I'm Too Tired.

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by koke, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. koke

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    Working out actually gives you more energy. Your body makes feel-good hormones (endorphins), "and you're getting the circulation going," says Marisa Brunett, a certified athletic trainer in Orlando, Fla.

    It may help to work out in the morning before your day gets away from you, says kinesiologist Lynette Craft, PhD. She's an assistant professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University.

    Not a morning person? No problem. Do it whenever you feel best, says Brunett, who likes to work out in the middle or at the end of the day.
  2. joesel

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    Workout should be treated as relaxation. It can be done at the end of the day to relieve stress.

    So it is important to choose a workout that does not worsen an already stressed body and mind but to soothe and cure it with the natural benefits that exercise gives.
  3. simon2018

    simon2018 New Member

    Yes, very common these days. It all comes down to food, exercise & rest. When it comes to food, you want to ingest clean, fresh calories which comes from veggies, fruits, beans & nuts, good amount of water as well. You want to avoid white flour, salt & sugar as much as possible. No processed, pre-made, pre-packaged foods filled with chemicals & low in nutrition. Raw, fresh squeezed juice instead of pasteurized, processed juice low in nutrition. Depending on your goals you want to include good amount of exercise in your day. Finally rest is extremely important as well to give your body a break as well as heal, about 8 hours of sleep is good.
  4. Rooneey

    Rooneey Member

    Sometimes. I am too tired. My heart is tired. I just want to rest all day and forget about what happened yesterday. I hope that one day it will be fine. Just cheer me up please. I badly need it. Its tiring day!
  5. JesNoi14

    JesNoi14 New Member

    I'm too tired, what we always say for having exhausting day or week of work. Being an adult is very tiring, it requires a lot of energy to do our responsibilitie but did you know that jogging can releive stress and feel fulfilling specially if you do it on a park, I love doing it on weekends. One of the thing I love to do at least every quarter of the month is breathing of soul which means going out of town trip, I love going on the beach as sounds of the sea makes me relax and enjoying the hospitality of rural communities.
  6. romilda

    romilda Member

    I'm too tired but it's worth it. as long as I did all my obligations and I made my family happy, all household chored was done properly and orderly. Maybe tired but still, happy.
  7. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Try to get as much sleep as possible. Ideally you should sleep at least eight to nine hours to really get some rest. If not then you will not be able to at full strength. I am a morning person. I exercise early in the morning before going to work. I make sure to sleep early before that.
  8. im too tired looking for an online job. any suggestion
  9. vgeomeljohn

    vgeomeljohn New Member

    It is very easy to treat it when you're just physically tired. Just have 8 hours of sleep everyday and it'll fix you up. However, when you're mentally and emotionally tired, no matter how much you sleep you will always feel tired. I suggest; have an adventure, go to places you always wanted to go, do things that excite you.
  10. seyerelagsti

    seyerelagsti New Member

    If we are tired not just physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually then I think it's time to have a break and unwind. Take a vacation or treat yourself once in a while. After that, get enough sleep regularly and eat healthy diet that will make our body feel lighter. Our healthy lifestyle has a big effect on your daily living including physical and mental activities. Don't stressed out on little things, talk to someone regarding your problems or anything that bothers you. If you need to cry to feel much better, then go for it and release it. It will not make you a weak person because crying is part of expressing what we feel.
  11. fransterl

    fransterl New Member

    I think working out in the morning is the best, not only does it give the benefits of resistance training but also jump starts your day. By starting your day by overcoming, by doing something you don't want, by achieving something, it makes you feel good. This sense of accomplishment and happiness will propel you through the day and will keep you disciplined to follow your goals.

    I would one hundred percent recommend working out in the morning, or at least earlier in the day! Not only does it have the benefits I just said but I believe some real physical advantages that I'm too lazy to google right now. Anyway, stay strong!
  12. raziel3105

    raziel3105 New Member

    I agree with you. Doing some exercise in the morning, pass your limitation is the best. My schedule : wake up at 6:00 a.m, run around town park 5 circles (about 10 kilometers), some push up and pull up, eat breakfast, drink some coffee. Believe me, follow that ritual everyday and you will feel more energic, more ready for studying or working.
  13. ss2diamonds

    ss2diamonds New Member

    I am too tired. I have a spine problem. My back is killing me. I can hardly stand for 30 minutes, so then I have to sit. I love doing things at home like cleaning, cooking, sewing but my body just won't let me. So I just do whatever I can one at a time then rest, then work again. By doing that I can still work even if it takes a long time. And it gives me satisfaction to see that I have an accomplishment, too.
  14. dobusinesswithclb

    dobusinesswithclb New Member

    I'm too tired. I say this several times a day at work, in life but through all that I still push through. I think we, humans, are like that. We are resilient. Although everything is difficult and we say "no, I can't do this anymore." We still wake up everyday to start a new one, to fight for our dreams and I think that is so admirable. We're tired but not so tired that we'll just let our life get by.

    Instead of saying I'm too tired let's say I'm taking a break. Take a break on life. Its not something that you could get in prison for. If you can't do it anymore take a breather and treat yourself to your favorite coffee shop or if you need more time, get away. Travel with someone or alone it would be good for yourself.
  15. EnceJoy

    EnceJoy New Member

    You get too tired when you are less motivated. Try to refresh your mind before doing your daily task. Get some time to do a reflection of what you've done previously. Think of the reasons why you get tired and also think of reasons why you are working. Try to loosen up some time and give yourself time to relax.

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