If you will be given only three wishes what would it be?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inkoglyphics, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. inkoglyphics

    inkoglyphics New Member

    The world is full of wonders and beautiful things that we temporal humans strive to achieve such things to prove our worth and meaning to our lives. In our constant plight to decipher the vagueness of human experience question will be asked why I don't have this or that or why ist like that. So if you were given a golden chance to grant only three wishes what do you think that would be? Mine will be Good health for me and my family, money to sustain our needs and happiness for each and every one of us. how about you what wishes will you ask for?
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  2. penslinger

    penslinger New Member

    sports car, mansion, lots of successful franchise businesses. :)
  3. Ishana

    Ishana New Member

    I've been waiting for this question for the past 29 years, and finally here it is!!
    First, my first wish is equality. I know it will never happen, but given a change i'm hoping for equality. No rich, no poor world, c'mon people are fighting because of what? people are cheating because of what? because are stealing because of what? And sad thing is, people are killing each other because of what? It is all because of the MONEY.
    If we will be equal, there will be no crimes, no killings, no sadness in this earth.
    Second, my second wish is to visit the planet Mars. I heard that US NASA will conduct a visit in Mars sooner or later, I wish to receive an invitation from them. (I mean it!!)
    Third, my last but not the least wish is to have an invisible power, not to do bad things, just for fun. I want to try riding in a bus for free, visiting universal studio for free LOL, well i guess to sum it up you can do everything in this world if you are invisible.
  4. savw

    savw New Member

    I would wish for my children to be successful, wealth for my family and for world Peace!
  5. penslinger

    penslinger New Member

    If you have your 1st wish granted I think you don't need to be invisible anymore hehe...
    But overall that was a somewhat impossible dream..but wish is a wish and dream is a dream..we are all dreamers. Just like what John Lennon said. "but i'm not the only one.I hope someday you'll join us..and the world will be as one"
    "imagine all the people living life in peace" -sigh-
  6. rk2008

    rk2008 New Member

    I wish I can always make my family happy. I wish I could give them everything that they want. I wish them a good health and be with them as long as I live. Life isn't long enough and I want to cherish and spend my life with my loved ones. After God there's nothing more important than family. The love of family is one of life's greatest blessings.
  7. Yihwa

    Yihwa New Member

    My three wishes would be wealth, a chance to go to heaven and my last wish is to have many more wishes. and no am not greedy. :)
  8. ayeshajan888

    ayeshajan888 New Member

    Finally, someone ask me what are my three wishes. My first wish is everybody to have peace. Mankind nowadays, is full of hatred, they want power to outdo each other, they want to rule and to be praised. But if there is peace, no one will be hurt, there will be no more war and everybody will be happy. My second wish is for me to have wisdom so that I will have fair judgment in everything that I do . My third wish is for my family to have fruitful life so that they can live a life full of happiness.
  9. AIMCarlos

    AIMCarlos New Member

    If I would be given a chance to have 3 wishes, it would be; Health, Wealth, Love. I do believed that you would not be happy into this world if you lack those three. Especially the health ones. You can't enjoy your wealth and love if you have a problem to your health. So prioritize our health first before anything happens.
  10. chinitz

    chinitz New Member

    If i would be given 3 wishes, I will wish for; My family's good health, My son's future wealth and another 3 wishes after. So that i can wish again and again until i fulfill what i desire through out my life journey. It's a bit unfair but i still try my luck to have another wishes as i can.
  11. Chinzo

    Chinzo New Member

    I'll treat my 3 wishes like as if it was a monkey's paw.
    I wish for the neighbors to stop making those absurd noises at night so I can have peaceful sleep at night.
    I wish for the interest rates to slowly drop so I can pay the debt to my house quicker.
    And finally I wish for a nice cold beer in my hand right now.
  12. MmClavel1890

    MmClavel1890 New Member

    3 wishes that I really wanted are: 1st to have a wallet with unlimited money ( I'm just being practically wise ), 2nd wish is to have another 3 wishes to be grant ( hope I can have unlimited wish ) and the 3rd one will be WORLD PEACE, WAR FREE ALL AROUND THE WORLD.
  13. dragon_girl

    dragon_girl New Member

    I would wish for 1) loving relationships with friends and family, 2) unlimited money so I don't have to worry about practical things, and 3) a job that I enjoy doing and makes me feel confident and successful.
  14. MommaDill

    MommaDill New Member

    If I had three wishes they would be:
    1. That I could have one more MG ride with my dad who passed away one year ago.
    2.That my children would love Jesus, be successful and have pain free lives.
    3. That my Mom's dementia would go away and I could have my old Mom back.

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