If you're reading a book that is horrible do you stop reading it or finish it?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Kay Taylor, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. Finn88

    Finn88 New Member

    Depends. If it´s a book I have to read because it´s included in my course litterature, I think I would keep reading nevertheless. However, if I do not really have to read it I think I would just stop reading it.
  2. sohel1977

    sohel1977 New Member

    I will not finish the book .i stop reading because it is nothing but waste time, If the book reading is very important to me I will start next time I will only go far when I realized the theme of the book.
  3. gladys Ann Sotto

    gladys Ann Sotto New Member

    I'll stop reading a Book if the story goes wrong or not kind of my thing to read Then move on to a another book that wont get me bored reading I'm more into Romance Novel
  4. HiImFi

    HiImFi New Member

    Life is to short too read bad books. There are so many good books out there that I'll never have time to read, I refuse to waste precious reading time something bad.

    That being said, I do try and give books a fair chance and won't quit a book just because it's slow. Books that can be tedious can still be very good. My problem is with books that are shallow, poorly written, or don't cover a topic in a way I was hoping.

    Things get tricky when someone gives me a book as a gift and I don't like it. Then I do feel torn between giving up and hoping the person doesn't ask, or forcing myself to finish it without enjoying it.
  5. DocWebster

    DocWebster New Member

    I've only ever read one book I had to force myself to finish, Death Wears A White Tie. My cousin gave it to me for my 12th birthday, as a joke. He told me how exciting it was, a real page turner. I slogged through that book like a man swimming against the tide of oatmeal, each page a miserable victory. When I did, finally, finish it after three weeks of torture, the killer turned out to be somebody completely made up for the last few pages of the book, presumably because the author forgot the plot or couldn't be arsed to read back through and identify a character, that already existed, as the killer. That's when I found out the book had made the rounds of my extended family and it had been decided to test my resolve in finishing a book that the rest had been unable or unwilling to finish. That the killer was added in at the last minute came as a surprise to none of them. My aunt proposed that some computer was programmed to write the book, but it was 1979 so I doubt it.
  6. Jamesoner

    Jamesoner New Member

    PacificaNew Member
    I will admit that I have moments when reading a book that I find myself wanting to haul it across the room because it gets me so frustrated. Deep down I know I could put it down an d move on to better things but I am cursed because once I start reading I will always wonder how it ended. I will even quit it for a couple of hours but the "what happened to who" will have me subjecting myself to the torture of finishing the particular book.
  7. cha

    cha Member

    When i start to read a book and it becomes horrible in the middle part of the story, yes i admit that the first thing that i wanna do is stop reading the story. But on the other side and because of my curiousity i still want to finish it coz i wanna know the ending. But i only continue reading it when i'm with my sister, friends or even stranger. I just don't want to read it alone. A already read the story so i need to finish it.
  8. Alain Jove Rosales

    Alain Jove Rosales New Member

    I would say I'll stop and won't go any further with it. Because it is such a waste of time proceeding with it when you know the quality isn't worth the while. From the first 2-3 chapters alone can allow you to gauge the author's work, the way he relays his ideas, how characters are introduced in the story, and the way their lives intertwine, etc. With that in mind you can then decide to move or discard the idea of knowing what is next in the plot. It's the same when watching a movie, the first 15-20 minutes gives you a glimpse of what lies next; although generally, this only applies to generic action movies, love stories, drama, horror and comedy. Sci-fi movies are a bit difficult to predict as they don't anchor on emotions alone as the main driving force but more on unique and sometimes far-fetched ideas. In movies, the directors matter to me as you'd already know the quality of the work based on their previous work. Same is true with authors, the book itself can give you an idea if it has substance or not, and it's up for you to decide to waste your time further or enjoy it if it's an excellent read.
  9. ejaysancha123

    ejaysancha123 New Member

    Yes,I will finish reading the book until the end even it was horrible.Judging a book even you doesn't finish reading it won't help at all.You will only find out if that book was horrible or fantastic after you finished reading it.
  10. Isabelle Jesko

    Isabelle Jesko New Member

    It depends on why I'm reading it. If it's something that was recommended to me by a friend, I'll usually stick to it because I want to be able to have a fully informed opinion as to why I didn't like it; if it's something I just happened to pick up, I'll stop reading if it doesn't seem worth my while. Usually, I prefer to finish a book unless it's several hundred pages long. It's true that some books start off quite slow and pick up towards the middle, so I try to give every book I don't immediately like a chance.
  11. vomo

    vomo New Member

    I'm definitely a quitter when it comes to bad books. I don't find the time to read nowadays anyways, but when I do I don't have time for bad books. Even in school I struggled reading books I didn't like. On the flip side I devour books I like in few days.
  12. Huggypillows

    Huggypillows New Member

    Before I start reading a book. I always checking the back cover of the book where a small summary written if it pass my taste then I will start reading it till the end. Till I find the satisfaction I'm looking for. Its like before I start something I have to know if this is worth my time from the start.
  13. Huggypillows

    Huggypillows New Member

    Before I start reading a book. I always checking the back cover of the book where a small summary written if it pass my taste then I will start reading it till the end. Till I find the satisfaction I'm looking for. Its like before I start something I have to know if this is worth my time from the start.
  14. Edward Rondyke

