If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by p4paul, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. p4paul

    p4paul New Member

    Hi, I think anyone of us would want to experience something where you can do pretty much anything you want and not get caught. Having that said, what would you do if you were invisible for a day?
  2. emandork

    emandork New Member

    Wow, it is a good question. But it's hard to say here what we will do if we have that kind of power. We all know there are plenty of bad things that we will do if we have that. All of us have things we want to take but it is impossible because it is a bad thing. The only Good thing i can share is to get in touch by my crush/ love ones.
  3. Lav Ly

    Lav Ly New Member

    If i were be invisible for a day, i would rather spy my greatest enemy to find any evidence that could reveal her wrongdoings. I would spy on her cellphones, on her close friends, on her family and on the witnesses for me to gather credible evidences against her. I'll make all things straight and legal.
  4. aikovelasco

    aikovelasco New Member

    If I will be invisible for a day I would go and visit my ex boyfriend and look over him for the whole day. Also I would try to hug and kiss him and just be with him again. If his new girl comes I will ruin their day by doing creepy stunts,hahhaha. I will make sure her day will be a hell. Am I so bitter, I guess so. Kidding aside I just want to spend a day with him without him noticing I am there in pain.
  5. C.J.

    C.J. New Member

    I would sneak into a chocolate factory for a day, and swipe tastes of EVERYTHING! But then, knowing my luck, I would get stuck in there, or fall into a vat, get covered in chocolate, and would be exposed for the chocoholic that I am!
    I think I would also sneak into some places that are thought to be haunted and start throwing things around to freak everybody out!
    Or maybe get into a bank vault, take lots of money, and scatter it around some poor areas to make a whole bunch of peoples days!
  6. mau87

    mau87 New Member

    If I will be invisible for a day, I will go to my best friend and have fun with her all day. I know at first she will freaked out, but I know she will approve on my idea. We can show our friends that my best friend has a super power or she can do magic tricks in public places and all the people in the will clap on our acts. some of them may throw some cash or flowers at us because we are awesome. It will be the most amazing day for us.
  7. lourizemae

    lourizemae New Member

    For someone who badly wants to disappear for a while, being invisible for a day would be a blessing. For a day i can do whatever i want. I can even see or hear what people are saying about me. I would want to mess around people and scare them. And especially, i want to help those in need. Giving them food with seeing me. Helping them without seeing me. Helping isn't just about how many thank you's you will receive. Helping is all about the happiness that you bring to someone.
  8. queensaga

    queensaga New Member

    If I were invisible for a day I would go to the place I've never been. I would go to the most beautiful yet dangerous place on earth. Since nobody can see me I can ride an airplane for free. I can go near to the animals or sea creatures watching them peacefully without distrubing. Or I would just follow my daughter in her school so I would know how she's doing at school. If somebody is bullying her, if she is happy or suffering, if she is doing good in the classroom, does she have friends? I would know and understand her in that way I will be able to help her conquer her blues school.
  9. mark myword

    mark myword New Member

    If I am invisible for a day, I will go to some of my friends and observe them and if possible how they talk about me when Im not with them. I don' know what other things I would do if that happens, haha
  10. Jaycua

    Jaycua New Member

    This is a good one. Honestly speaking I think most people here would have naughty things in mind as first thought should this be possible. That is to be expected of course. After all, with invisibility comes anonymity and with it freedom from conviction or judgement or prejudice.

    That being said, I guess if I would be invisible for a day I would haunt my friends and neighbours. That way at the very least I can make them believe in spirits and higher power and perhaps strengthen their faith. So atleast the end goal is good. Hahaha... well its either that or I would make fun at strangers by playing tricks on them.
  11. Wena1791

    Wena1791 New Member

    If I will become invisible for a day, I would do things that is impossible to do, I would like to try to live in Savannah even for just a day, I like to experience having to be near those ferocious big cat or those laughing Hyenas and pet their cute little cubs. I know they have strong sense of smell but if they can't see me they wouldn't be able to catch me, right?
  12. TPC

    TPC New Member

    If I was invisible for a day I would tell my husband so that we could come up with a plethora of ways to play pranks on people. I would also like to use that opportunity to perhaps get a closer look at dangerous wild animals so that I can have a front row seat into their magestic lives without becoming their prey.
  13. violet vhenz

    violet vhenz New Member

    Honestly, if that happens. My checklist will be too long. I could consider doing things that are helpful or the opposite of it. I am only a human being. I don't want to sound like a hypocrite but if that happens?
    First priority will be is to poke my co-worker and pretend to be a ghost for one day. That way, she moves her lazy ass at work and stop being on idle and maybe she would change or improve and start living a good life with so much reflections and realization than being a liability at work.
    Well, that is only if it happens.
  14. enruclaud888

    enruclaud888 New Member

    If I have the power to become invisible, I would go to a place where my enemies are. (LOL) A bit vengeance will be delivered over to them and punishment but I see to it that they will repent and regret of what wrongdoings they had done to me. :p
  15. Grainstuff

    Grainstuff New Member

    This is going to be cool, if I am invisible for one day I will sneak in to Area 51 to find proof of aliens and other military projects. If my device is also invisible, I will record the place as much as I can.
  16. studyhustler

    studyhustler New Member

    Personally, I don't think I would want to observe anyone I truly care about. I would use my time to gather as much blackmail information on wicked men as possible, and then use it to extort them after my day of superpowers
  17. ploughtow

    ploughtow New Member

    If that happens, I want to do things that I regret I didn't do in the past. I'll visit places that has no people in it. Just pure beauty of our nature. Maybe that will make me feel better.
  18. higbreeze

    higbreeze New Member

    Your question made me think of Bruce Almighty, the movie where a guy complains about God not doing his job. In response God endowed him some divine power and so he to become like God for sometime. We'll as God-like, he tries to do what is needed to be done but we know the story, it was a lesson learn for him in the end.

    If I we're to become invisible for a day there's probably a lot for me to do. I could become a hero and expose as many criminals as possible and save as many victims as I can. But one day is not enough to do that. So I will just sneak into our President's office and share to him the Gospel, spending the whole day sharing the power of God's love. For if he knows the wisdom of God he can do more than the heroic thing that I can do for a day being invisible. I honestly wish I can really share the Gospel to him.
  19. kammy

    kammy New Member

    If I were invisible for a day I would do a lot of weird stuff.
    1. I'd sneak up to my friends and pull different pranks at them.
    2. I'd make a random person believe in ghosts.
    3. I'd stalk my crush for maybe few good hours of the day
    4. I will stalk my enemy so I could get some juicy details on how to create useful tactics I could use to get back at her. lol
    5.I'll go to a 5 star hotel and sleep there and escape before I go visible again

    Gotta stay realistic with the plans...
  20. Gizamulake07

    Gizamulake07 New Member

    Wow, this sure is an interesting question. If ever that happens to me I think I'd really do a lot of strange things. After pondering about it, these are some things I'd really want to do:
    1.) Follow someone in the supermarket and let them experience a food fight with a ghost.
    2.) Prank everyone I know. EVERYONE.
    3.) Eat in all the best restaurants in my location.
    4.) Watch movies anywhere I want inside the movie house.
    5.) I know there are a lot of temptations with this power but I'd really help others in need too. If I see someone being mugged or robbed, I'll make it look as if the guy that's in trouble have telekinesis. Just throw random stuff at the bad guy.

    The list may go on but for now that's what I'd like to do.
  21. ayeshajan888

    ayeshajan888 New Member

    If I will be invisible for a day, I will go to my partner and do some naughty things to him. I will go the different places in my bucket list. I will help the people who are in need.

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