If you're reading a book that is horrible do you stop reading it or finish it?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Kay Taylor, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Liz Johnson

    Liz Johnson New Member

    This is such an interesting question. I have often found myself finishing a book that I didn't think was that great just because I kept thinking if I keep reading it will get better. :D. For instance, I thought the writing in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code wasn't all that great, but I kept reading because, even though I didn't think much of his writing style, I still wanted to know what happened next. So he must have been doing something right. I have quit reading some very popular books because I thought the writing was horrible. Books by Janet Evanovich are examples of this. I found her writing to be filled with extra, unnecessary words, perhaps put in just to make the books longer.
  2. pnx626

    pnx626 New Member

    Depends in the book. It's pretty rare that I'll completely drop a book, even if it's really terrible. I acn stand most bad writing if the story is interesting enough, the only reason I'll drop a book completely is if the story is the kind where I just feel uncomfortable.
  3. Kennedy Collier

    Kennedy Collier New Member

    If a book is horrible I eventually lose interest and stop reading it .
  4. LucianaKar

    LucianaKar New Member

    For me, it largely depends on what kind of book is and why I choose to read it.
    If it is a novel I'm reading because my friends recommended me or because I was striking the title but finally not meet my expectations, overall I ended up leaving aside the text. Conversely, if it is a book that I decided to read because everyone says it's good or I read it to know something in particular, I usually force myself to finish it even if it costs.
  5. HDartist

    HDartist New Member

    I have a really hard time not finishing a book, even if it isn't very good. There's usually at least one character I care about, or some kind of mystery that I want to see solved, or something that makes it worth finishing. Maybe two years ago I finally found a book I couldn't finish in a used book store. It was a sci fi book that I won't name, but it was so boring I could only drag myself halfway through before I quit. I looked up the writer and he's actually fairly successful, so maybe there's something good in the book I just couldn't catch, maybe it's his one bad effort, or maybe some people like being bored. It's hard to say.
  6. Don Joswiak

    Don Joswiak New Member

    It would depend on your definition of horrible. While enrolled at the university, I often read books that were horribly written despite having important information contained within the lack of structured paragraphs/chapters. As for fiction, if it doesn't grab me by the end of the first chapter, then it is on to the next book. Most publishers expect the first chapter of a book to reach out and grab the reader. If it doesn't do that, then the rest isn't very promising.
  7. floros2008

    floros2008 New Member

    When I start reading a book if I don't like it or can't get into it, I stop reading. It doesn't make any sense to torture myself. Life is about enjoyment, and that is why I would have picked up the book to begin with. So if I don't like it, I stop reading it, and move on to something better.
  8. CBowden90

    CBowden90 New Member

    It depends on why it's horrible. If the writing is really bad, but I'm intrigued by an aspect of the story then I'll finish the book just to get answers. If there's no element of intrigue, I'll just stop reading out of sheer boredom.
  9. Nikka Ann Alejandro

    Nikka Ann Alejandro New Member

    For me, I'd finish a book whether I like it or not. I believe that all books contain lessons in life, that's why I tend to search for that lesson until the bitter end... of the book. Every time I read a book that I find boring during the first few chapters, I'd stop for a bit, take a deep breath, then continue on reading.
  10. Malachi416

    Malachi416 New Member

    It depends, but usually I will stop reading the book. The exception being that if the book gets horrible towards the end of the book, I'll finish. I recently picked up a free book on my Kindle and made it about 20% of the way in and decided I had no interest in seeing where the story went. So I stopped reading. Another book I read had a weird twist near the end of the book that didn't make sense and threw the whole plot out of balance. That book I continued to read as I was so close to finishing anyway. There's no exact point that I can say I'll give up though. It jsut depends on how much I've invested in the book at the time I decide I hate it.
  11. Ken Loq

    Ken Loq New Member

    As it is with most things, I would not force myself to do something I would hate. However, there are horrible books which I continued to read because their shallow plot, lack of creativity, or any ingredient for a terrible book is amusing to judge. However, I rarely manage to get through the book before I find myself placing it in a far shelf with the intention of not reading it again.
  12. JVasquez

    JVasquez New Member

    It depends on what sort of horrible a book is. For me, if the book is horribly boring to read and I feel like reading it is a huge, dull, daunting task, I will abandon the book. If it's horribly written to where it's so bad that it's good, I will keep reading it to the last page, just so that I can get a good laugh at how ridiculous the book is. I have read several that are absolute garbage, but the author took him/herself so seriously that the book is still entertaining.
  13. kgenz1456

    kgenz1456 New Member

    Well first of all, why would you start to read or even want to read a horrible book? What's the point? Maybe you just thought it was good that's why you started to read it. Point well made. Secondly, how would you know it's a horrible book if you haven't finished reading? Maybe you just got bored halfway and decided it's not worth your while finishing it. Another point well made. But how do you exactly define a horrible book? For my part, I don't like a boring book. If I find it boring, I won't read it. But if it has a boring first chapter and find myself intrigued of what is to happen next or there is something curious about it, I would definitely continue reading. If halfway, I don't like how the story is going, I will still read it even if I am in repugnance because of it. I think it would be most appropriate to judge it of its entirety not just of the part that was read if it's a good read or a horrible one.
  14. Kimberly Barnes

