If you write blog what topic did you post in postloop

Discussion in 'Writing for Blogs' started by Charddomingo26, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Charddomingo26

    Charddomingo26 New Member

    For me my write the topic is all about problem of the people to resolve any issue in problem
  2. travelingfortwo

    travelingfortwo New Member

    I would like to write something about a positive approach to inspire people who feel the world is unfair. I am that someone who love to make people or my friends to laugh out of joke. But the problem I faced before, was not joke. I was stress and down, I become a negative person.
    Everything was change when I met God, when I surrender my heart to him and from that I started praying with a heart. I returned to being positive again and everything is getting better if you walk with him.
    I want to be an inspiration to others in a simple way about my experience in life. The lesson learn is when you think are stress, you become weak, when you are weak, you will start thinking negative. The key here is to eliminate stress, live with less stress and stay positive in every difficult situation.
  3. flamefire

    flamefire New Member

    If im given a chance to write a blog, it's about ny journey from being single and ready to mingle status to a happy and blessed wife. I want to write my journey on being a full time mom.

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