I'm new! HI!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by infinite_horizon, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. infinite_horizon

    infinite_horizon New Member

    Hey I'm new here and I hope there'll be some nice people to talk to here. Um I would like to know where the post count is on my profile so if anyone could help with that, that'd be stupendous. Everyone seems really friendly. Glad to find this place since I'm in college. A little something on the side is great for helping me get through...well, all of it.

    Hope to make new friends and find stuff that people might enjoy. Oh um and I love bunnies. :)
  2. jtorrejos22

    jtorrejos22 New Member

    Hello there!I'm also new here in Postloop hope I can get along with other members.I am happy that I am been approved in this blog site.I believe it helps me boost my knowledge however in this site I will impart my ideas to other.I can express myself in writing.I can practice my speaking.I am glad to be part of Postloop.

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