretender. They pretends to be okay even though they are sad, depressed, or upset. So, If I can read their minds I can find ways to help them to be happy even in a simple way. Because as a person I want a peaceful and positive surroundings.
    Lastly, I want to know if somebody has a bad intentions to me or my love ones. I'll stop them and so I can prevent their bad plans.
  11. benjohn

    benjohn New Member

    I would love to have the ability to teleport. I think it would be a great super power to possess. I am just excited about the thought of being able to go wherever you want to go in an instant. I am a person who loves going to different places and this super power will be very useful to me. Oh wait, can have the ability to levitate, too? Is having two super powers too much to ask?
  12. Eric35

    Eric35 Member

    to fly like superman so that i can save people who needs a help
  13. MccoyCamarao

    MccoyCamarao New Member

    If I would ever have to have a power, it would be flying. I like to soar high and watch life from above. It would greatly relieve me from the stress of the everyday life. Flying could easily transport me where I want to be, where I enjoy the most. I would be discovering new places, meeting new people, and trying different cultures.
  14. SilverMoon12

    SilverMoon12 New Member

    If I were to choose a superpower, I would choose the ability to manipulate the weather. This is one of the most unappreciated super powers in the world of comic books. Just having the ability to make it rain, sleet or snow could mean the difference between Lush vegetation or massive starvation. I don't believe this power could bring forth World Peace, however it has all the capabilities of ending Global hunger. With this exceptional power, I could cause a blizzard in the middle of a tough work weeks or make it rain cats and dogs when my favorite baseball team is losing. Wielding a power like that could easily give one a God complex. Responsibility would be essential. Life would certainly become very interesting from there on.
  15. Dracindo

    Dracindo New Member

    I don't have big ambitions, and I don't see myself as a hero or villain. With that in mind, I'd want the ability to control the minds of others. There is nothing that gets more on my nerves if people don't listen to me, or straight up bully me. It would be nice if I could just snap my fingers, and get everyone to be quiet, once and a while.

    It could also prove to be useful in situations where a group of thugs are harassing a young lady, by having them suddenly get down on their knees and beg for forgiveness. Trust me, I'm no villain, but I wouldn't say that won't abuse this power once every now and then.
  16. john thomas cox

    john thomas cox New Member

    And I’m not talking just waving liquid water around; I’m talking complete control, at the molecular level.
    The reason why: it opens up a whole lot more powers.
    Need to block bullets? Form an ice shield, using water powers to hold the water molecules together and overcome the rupturing force of the bullets. This could extend to armor, giving you a lightweight, incredibly durable armor that you can materialize out of water vapor in the atmosphere in seconds.
    Heavy object about to fall on you? Move water vapor in the air at high speeds to knock it aside or tear it in half. If you had hydraulic gloves, you could also simply move the water faster to give more lifting force to the gloves.
    Want to move your remote to you? Just lift it into the air and move it towards youby surrounding it with water vapor.
    Bad guy attacking you or someone else? Cut off the blood flow to his brain and render him unconscious with a flick of the wrist. Or simply block up his arteries. Or scare him into submission by tossing him around with water vapor
  17. Medalina

    Medalina New Member

    If I were given a chance to have a super power, I choose to have healing power.You could not only get rid of minor injuries like cuts and bruises, but also help ease the pain of people suffering from serious illnesses. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and many other diseases.
  18. stormbreaker10

    stormbreaker10 New Member

    Having a super power is not easy like spiderman said "Having a great power is having a great responsibility" but if I given a chance to had it, I think "Invisibility", I know what your thinking, /gg. You know, it really depends on what be your objective using superpowers.
  19. Lexilia

    Lexilia New Member

    I would want the power of precognition, or the ability to see future events, and have the power to change it. Even if it includes all those wild fan theories that changing a predicted future would create a number of alternate universes. I'm the type of person who likes to be prepared when facing things head on, that's why I want that superpower. Even if the predicted future is good or bad, I want to be ready in handling it when the time comes.

    I'd also like to be able to predict lottery results so I'd be rich. Predict stock exchange results so I'd earn money on investments. Predict innovations so I could use it to get rich (lol). Predict the answers on everything so I'd win. Precognition can be a very selfish power if you use it that way, but I'd still probably do it hahaha.

