Implementation of A.I. - How Dangerous?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by CelVeritas, Jul 6, 2017.

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    I've recently come across an increase in use and developement, but also discussion around the topic of artifical intelligence, or A.I. in short. It is used in almost any field of research to examine and understand trends and work through localized problems more effectively than humans could.
    In general A.I. is categorized in three main stages and a "final" one:
    • Machine Learning: The machine is able to understand input and run it through pre-existing databases to output requested data. An example of this would be Siri.
    • Machine Intelligence: It is able to create new methods to deal with input independently and improve those based on input given.
    • Machine Awareness, or "Human-Level Intelligence": Able to collect and process information independently, the A.I. can learn without needing input and is as such considered cognitive.
    • "Superhuman-Level Intelligence": Able to process information and learn in ways superior to the cummulative human race.
    Now the question I'd like you to discuss would be how dangerous or benign you think future A.I. to be. Do you think it'll be what leads humanity to a new golden age, or do you think it'll be the cause for Armageddon?
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    The development of A.I is like a two-edged sword.many people fear that it will lead to humans ceding power and control of their lives to machines.That still remains to be seen.Personally, I think the development of A.I will enable humans to make quantum leaps in the future.
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