I'm the voice in your head

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by Rabbai High time, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Rabbai High time

    Rabbai High time New Member

    Im that voice you always heard when you were getting bulled at school
    same voice you heard when a preacher told you that god speaks to you
    same voice that encourage you ,motivate you , lie to you , harm you

    I'm a demon and an angle in the same time ,

    ITS ME , Mario .

  2. MrsSBeaumont

    MrsSBeaumont New Member

    The voice in my head sounds the same as my voice, but more confident. For some reason when I have a conversation in my head I sound more sure of myself. However, when I try to have the same conversation in real life I'm quiet and shy.
  3. MOkada

    MOkada New Member

    I'm the voice in your head
    The voice that you dread
    Of the bully within
    Hidden beneath the skin

    Of judgement and insults
    Of sarcasm and lies
    Of indifference towards feelings
    Of hatred of those
    Who are better than me
    Who make me see
    My own inadequacy

    And if I shove that voice down
    And kick it and choke
    And smother it and cover it
    Until it's broke

    I'll be a bully of my inner bully
    I'll become the voice beneath my skin
    And so I share my mind
    With the envious sin

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