    I'd also like to predict calamities, events, and instances that could affect my life. Predicting death would be scary though, and I wouldn't like to mess with death and stuff since it would very likely turn into a horror movie, but predicting death would probably help me be prepared of the heartache that would follow.
  20. EngineMan

    EngineMan New Member

    I think I would choose having all the knowledge in the world. They always say knowledge is power. Imagine the possibilities when you know every answer to every question! You could go on TV and win all quizzes. When you get bored doing that you can work for companies advising them on certain matters. But using it to earn money isn't the only thing.

    You could use your knowledge to find a solution for world hunger or find a new green energy source. You will need to buy a warehouse to store all the Nobel Prizes you will win! Besides, when you have all the knowledge in the world, you can use this knowledge to gather other superpowers like X-ray vision.
  21. Em14

    Em14 New Member

    If I were given a chance to have a superpower I would choose to be the strongest woman in the universe. I want to fight back those people who hurt women and children who are the weakest in terms of physical fighting. I want to catch a criminal and bring them to jail. I want to carry old people who are having a hard time walking and bring them to their destination. I want to move mountains literally when someone is in pain during a natural disaster. But now I'm a superwoman in the eyes of my children, a woman that can do anything for them.
  22. MOkada

    MOkada New Member

    I'm a person who likes achievement with no time to achieve the goals I want to reach and no time to do the tasks I don't want to do. Therefore, I would wish for the power of time manipulation, where I could stop, rewind, fast-forward, etc. time. Now, I don't want to travel in time, for I already know that may involve some tricky business with seeing my past self or future self. I want to be able to control time and take myself back. I mainly would stop time, I imagine, in order to become fluent in multiple languages and finish my homework in no time at all. That would be amazing.
  23. JoysJB

    JoysJB New Member

    That would be the power or ability to heal people’s illness, although it may only result to immortality, I still think that this kind of power is a great opportunity, especially for us people and for others who still want to live.
  24. mark747

    mark747 New Member

    If I was given the opportunity to possess any superhero power known to man, I would like to have the ability of making a person smile. I know that this power is not rare to find among people today, but it is still a wonderful and powerful gift to have. Mother Teresa once said "Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." You can change a person's entire outlook on their day or even their life by simply smiling at them, or smiling with them. Either way, a smile can only benefit someone whether you wear it yourself, or helping them find theirs.
  25. fretzlea

    fretzlea New Member

    Emotional Healer. I want to have the power of Emotional Healing. I want to help the people who are broken from their everyday activity. We will be facing so many type of people everyday, we will be facing so many problems every day and either we like it or not, these things will drain our emotion. Yes, we can smile with other people, we can laugh with them but whenever we are alone, our true emotions show. So that is why I want to be an emotional healer because I believe that a person with high spirit and emotionally ready can face the world with a happy heart.
  26. xcloudz

    xcloudz Member

    I just want to have a power to travel time. It could give me a chance and advantage to correct things and can prevent bad things to happen. Allows me to mingle different type of people especially people who helps improve the world. Can learn lesson in every different kind of era, learning their culture and the way they live. Can determine the unsolved crimes and mysteries throughout the history of the world. Can see what could happen in the future and could also help to create better things to do in order to make lives more lively and fruitful.
  27. Xane911

    Xane911 Member

    If given a chance to have a power, I'll choose to be able to control all the natural phenomenon that is happening in our planet. Being able to disintegrate plastics and other pollutants that contribute for the destruction of our planet.
  28. antonToledo

    antonToledo New Member

    If I was given a superpower I would choose divine intelligence and being a complete genius. Knowing everything and anything is an amazing power your basically God and an ultimate omniscience being. knowing everything I can invent things that can be super useful like a time travel machine, pills that can heal any injuries or sickness devices that can prevent disasters a portal gun that can take me to any dimensions or reality hahaha. Having ultimate intelligence I can beat any lame super that there is. I can create a device that can stop time or super nanotech suite that can enhance my physical speed and strength as strong as Superman! And also can shoot energy beams that will be super cool.
  29. silverwords

    silverwords New Member

    I always want to have a superpower where I can stop the time. Some moments are so precious that we only wish we can stop the time at some point and cherish it more. It is true that time flies so fast so we have to make the most out of it and live our lives everyday as if it's the last.
  30. Ronwald

    Ronwald New Member

    If given the chance to have a superpower, I would choose to have the ability to go back in time. In that way, I can re-write the past and correct all the mistakes that I have committed haha. No seriously, I think it would be nice to rewind your life and re-do all the past things that you have done, but this time you already possess the knowledge to choose the correct choice.

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