If you're reading a book that is horrible do you stop reading it or finish it?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Kay Taylor, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Kay Taylor

    Kay Taylor New Member

    I personally will quit reading a book that is driving me insane with boredom or rage. I know someone that finishes horrible books just because he started reading and wants to follow through.
  2. mcorex

    mcorex New Member

    I've got to admit, I'm a quitter when it comes to books that don’t grab me within the first 50 to 100 pages. The way I look at it is that there are plenty of good books out there that I should be reading instead of wasting my time with something that doesn't interest me.
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  3. Pacifica

    Pacifica New Member

    I will admit that I have moments when reading a book that I find myself wanting to haul it across the room because it gets me so frustrated. Deep down I know I could put it down an d move on to better things but I am cursed because once I start reading I will always wonder how it ended. I will even quit it for a couple of hours but the "what happened to who" will have me subjecting myself to the torture of finishing the particular book.
  4. Nichole Blades

    Nichole Blades New Member

    If a book is terrible I refuse to waste my time to finish it. I have tried finishing a bad book before but just couldn't do it. If I do not get hooked within the first chapter or two, I quit.
  5. lois1154

    lois1154 New Member

    I tend to read a book all the way through, even if I hate it. I can't seem to let go of the thought that the next page will be where things get interesting. I never seem to be able to cut my losses and give up. I have to know what comes next. I can live with thinking "Well, that was crap". I cannot live with thinking, "Did I give up too soon?".
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  6. yeniis

    yeniis New Member

    Over time and many books later I have finally learned how to put a bad book down. It really is a waste and a turn off from the author completely if you don't. Only thing is it has to be stopped at a natural stop location.
  7. popcorn365

    popcorn365 New Member

    I finish the book. Sometimes it's hard for me but I always finish the book because if I don't, then i'll always be wondering how it ended or will wonder if I gave up on the book too soon. Most of the time, it's a waste of time but I have been pleasantly surprised on occasion.
  8. lp9877

    lp9877 New Member

    Haha. This brought back memories. While I was younger, I could not bring myself to put down a book even if it was killing me with boredom. I rationalized that I should show respect to the author by actually finishing the book. After all, the author endured (the boredom, hehe..) or at least put in great time and effort just to finish writing it. The least I could do is finish it. But thankfully, I got older and built up the nerve to put a horrible book back to the shelves.
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  9. Lindsay Helm

    Lindsay Helm New Member

    If a book is simply ill-written, I won't usually suffer through it. If I were to stick with it, I'd find myself wanting to edit the author, which only brings frustration. If the only issue is that I can't get into the writing style or connect to the character, though, I will usually read at least a few chapters in. This way, I can make sure to give the book a fair chance to get over any of my negative first impressions.
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  10. jane

    jane New Member

    Well first of all, why would you start to read or even want to read a horrible book? What's the point? Maybe you just thought it was good that's why you started to read it. Point well made. Secondly, how would you know it's a horrible book if you haven't finished reading? Maybe you just got bored halfway and decided it's not worth your while finishing it. Another point well made. But how do you exactly define a horrible book? For my part, I don't like a boring book. If I find it boring, I won't read it. But if it has a boring first chapter and find myself intrigued of what is to happen next or there is something curious about it, I would definitely continue reading. If halfway, I don't like how the story is going, I will still read it even if I am in repugnance because of it. I think it would be most appropriate to judge it of its entirety not just of the part that was read if it's a good read or a horrible one.
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  11. princenyc

    princenyc New Member

    I am one of those people who will read a horrible book till the end. I guess I am hoping the writer will be able to savage something or says at least have one good line which would make the book worthwhile.
    But a lot of people are the opposite. I had a girlfriend who was a voracious reader. But she didn't put up with garbage books. If you didn't have her in the first chapter she was DONE!
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  12. jlindp

    jlindp New Member

    I'm apparently a glutton for punishment, because if I pick up a book, despite how horrible it is, I will finish it. Eventually, haha. Granted, I'm the type that reads 3 books simultaneously, so I've always got something on my plate. Luckily, I've never had multiple bad books at one go. I will also continue with a series even if it I start to hate it or become disinterested halfway through.
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  13. Kelly

    Kelly New Member

    I have quit reading a few books. One that I tried to read recently and hated was 50 Shades of Grey. I know most people love that book, but it definitely was not for me. I have started reading a bad book before and finished it just to see if it had a good ending or if the book got any better. I was pleasantly surprised by a few but they won't be multiple reads.
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  14. Amedeia

    Amedeia New Member

    Most of the time I try to finish it, as a way of giving the book a chance to redeem itself with a good ending. Unfortunately there have been times when I just couldn't muster up the willpower to finish a book because it had nothing of interest to me. It usually doesn't happen but when it does I actually feel quite disappointed.
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  15. Muthoni

    Muthoni New Member

    If I am reading a book that is horrible, I will read the last chapter to see how it ends. It becomes very frustrating to keep reading if I am not connecting with the story. I must however find out how the story ends so that I do not have to open that horrible book again.
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  16. Tracy F.