    Kimberly Barnes New Member

    If I am reading a book for enjoyment or entertainment I would stop reading if the book did not hold my interest. There are so many wonderful books out there to be read. Why waste time on one that doesn't strike a cord with you?
  15. malou139

    malou139 New Member

    I would not waste my time reading horrible books. There are lots of interesting books worth reading. Time is gold as they say, use it wisely.
  16. Crystala

    Crystala New Member

    I'd still read. It might be boring at first but if you read it continuously you'll find it was worth your time.
  17. Danaq

    Danaq New Member

    Of course I will continue to read the book is the same as to start watching a movie and because of the fact that there began a terrible scene to stop watching. Nevertheless, I bought the book and read it before that terrible place, and of course I'll finish it in any case. If someone is afraid then let him put the book aside for a while and then continue reading as soon as he is ready for it.
  18. xmateo

    xmateo New Member

    The best thing you can do is to have a break to eliminate boredom, Having a break for 30 minutes will help you to eliminate boredom because reading too much sometimes needed a cool down, I reread it again and again now I can find the real story that might can give you more ideas.
  19. TheGamerThatWrites

    TheGamerThatWrites New Member

    I have quit reading so many books. For example, I did this with The Girl On The Train. Maybe it was just me, but nothing was happening and I got bored and started reading other books. I also do this with other forms of media as well. Gaming, Movies, TV and Music. Most of the time, it's because the writing's stale or I couldn't get into it on the 1st chapter.
  20. claundici

    claundici New Member

    I'll admit I'm a quitter. It's a recent development in my personality. I used to be much more patient, fighting to keep alert through pages and pages of boring description and dull dialogue... but lately, maybe because I started working and free time has become much more valuable, I find that I'm quite more intolerant of "bad" books.
  21. g33koftrades

    g33koftrades New Member

    The worst book I ever read was From a Buick 8 by Stephen King. It was terrible. Basically, there was no plot, the anecdotal stories about the Buick 8 made you think things were going to come to a head, and there is no way to spoil the ending, because nothing ever happens. But it was a page turner. Something about the way Stephen King wrote that book made me want to find out what happened next, even though I knew it would be disappointing or at least dissatisfying. So, to answer the OP's question: it depends on the quality of the writing for me.
  22. rakista

    rakista New Member

    Finish it. The excitement of the story is in the climax. How will you know the whole story if you don't read it all.
  23. chinggamme

    chinggamme New Member

    I stop reading a book when it's full of grammar errors it isn't making any sense or when after reading a chapter I feel lost( in bad way). I mean I read books for the escapism and when it's full of grammar and plot errors,I can't get lost in the story and just get more frustrated than when I first pick up the book to read.
  24. gkcm1215

    gkcm1215 New Member

    Once I notice that the book is no longer appealing to me, I still try to finish it because I never know how amazing it might end. The boredom or whatever that is causing it to be nuisance may hinder merely my time for reading it. For example, I don't force myself to read it everyday. I read a book that I love first followed by that not-so-good book. As for me, the intro and middle part do not always foreshadow the end. ;)
  25. rossinimarie

    rossinimarie New Member

    If ever I read a horrible story I would finish it because who knows that maybe at the end of the story, is a very nice ending. Sometimes You can't find the climax of the story at the beginning, you will find it in the middle or at the end. I love reading so I would definitely try to finish the whole book or story.
  26. quen29

    quen29 New Member

    I mostly base it in the plot. If the story is horrible because the character is self-centered, selfish, bitch and etc. I would immediately stop reading it, because I would think that I will not get something from it. But if the story is just horrible because of how the author wrote it, I'd still think of reading it until the end.
  27. migsmats

    migsmats New Member

    I find myself guilty of this. I always put down books that just won't catch my attention. It's either I find it so cliche or I just 100% don't like it at all, and I don't find any reason to finish it. If I finish it, it'll just be like I'm wasting my time with a story that I don't even enjoy. I would just rather pick something else that catches my attention and read it instead. It's easy that way, and it saves me a lot of eye rolling and constant snorting.
  28. Cristina0413

    Cristina0413 New Member

    If the beginning part of the book doesn't really get me interested and if I feel really really bored just reading the first paragraph, I'd close the book and look for something else to read or something else to do. If I don't find it interesting, why would I bother? However, nowadays, I try to convince myself to go through at least half of the book and I try to tell myself to give this book a chance and that maybe it isn't that bad.
  29. Ceres

    Ceres New Member

    If the book is terrible, why waste your time finishing it? There are lots of books and stories out there so in my opinion if the book is terrible, ditch it. I read to enjoy, learn and venture into the worlds and fantasies created by the writer. I don't get the idea of forcing your way into the end just so you could say you finished that book. One friend of mine who does exactly that, says maybe the author could somehow give it a twist and she wants to see how the story could turn itself. Well in her case, most of the time, it didn't.
  30. Vashi

    Vashi New Member

    I cannot stand reading a book I do not enjoy; reading is my form of escapism and indulgence, so I would never subject myself to reading a bad book when I know there are so many good books out there waiting for me to read them! I am normally inquisitive by nature, and can never wait to get to the end of the book so as to find out what happens, however when it comes to bad books, I can very easily stop reading the book and not care about the ending.

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