If you were given a chance to have a super power, what is it ?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by hinakathleen, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. kervymestiola

    kervymestiola New Member

    My super power would be immortality. If I could live forever, I could use my “whole” life to help others during natural disasters, since I would not be afraid of losing my life. I could also give all my money to those in need, because I would never have to buy new clothes or accessories. I would also make a great history professor, as I would know the whole of human history, since I have lived through all historical events.
  2. investwarrior

    investwarrior New Member

    I think i want to have regeneration ability, so i can regenerate my cells and organs and live how much i want and be always healthy, yes its kinda like vampire ability but i want to live long.
  3. 1jayem6

    1jayem6 New Member

    I want to have a blue and orange eyes just like in the movie Darkest Minds. I love the blue eyes with telekinesis ability, I love to control things within my mind. I also love the orange eyes with the ability of hypnotizing the people. And you can also erase your memory in one's people and I love that if I did embarrassed things. LOL.
  4. nicotinecat

    nicotinecat New Member

    If I were to be born or gifted with supernatural abilities, I would choose a power relating to the psyche such as creating illusions. This ability would make it possible for me to alter the memories of an individual and manipulate them to act the way the illusion provided would lead them to. It is an ability that requires strict responsibility and critical decision making since these illusions will affect the individual's way of life.
  5. chimmy26

    chimmy26 New Member

    Manipulating chances/probability. Because if I had the power to do so, wouldn't I be able to control everything then? If I could increase my chances, I can be the most successful person in the world. If I could manipulate chances, I could give everyone better lives. I f I could do this, I can do anything. I can win the lottery, I be the luckiest person to ever live. I can increase my chances of being able to heal. I can increase my chances of being in a certain place with certain people. I can be who I wish to be. It's selfish, but it's not like I'll be using it on myself forever. I want to have that superpower. I want to change the world. I won't be sitting here, withering away with dreams that I'm not sure if it will come to life. I could be somewhere else, happy and content with everyone I love. If I could have one superpower, it would be the ability to manipulate chances or probability.
  6. SiyaCol

    SiyaCol New Member

    Being able to think, learn, process, memorize (in both my short term and long term memory), retain, and recall massive amounts of knowledge and information be it mathematical, scientific, engineering, technological, historical, political, strategy, planning, tactics, tracking, behavior/psychology etc. instantaneously.
  7. Venpenname

    Venpenname New Member

    One of the best abilities that can work real well in a realistic world is being able to see a few sec/minutes in the future.

    Used to think it was such a generic power but man..watching the first episode of the second season of "Bungo stray dogs" changed my mind

    Its such a cool,flexible and surprisingly powerful ability.
  8. telmog

    telmog New Member

    The power to leap tall tax reforms in a single bound! :)
  9. CasualMiser

    CasualMiser New Member

    I would choose psychic discernment. In essence, I would be a living polygraph that actually works. I’m easily agitated by manipulation and subterfuge, and having the truth value and intent of statements clear to me would be a dream. It’s a subtle power which would work well in the really real world while going unnoticed.
  10. Deeyhan

    Deeyhan New Member

    If i could be given a chance to owned a super power, i will prefer to possess a power of mind reader or healer. Why these two? Because i want to read the minds of a person that i want to know, i want to know what they think and also healer because it was a helpful thing to offer on other person. I want to heal those person who suffer from their sickness, because I believe that they are not the only person who suffer but also those person arround them that care about their situation. If i owned one of those powers, i will use it to help people. I want everybody feel the life they had while still exist in world. I don't wanna see people at the young age suffer for a pain that they didn't wish for.
  11. mysticalnymph2

    mysticalnymph2 New Member

    There is surely a long list of superpowers to choose from. But if I am to be given one, I would choose between the power of persuasion and the ability to understand all languages.

    The power of persuasion just like the Jedi mind trick is a good one. Imagine resolving conflicts and settling negotiations through this power. I could also use it to persuade evildoers to do go instead.

    As for the ability to understand all languages, it would save me when I am traveling. It would be easy ordering food and finding directions. It is also a good power to use in negotiations with other people across the globe.
  12. Artemis456

    Artemis456 Member

    I say Teleportation. I'm not rich and wishes to visit a lot of places. Gosh i wish i can do that! My husband is even living 7000 miles away from me that's why this power will be help me visit him whenever i want! Long distance is very difficult. I can even go everywhere without even bothering by traffic, actually i wont even need a car or to rush my self for going somewhere and also I can go to my close friends who needs a companion immediately.
  13. Shai12

    Shai12 New Member

    I'll choose to have the ultimate ability and has unlimited versatility where I can create what I want or what I need. I can build anything I can put in my mind so that I could use this ability to discover things that will make our life even more comfortable, colorful and wonderful. By that, I can help people not just one but the whole world from different struggles in life.
  14. Thorn18

    Thorn18 New Member

    I would choose Time Travel through conscience. I can go back through things. Righting the wrong things that I have done. Isn't it the one thing that all of us wanted to do. Making the regrets and mistakes of our lives go away. Making the person that we have hurt to stay. Preventing the mistakes to be done by going back in the right moment of the right time.
  15. Mariansurio

