If you're reading a book that is horrible do you stop reading it or finish it?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Kay Taylor, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Vashi

    Vashi New Member

    I cannot stand reading a book I do not enjoy; reading is my form of escapism and indulgence, so I would never subject myself to reading a bad book when I know there are so many good books out there waiting for me to read them! I am normally inquisitive by nature, and can never wait to get to the end of the book so as to find out what happens, however when it comes to bad books, I can very easily stop reading the book and not care about the ending.
  2. Susan-Marie

    Susan-Marie New Member

    Reading a bad book is like deciding to do the dishes instead of having a delicious bowl of ice cream. It's not a good idea. Whether you are reading for pleasure, knowledge, or both we all like to read good content. If the book is a biography or based on true events about something I really want to learn about, I would consider reading it until the end. If I am reading for pleasure, and the book becomes unpleasable, I can put it down and walk away.
  3. Babyblue

    Babyblue New Member

    I usually want to finish what I started so even how horrible the book I’m reading is, I want to finish it and know the ending. Plus, it makes we wonder how they got a lot of praises from their book covers, but it also depends on the readers, some may love how the story was written and how it ended, but some would hate it. So, there could be some instances where you hate how the book started but love the ending, but we will never know until we finish it.
  4. JKHolmes

    JKHolmes New Member

    I have to finish it... There is just this nagging urge of not being complete if I don't finish a book. What if I missed the good part? What if the good part is still coming? What if the questions I have go unanswered by stopping? I would toss and turn in bed forever if I stopped midway.
  5. leonardo0903

    leonardo0903 New Member

    I would rather stop reading than to finish it. This will allow me to start on a better one. Reading a book takes time and it would be a waste to spend it on something uninteresting. On the other hand, there are books wherein the plot thickens and becomes worth reading in the middle. However, this seldom happens. My tip would be to read reviews first to help you decide whether a book is worth your precious time.
  6. charmousity

    charmousity Member

    I have to be honest that once I start reading a book and it doesn't live up to my expectation, I would stop flipping its pages, close it and put it down. I mean, I don't want to devote my time reading something that bores me. I could do something else which could be a lot more entertaining like watching online movies or surfing the internet. And that is how I came here. Haha.
  7. kayfeif

    kayfeif New Member

    There have been very few books that I have stopped reading. Honestly, I have too many books I want to read to waste my time on books that I am not enjoying. I often do research on books before I pick them up and start reading to make sure that it is something that I will thoroughly enjoy. And if at that point I still do not enjoy the book I will stop.
    However I always give the book a few chapters. Not every book that I have ended up enjoying started off strong. But if I have reached a hundred pages in and I am not enjoying myself I will move on to my next read.
  8. msg17

    msg17 Member

    I personally would stop reading the book if I find it terrible. Because it failed my expectations and I would rather not waste my time finishing it. Since it does not interest me at all.
  9. Jamieheart101

    Jamieheart101 New Member

    When the book I'm reading is horrible I will still continue reading it. Why do u have to start when you cannot stand for it till the end. It's a part of the story, wherein you may be able to know more and more as u go on reading. How can u know the ending if you quit. Don't start if you'll just stop at the middle. Choose to put an end to everything to know where it will go.
  10. stranger_07

    stranger_07 Member

    I personally do not want to finish reading some books that is not in my taste and sometimes even if I continue reading it I only regret it because I do not find something like unexpected twist or climax.
  11. Amanda J Martin

    Amanda J Martin New Member

    If a book doesn't capture my interest in the first twenty pages, then I quit reading it. Reading a book that does interest me instead just makes sense. Honestly, there are some good books that I either do not finish or just skim through. When a book captures my interest, I read every single word! :)
  12. Yihwa

    Yihwa New Member

    Am sorry but that will be the fastest I will be closing a book reading a book is like watching a movie if it doesn't excite you then your going to skip to another I don't see why I should hype my self over a boring book ill just go on wattpad and read rewriting books, after all, that's my library it only contains good content at least the ones I read so far.
  13. OttoBunny32

    OttoBunny32 New Member

    I generally tend to push myself to complete a book, especially if it is a acclaimed or socially prominent book/author. Even though the book may not be extremely intriguing to me, in the afore mentioned case I continue reading to figure out what the hype is all about.
  14. navera

    navera New Member

    I finish it out of some irrational principle I have about giving everything a chance. What if I stop reading it and miss a massive plot twist or something that makes the whole book enjoyable? Even if it turns out to be absolutely horrible, at least I'll feel more comfortable sharing my opinion with others afterwards than I would if I gave up on it.
  15. anewor82972

    anewor82972 New Member

    Because i always loved watching horror movies.im used to some horrible and scary situation.so even in reading books, i like to finish the whole chapter because i want to know the story.and reading horrible books, challenge me a lot know the whole story.
  16. Richelle Monique

    Richelle Monique New Member

    Yes, I would immediately stop reading a horrible book, I mean what's the purpose of reading something that you find irrelevant? You're wasting your time that you could use on finding some good read books that you can actually enjoy reading and has lessons and plots that actually interests you. So no matter how far you've gone on reading that horrible book just stop it because even though you finish it, it'll still leave you unsatisfied and disappointed.
  17. Josie12

    Josie12 New Member

    If I was reading a book that is completely horrible I would stop right then and there. POINT. BLANK. If the book doesn't catch my attention the first 3 chapter I will not continue reading. There would be no point of wasting time on a horrible book when you can be using that time to read a good book. Personally that's saying a lot coming from me because I hardly read. I know that's bad to confess -don't judge me. Don't get me wrong I would feel kind of bad for not finishing the horrible book but if it's not good then it's just not good. ;)
  18. Faith Lacy

