In love, does age matters?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by verbena, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. verbena

    verbena New Member

    Questions about love is very complicated to answer maybe because our brain stops to function when the heart is is in action.
    For me, age doesn't matter as long as both your hearts love each other. As Mark Twain said, "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter".
    It's not their age that matters but their level of maturity. In fact dating a person with age gaps is a lot more interesting, in fact you can't really help yourself to fall for.
  2. zues061316

    zues061316 New Member

    For me age is just a number, as long as you love,respect and trust each other, it's not the age that matter, what matters most is on how you take care of your responsibilty on loving a person who is younger/older than you, as long as you both didn't step on other people, for who are they to judge on what you feel for each other.
  3. rafael1972

    rafael1972 New Member

    Actually age does not matter in love. if both people truly love each other and are willing to fight for this love and to spend time together and spend their whole lives looking for and striving for goals, that's what really matters. I also consider it important that the person who is older in age in the relationship uses the experience to show the way to the person of minor. When he sends the heart he can do everything.
  4. arjie7

    arjie7 New Member

    Age is just a number, not a sentence. What matters most is how mature you are both in handling your relationship. In love, age is not a question, but it is solely based on trust, honesty and commitment to each other. Behind each other's flaws, one should know how to adjust and make proper actions to arguments.

    When in love, you can not dictate your heart , instead you follow it. If it's good for the heart, then go for it. Love is about takings risks, how would you know if your both compatible if you're at least too scared to try?
  5. bdelaza

    bdelaza New Member

    I couldn't agree more with everyone here, indeed age doesn't matter in love - we can see really in-love couples who have 20 or more years gap but they jive, they are more compatible and can seem to really make their relationship work because they have better understanding of each other.
  6. qui2

    qui2 Member

    Yes,age really matters,suppose you're dating a younger dude who wants to travel the world but you've already done that and you don't want to go,the young dude will feel left out and look for a younger lady who he can relate to.Also the younger partner may lack maturity.
  7. olgar

    olgar Member

    Nope, just as long as you feel the love for one another, age doesn't really matter at all. nor looks.
  8. miguelab

    miguelab New Member

    Everyone knows that love is a feeling not a number. Its possible to say I am in love with a 40 year old mother of two name Jamie but all you really are saying in the end is that you love Jamie and all about her including her age and two children. Love is a complicated thing and age can matter but what matters more is the love and that is what keeps you together with that person not the age. No one has ever said I am with someone in a relationship because or his or her age. That just sounds plain and simple crazy.
  9. hengxin

    hengxin New Member

    Love knows no boundaries. Being said so, love will never be bounded by anything not even time specially age. However, we different perspectives regarding this matter. How we view this would usually depend on our cultural backgrounds. For most, age really is not something that two people who love each other would be concerned with but for some it really matters because this is what their culture dictates. But then again, if the parties involved really love each other, nothing can stop them not even a thousand year old culture.
  10. Lovely Mila

    Lovely Mila New Member

    It doesn't matter the age cap in terms of relationship. Love is unconditional. Even you know a lots of differences of each other, you're still loving the person because that's what love is. True love don't matter at age as long as it's true.
  11. marienspiration

    marienspiration New Member

    If you truly love someone age shouldn't be an issue. Love has no age limit, even death can't stop true and pure love.
  12. shaoshao1083

    shaoshao1083 New Member

    Love has no age preference. Anyone can fall in love with anyone. Some people may disagree with your choice who to fall in love with but at the end of the day what matters is you love each other and nothing can destroy it.
  13. sweetfab04

    sweetfab04 New Member

    In love age doesn't matter, we all know that in Love, You cannot choose and it depends on time when your love will be given by god. Anyone can fall in love to someone, and in a right time. Some of this discourage to fall on someone who is younger or older than us or to everyone who is loving someone.
  14. sandra13

    sandra13 New Member

    I think age doesn't matter as long as they are happy and completely compatible with each other. What matters most is they love each other no matter what the age gap is.
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  15. btcian

    btcian New Member

    I have a boyfriend who is way older than me, a 15 years of age gap to be specific and right now we are on early stage of our relationship. At first, I never planned nor wished I would be able to find and love someone like him who's willing enough to pursue me regardless of his age yet, based on my personal experience, his way of thinking is more mature or has better direction in life that I find it very interesting about him. So, I was thinking why not give him the chance to prove his love to me if it's real and eventually, he did and I fell in love with him.

    Yeah, we were born in different generation and in some ways there are certain adjustments to make but this is just a little thing to sacrifice because if you really love the person, you are willing to commit and accept for who he or she is, everything else is secondary. Close minded people will judge but what really important is what makes you happy and who is in your heart. Then, there's nothing to worry about.
  16. renaissance

    renaissance New Member

    When it comes to love, it is more important to have respect, communication, and some things in common. Age can truly be a factor if these key components are missing. A relationship built only on physical components is like a house built on straw, it will not last. If there is love in addition to things I mentioned, the age factor becomes irrelevant. Everyone has something to offer, it more important to keep a open heart and open mind, in order to receive what each has to offer.
  17. rowena

    rowena New Member

    Age matters if you think that it’s matters. For me it truly doesn’t! In love, there’s no particular age to consider, the heart wants what the heart wants, if your heart wants an older or younger one, well it’s just the love that we feel. We can’t truly control with whom we fell in love.

    I’m older than my husband, we jive together, we live happy together and we do all the activities together. I feel normal, nothing to be ashamed of. Age is just a number that’s counting and love can’t be measured at all.

    What’s important is allow love to work in its magical way, nothing matters if you love someone who is younger or older than you, what you have to do is to explore it and let it grow more beautifully.