    Edward Rondyke New Member

    Sometimes the text on the back of the book can be misleading. I always check the reviews on a book before I purchase it. But there times where even the reviews don't the book any justice. Therefore I will at least read the first couple of chapters to see if the book is interesting enough to hook me. If not, then yes I'll put the book down and do something else or find another book. But, of course you could go to a Library and borrow the book first and see if it piques your interest. Unless it's a new release, then I suggest a coffee at Books A Million. They will allow you to sit and read a book, so you decide for yourself if you want to purchase the book or move on.
  15. pink21diamond

    pink21diamond New Member

    I definitely stop reading it. A book has to be well written and easy to read. If I find that the writing style is not entertaining, or it doesn't capture my interest. I have to put the book down and go to another. That's why Amazon Kindle is so good. You can read the introduction and see whether you're going to get along with the book or not.
  16. maklein

    maklein New Member

    Before I decided to read a specific book I made sure that I read the synopsis and that I know that I will get to enjoy the book. However, sometimes even though I am certain that the book that I am about read will be enjoyable I still get to experience having to read a book that I find less entertaining. Whenever that happens, I will just ditch that book. I mean there is no sense of reading a book that I don't find interesting.
  17. Lilchids

    Lilchids New Member

    Much to my own despair, yes, I used to finish the book regardless most of the time. I felt a sense of moral obligation to see it through somehow just because of a once-you-start-something-you-got-to-finish-it-mentality that's been drilled into my upbringing. But that all changed once I got into a book that I found too terrible to adhere to the aforementioned "rule". Since then, I've been liberated, so to speak. :D
  18. Rebekah Smith

    Rebekah Smith New Member

    I agree. My time is valuable. Once it is spent, I cannot get it back. Therefore, if I am reading a book and am unimpressed with it for some reason, whether it is undeveloped characters, poor plotline, unlikeable characters, poor grammar, etc., I will put it down and never pick it up again. If it is a physical book, I get it out of my house completely so I am not tempted to pick it up again.
  19. Allexza31

    Allexza31 New Member

    You need to read it first before you say something that the book is horrible. Please read a few pages until you say it. The author put so much effort in it to become a book. It takes a time,effort and passion to created one.
  20. iamblessed

    iamblessed New Member

    There are books that will take me literally months to finish because I don't want to spend too much with it but I'm still curious about how it ends. So whether it's funny, dramatic or a horrible one, I still finish reading it because the contents and learnings are the most important for me.
  21. ligoligo143

    ligoligo143 New Member

    Yes! I definitely quit reading it if its horrible. I am not totally a book lover. If i like the book i will read it especially comedy or fantasy i like reading it. I do not force myself to read a horrible book. Now i do not buy a book, because i download it now on my cellphone through google play you can find there your favorite author or genre of books you like. That is Watt Pad.
  22. denmark21

    denmark21 New Member

    well for a person that loves reading, along the way, he or she learns to read more and more until he suffice his or her imagination. So for me, the moment i get to the horrible part, it is where my mind want to imagine or explore more that sometimes i didn't mind what time it is or who is calling me until i get finish it. As a bookish person it is the climax of my reading, so finishing it is relieving.
  23. imaginatory

    imaginatory New Member

    For me, it depends on where in the book I'm at when I realize I don't like it. If a book doesn't grab me within the first 50 or so pages, I don't see a point in continuing. However, if I get more than halfway through the book and then I realize it's going somewhere I don't like, then I may see it through to the end. There's value to me in seeing what works for me and what doesn't.
  24. tamss

    tamss Member

    Yes I stop reading because It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day
  25. Isozceles

    Isozceles New Member

    I couldn't finish "Moby Dick" forever I wanted to read it since the book is like a legend, and when I finally got around to do it, I was very disappointed. The book is so dense that just reading a few chapter made me feel tired. The thing I didn't like is that you had one chapter with the story and the next one was just a large description of the whaling industry, that just took me out of the history.

    I don't know if I'm the only one that quit "Moby Dick" but that was disappointmen, the story actually was good, but I couldn't get over the constant description of every role in a ship, if at least the two things were mixed together, but no, there is a giant wall between that almost feel like someone put two books together.

    I believe is the first time I quitted a book ever and it was that one, that everyone said was really good. That's why I have trust issues.
  26. angel.says

    angel.says New Member

    i usually have a trait that i read the first and the last pages of the book. it is a bad trait but it give me an idea if the i can like the book.. i really like a good ending. so if it had a good ending why not. i feels that it is an insult to authors if i commented that it is horrible and not be able to finish the whole book.. i prefer to finish it first and then when i'm asked if it is good or not i can give a proper verdict.
  27. luckymadgirl

    luckymadgirl New Member

    I stop reading it, because I'm the type of person who easily gets annoyed over bad storyline. I read books to feel better or to calm my mind but how can I do that of the books is a mess. If I'm starting to find the book as a bad book I will try to read a few more chapters to see if it gets better, if it does I continue reading. But if it doesn't or if it gets worse then I'll stop reading. I don't want to waste minutes of my life stressing over those bad books I mean there's a lot of good books that I can read. There's no point of finishing a bad book.

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