    Mariansurio New Member

    Invisible because i hate people see me crying when i am upset i want to be a invisible person before. But now i want to have a superpower that can i go to travel anywhere i want to go , because now i want to travel and to see the different scenery that makes me happy and love , and of course to know the culture of every country i visited. :)
  16. orock42

    orock42 New Member

    The godlike power to create anything I wanted. I would use it to ensure everyone has all their basic needs met and this would enable us as a group to further our species. There would be no more war, or poverty, or needless disease. Children could focus on education; the educated could focus on solving the big problems.
  17. Rooneey

    Rooneey Member

    If i have given a power, i will choose to be kindness. God is kind. He help others. I want to help others too. And being kind i think will help us to be unite. So that, there will peace here on earth. Be good and love one another. Spread love.
  18. songbird11

    songbird11 New Member

    I've have an answer for this question on-hand since I first learned what genies were. ;)
    My wish would be to transform into anything I want. Think of the possibilities! I could even turn into a genie.
    If the genie says that's too powerful to grant, then I would settle for being able to change my simple appearance into anything I desire. It's shallow, but it would solve my constant insecurity about my looks.
  19. gracieroda

    gracieroda New Member

    Power of mind. Our mind is very powerful, whatever mind think your body will follow. Even your knowledge came from it. If you don't have mind you're nothing. Heart transplant now is available but brain transplant is not.
  20. JMae372

    JMae372 Member

    For me I'd pick the power to travel through time. I want to go back to the past to correct my mistakes, to do something that I should've done.
  21. lilshasha

    lilshasha New Member

    I would choose the power of time travel like going back to the past and having an access to the future. It might seem like a fantasy but I wish it could be real. I'd love to go back to the past so that I could correct my mistakes. I would make my parents more proud and would tell them how much I love them. If I could have a chance to see the future, I would try to prevent any future accidents and cure some diseases. I would make my life more comfortable.
  22. rvtamayo

    rvtamayo Member

    I prefer to have a superpower to recreate and duplicate things. This way all of our natural resources will be replenished without having to destroy or redo the process of creating materials such as cutting trees for paper making or destroying land sites or mountains for minerals. I think we will have a very conserving place to live in.
  23. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    A power to make people happy, an ability to give what they need so i can able to make them happy specially to those less fortunate. Its break my heart seeing old people and children living in the street without proper home to live proper food to eat they deserve more than that. if only i have the power to give them what they need i can able to make them happy and i think this world will be a better place.
  24. JaniceA

    JaniceA Member

    If I have super powers I want to have the ability to turn back time, like having a time machine which I will used to turn back to the time when I'm still a 10 year old kid. Maybe 7 years is enough to show my mother how much I love her because she past away when I was 17. I think that time I really didn't show my mom my love to her because I'm such a spoiled brat. I also want to spend more time with her and to my dad who also past away 4 years ago.
    In 2011, me and my daughter went to American Samoa to follow my husband who was working there, so I didn't able to spend a lot of times with my dad. Then he past away last 2015, I'm still in American Samoa and I wasn't able to go back here in the Philippines for his funeral because of some reasons. That's why if given a chance, I want to have super power that able to bring me to the time when my parents are still alive.
  25. hlabajosa1966

    hlabajosa1966 Member

    Mind Power is the most STRONGER & USEFUL power we possess, it is our thoughts that influence our mind thru behavior, attitude, and responses to everything we do. If I have that power I have a better way of solving problems in our society, unite people all over the WORLD and create a safe and better place to live in.
  26. queenerica

    queenerica New Member

    I would want the power to control things with my mind, all the movies and books I have read the most powerful always seem to be the ones who can control things,like move objects,people and even play with minds. Example such movies like X-men
  27. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    I would make everyone rich and we forget about poverty.Second thing diseases should cease from human beings.
  28. Raysam

    Raysam New Member

    I'd choose the power of teleportation like night crawler in the Xmen. I would travel around the world and become a travel blogger or vlogger. It'd be great to visit places, learn new cultures and see the wonders of the world.
  29. jilibido

    jilibido Member

    The giver of hope. I can't think of a better power to have than to be able to light up a lost soul's withering and winding road of endless misery. I want to have the ability to guide them toward the path of righteousness and peace. To make them realize their worth to exist in this world. Considering how many people get to make the wrong choices in life then and again, over and over that soon enough they even end up not getting to choose life at all. It's very depressing to see wasted lives no longer seeing even a slight spark of hope. No longer able to recognize light beyond the darkness of the cruel, greedy, materialistic and corrupted world we now all call reality. I want to lift them up and pull them out from being stuck deep beneath the quicksand of defeat and utter despair. I want to rescue them from drowning within their sorrows, feeling of unworthiness and agony. I believe in the saying that "..the broken are the truly evolved." But we are all just humans who have vulnerable feelings and some are just no longer strong enough to stand up from where they fell down for they have been living in hell the whole time.
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  30. mayimayi

    mayimayi Member

    The ability to see the future. Have you watched the movie, "Back to the Future", wherein one of the characters got the Almanac and he bet on every game which he knows they will win and it made him a millionaire.

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