    There’s a song “Love moves in a mysterious way”, so throw that age away.
  18. eyescream007

    eyescream007 New Member

    For me, I think that age doesn't matter when it comes to love. I think that age is just a number of our existence here in this world. I think that real love passes those boundaries like age and etcetera. If you really love a person, you will accept them for who they are.
  19. readc18

    readc18 New Member

    Love knows no color, race, religion nor age. What is more relevant is that you love and you love with all your heart.
    In the end, it will not be a question of how big the age difference is but how your love turned out to be. Is it a love that last a lifetime? Is it a love story worth sharing for? A love that stands out despite criticisms of your indifference from the norm. Again, what matters most is that both of you are happy and both of you appreciate a life of togetherness.
  20. saelzky

    saelzky New Member

    Age is just a number.What matters most is how you deal with each other,if both respect each other and understand your relatio
    nships will work.When people fall in love, they don't necessarily take age into consideration. What usually matters for them is how they feel for that person. This is a fact which is dominant when it comes to males. Besides, asking a person you're dating upfront about their age is considered to be rude.
    Love is unconditional.If you really love someone never let her go whatever the reasons why,instead fight for her and that's what we called TRUE LOVE.
  21. Aljo

    Aljo New Member

    I don't believe that in love age matters, some people who are young are already mature enough and some are not. Some people who are old is immature and some are mature, age is just a number and love does not require any age. Some people experienced heart breaks even though they are young and that's what makes them experienced on love. For me, it does not really matter as long as both of you love each other and enjoy each other's company. Love knows no boundaries, even ages cannot stop love. As long as both lovers endure all trials and hardships, love endures forever.
  22. gina310

    gina310 New Member

    For me, age does not matter when it comes to love. You cannot say or teach your heart when to fall in love and with to whom. Yes, it may be awkward for a young girl to fall in love with a man who looks like her grandfather more so when a young man fell in love with a woman who is very much older than him. Nevertheless, in the law of love, there is no specific age for the couple as long as they get along well and love each other very much.
  23. kagome2480

    kagome2480 New Member

    This is a complicated question for me to answer. I want to say yes but also no. Of course, there is the legal age issue. It depends. If one of the partners is an adult and the other partner is a minor, I would say it definitely matters. If they're both of legal age is not much of an issue. But I also consider the age gap. If the age gap is too wide, there may be issues with maturity level and what their interests are. I've read of couples being happy despite a wide age gap. The younger partner feels secured and can learn a lot from an older partner. But sometimes the older partner can act like a parental figure to the younger partner like placing restrictions on finances, curfew, and friendships. I think it just depends on the individuals. Personally, I'm not comfortable being in a relationship with a wide age gap. I'd prefer someone closer to my age, even though I attract younger men with my baby face.
  24. Starr

    Starr New Member

    I do believe age does not matter when it comes to love. As long as you really love that person, respect each other, enjoy every moment you shared. I think that was awesome and enough to prove that age is just a number. Loving a matured partner is wonderful. Because I know and I do experience that in my life. Yes, I got married before when I was 23 and my husband is 46 years of age. We don't care what other people say about our age gap. All I know we love each other so much.It was the best moment of my life waking up every day seeing him sleeping next to me.Love is unconditional and true love is forever.
  25. cheexyrich08

    cheexyrich08 New Member

    I believe that age doesn't matter between two peope who's very in love with each other. As my personal experience, my boyfriend is 7 years older than me and it doesn't matter to us. We're both inlove and motivated to reach our goals. He's very matured enough and understands me, he is supportive in every way. He encouraged me to be better everyday and that's what I do as well. We all know that relationships aren't perfect, but the key is to accept the differences and work hard for the relationship to stay alive and strong.
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  26. A big NO. Age is not a question to ask as long as the word LOVE is their. When you are in love, you are not supposed to ask him/her, how old is he/ she but instead you are going to love him/her as long as you can. It doesn't matter how old the person is, as long as the two person are comfortable, happy and contented with their relationship, it is not a question to ask. Let the love works for your relationship.
  27. Jammie_nins143

    Jammie_nins143 New Member

    It is indeed a cliche that when it comes to love age doesn't matter. I totally agree with that definition of love. I myself is in love with a guy who is 8 years older than me. Well at first yes, it is human nature that you get to be attracted with the opposite sex base on physical qualities and it is part of the norms that most people will judge you negatively if you are linked to older men or women. I understand this peoples' perspective when it comes to it because there are a few out there who are not true to their feelings and are just using the person for personal agenda. But then again when you genuinely love a person whether they are a lot older than you or not, it will manifest with the both of you. People will see how happy you both are and will never even notice that maybe there are some people somewhere criticizing you.
  28. peppy8

    peppy8 New Member

    "You cannot say you are in love! You are too young!" As a teenager, that is what I usually hear from adults scolding young people when talking about love. There will be people that would say age matters in love and others will say it does not. As for me, love is for every age. We can never say young love fails and the love of two individuals at the age of 30 succeeds. Age does not matter in love for it is a very precious gift for all and that everyone deserves to experience and share it to their loved one, young or old.
  29. As long as you both are happy I guess it doesn't matter. As what Mark Twain said "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." Your going to love the person and his/her personality not his/her age.
  30. luluher

    luluher New Member

    As long as they are both consenting adults, it should not matter. We have to be careful when there is an adult and a minor. Even if the minor is consenting to the relationship. There are issues with maturity level, manipulation from the older individual and perhaps other psychological issues where these type of relationships are dangerous. However if you are referring to just the feeling of love, then Love has no age. The pure and simple feeling of love has no limits.

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