    Faith Lacy New Member

    I've read many books in my life and starting when I was just a kid, I had a habit of reading a page then skimming to the next to see how it would play out to either determine if it was worth the continuation or if it just happened to be that intriguing. Personally, I give books a 4 chapter chance to catch my attention before I decide to chunk it. Followed by taking a break from it because maybe I wasn't open minded about the book, after a few days i'll pick it up again to see if I can finish it because I hate things undone and if for some reason the book is that horrible, I then stop.
  19. Shane1728

    Shane1728 New Member

    Reading is supposed to enlighten, inspire and motivate readers. But if I encounter a horrible book because of its gross content and foul words, I decide to stop reading it. As a reader, I have a freedom to choose whether I read a book or not which proves that I am an active reader. An active reader knows his or her purpose in reading and is analytical in choosing a book to read. I choose not to continue reading a book especially if it uses foul words and gross content like killing animals and humans. I do this because my purpose in reading is to get inspiring ideas and to learn new things.
  20. cheers41101

    cheers41101 New Member

    The point I want to make is that: Authors really do try their best. If you ever come across a book that does not immediately catch your attention, simply turn it around and look at the back cover. Why? The back cover has the books accomplishments and it should encourage you to keep reading. As for what this question is saying, I think it is highly unfair to call a book horrible. Writing a book and having such creativity is rare, many try to publish books but cannot. That should help you to believe that a book that is published can not be horrible. The book may not catch your attention and if that is the case, shape your perspective, look at things differently. I would never call a book horrible, I know how hard it would be to write one, true talent is at the end of those books. I can guarantee you that if you keep reading a book, your thoughts will change on it, your mind is a wonderful thing that lets you understand truly anything. You can wrap your brain around if you wanted too. One of my experiences of almost putting down a book was with a book called Eleanor and Parker by Rainbow Rowell. That book is truly amazing, and I can admit that at the beginning of it, I was prepared to stop reading because it did not catch me at first. Then, I decided to continue, and I absolutely do not regret it. I reprogrammed myself to understand how this author expresses herself and how she writes. The book is beautiful and every aspect is it is amazing. So I guess my thought is, don't give up on a book because that book is in your hand for a reason.
  21. ana22

    ana22 New Member

    Definitely! I read books for recreation and if I get bored or even angry of how silly the book gets, I stop reading them. There are highly rated books that everyone just keeps on gushing about and of course I tried to read them but then the book is just not for me so I quit. I actually regretted quitting on 1984. I was 75% through but there was a part that bored me and I ended up just watching the film. Wished I pushed through because it's fantastic. I still enjoyed the story overall but I feel like I missed some things.
  22. 1000vultures

    1000vultures New Member

    I'm stubborn so there is a part of me that wants to stick at it and see it through to the end. I usually end up in a kind of stasis where I want to push through, but can't. I get stuck. I'm also unwilling to start a new book until I finish whichever one I am currently reading, so I'll end up just not reading anything for a long period of time until I eventually cut my losses on the bad book and drop it. The last book this happened to me was probably House of Leaves. The book gets a lot of hype, but I really found it an unrewarding slog to get through. Not sure I even made it half way before hitting this stasis point and calling it quits. I didn't read anything for quite some time after that.
  23. Dark_Prince

    Dark_Prince New Member

    I don't want to judge a book just because of part only. Because for me no matter how horrible it is. I know that there's a rare lesson that we can learn. I just want to keep scanning the entire book after I already red the first part specially the horrible page because I know that every author of the book have a different rare ideas.
    At least after I scan it I already consider that I finish it because no matter how horrible it is we should give a chance for the entire content of the book.
  24. jusumortal

    jusumortal New Member

    Well, if it is a public opinion that it is horrible, it'll make me curious and make me want to see what makes it is so horrible and if it is indeed horrible, and actually finish it. By finishing, I mean just read the whole first chapter. When I go to the second chapter, I just read the conversations up to the second to the last chapter. If I find the previous chapter bad and boring I'm putting my expectations high up in the last chapter. There are some books that I read that are boring at first but when I get to the ending it just surprises me. I learned from that. So, basically, when I start reading a book, I actually finish it. This doesn't apply all the time but, don't judge a book by its way of starting the story, because sometimes the climax is the ending.
  25. DarkFusi3n

    DarkFusi3n New Member

    I never finish book i don't like. that wasted time. If a book can´t bind me to it i just get another one and hope its better.
  26. SurreTina

    SurreTina Member

    I can't finish a book, TV show or a movie if I don't like it, I just can't get over it if it's not something that I like and something that doesn't seem close to me.
  27. zzelitha

    zzelitha New Member

    I have an obsession about finishing what i already start :whistle: ... so yes... even if the book is boring, I keep reading until is done... I guess is something that I learn from the school years when you have to read those boring books for the test either you like it or not :p
  28. swedishyankee

    swedishyankee New Member

    Hard question,
    It is like a boring conversation, you simply just not walk away, which I wish was socially accepted. I think I try to push through it. Maybe it will grow if I give it a chance.
  29. Wangzlee

    Wangzlee New Member

    I would definitely stop reading it because it will be waste of my time and I don't want to waste my time reading something that is not so engaging.
  30. Maricris Dechavez

    Maricris Dechavez New Member

    As I fund of reading books no matter if it is horrible or not I still want to finish the book which I am reading because I want to learn something from it. My imagination is even running while I am reading. I don't want to stop reading most specially when I am already at the climax of the story because I won't be satisfied if the book which I'm reading will be left unfinished. Through reading as well, I am also be able enhance my vocabulary specially my knowledge.

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