    Tracy F. New Member

    I feel like I should finish whether it is good or not. I have on occasion read the end just to see how it will end.
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  17. kimberly

    kimberly New Member

    Ugh! Reading books that are boring is the hardest thing for me because once I'm a few chapters in, I'm reading the whole thing! I may not retain much information and I may skip around on the pages but I have to finish.
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  18. divineinspirations

    divineinspirations New Member

    I wouldn't continue reading a book that I wasn't interested in. I would know before it came into my hands, in the first place!! I am the type that reads before I take it home!! It's kinda like a boyfriend.....you get to know them before you hold their hand. ;)
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  19. RachidEH

    RachidEH New Member

    Personally i think it would be a Waste of time to continue, While i choose my books carefully, I rarely find a bad book, and When curiosity gets the best of me, I just read a short Summary and laugh about it. :D
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  20. Flatlander

    Flatlander New Member

    A few years ago, my dad got me this book he found at an ukay-ukay somewhere. A science fiction novel about immortal people born at different points in history - Poul Anderson's "The Boat of a Million Years." I persevered through three or four thousand years of historical fiction that had little value besides massive infodumps and generic character development, before reaching the present/future dates, and finally I decided that I was not going to derive any enjoyment from this, and closed the book. It was the first and only time that I ever did that.

    Yeeeah, fast forward to a few minutes ago and I found out that this book was nominated for both the Hugo and Nebula awards. Shame on me...well, truly a damn shame, but it also shows that awards, while generally a strong form of guidance towards good literature, aren't always indicators that you'll automatically like something.
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  21. sophia newman

    sophia newman New Member

    if i start reading a book that is horrible or scarey i would differently stop reading it. I like books that makes me laugh or motivates me to do something good and inspiring. i really don't need a book to be giving me nightmares and crazy dreams of yesterday:mad: or tomorrow.
  22. casby1

    casby1 New Member

    I personally can't force myself to read an entire book that doesn't intrigue me or grab my attention in some way. I will generally push on through to chapter 4 to make my final decision to give it up. I just feel I'm wasting my time otherwise.
  23. AkiraN

    AkiraN New Member

    I skim at times but I finish the thing. I finish reading in hopes that it gets better and if it doesn't then I've lost nothing. In fact, it's not entirely a waste of time to read a bad book every once in awhile. It reminds you of what good writing and a good plot are really made of. It's inspirational to me because when I go to write then I remember what to avoid in my stories and what to emphasize. Without sounding condescending to any author, reading a story that I didn't enjoy allows me to pick out the not-so-enjoyable elements in my own work
  24. adilzulfiqar

    adilzulfiqar New Member

    My course books are most horrible books for me but i still go for reading them. >_<
    Interesting thing about book is depending upon its writer. writer make it good looking, interesting and very catchy for reader. otherwise the book seems to be horrible.
  25. iYoeru

    iYoeru New Member

    I stop reading it. If I can't get into the book, I can't keep trying to read it. I won't get any further. I tried to read The Shining by Stephen King and couldn't get past page 56 no matter how hard I tried or how much people told me it was a great book. I never even made it to the horror part.
  26. jackdenileth

    jackdenileth New Member

    Most books I read are entertaining enough to finish them. The only one I had problems with during the last year was Neal Stephenson's Reamde, but I still trudged on to see if it would get better. It didn't. The story got lost in a sea of exposition that no one would have needed. I'm sure it could have been cut in half and it would have only improved the pacing.
  27. Faerielicious

    Faerielicious New Member

    I will quit reading. My time is valuable and there are so many great books out there waiting to be read, why should I continue with a bad one just because I started it?
  28. AllisonRose

    AllisonRose New Member

    I can't keep reading it. If it was a good book in the start and starts to lose my interest I'll skip ahead. It's such a bad habit of mine. After I finish the book and I end up liking it, I usually reread the book to capture all the parts that I've missed.
  29. matthesteruk

    matthesteruk New Member

    I'm on the fence about a book at the moment. Part of me wants to carry on but mostly out of duty to literature. It’s not a bad book it’s just not as engaging as I'd hoped. The thing is, I can jump between books and pick them up whenever. At one time I was reading three books at once (not at the same time, that would be skilful). I guess my brain wanted a mixture of subjects. Nowadays I keep it to one book at a time.
  30. Donnigan

    Donnigan New Member

    If a book doesn't catch my attention by page thirty, I'll put it down. I don't derive any enjoyment from forcing myself to complete a book I'm not interested in. In the past, I've forced myself to push through some real stinkers and regretted the time wasted.

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