In love, does age matters?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by verbena, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. elpatato

    elpatato New Member

    Age does not the basis of maturity of the person. When it comes to love it has no boundaries as long as both of you happy, can handle your relationship and you are good for each other.
  2. gelatin

    gelatin New Member

    Depends on the gap, actually.If the age gap is like..10 years I think its ok but, if more than that there will be an issue in the long run. Men and women differs emotionally as they age.It will have complications , no matter how you love each other or not. It is not a question of love but a matter of human biology and mortality.
  3. Felansel

    Felansel New Member

    I think age doesn't matter as long as the person you're trying to get too was not the age of your mother or father. Because it will get too messy from your friends, family and to the other people who will see you or both of you, but as all they say 'to each of his own', it really doesn't matter no matter how far your age gap are as long as you're in love and not being together just for physical things.
  4. bruno01

    bruno01 New Member

    for meage doesn't matter when it comes to love. Two people can learn to adjust to one another and so bridge that gap. But of course, practically speaking, if the age difference is really big, and those two individuals are living in totally different worlds with different mindsets, then it would be difficult to continue on together. Imagine the challenges many couples are facing even of the same age. How much more with those from different generations? Still, it really depends on the individuals if they're able to overcome those challenges. em I right?
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  5. brana0

    brana0 New Member

    yeah your right always nice comments that's why I love you
  6. stainedlala

    stainedlala New Member

    Cliche but love is love. But no one should use this as an excuse for a toxic relationship. Love has no limits, no bounds as long as what you feel for him/her and what she/he feels for you don't and won't hurt you and the people arpund you.
  7. avergreen21

    avergreen21 New Member

    We often say that "Age Doesn't Matter because it is depending on your love to each other". I really respect the people with not having the same age because of their exceeding love. It does not depend on the age but it depends on how you really love that person. But I was really confused about the movie entitled "Lolita" It is a novel written by Vladimir Navokov, A middle aged professor is obsessed with a 12 year old Girl. I've heard that of those kind of cases has a Pedophilia or Paedophilia in which the adult older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. Well, love has no limits so I respect it.
  8. darryl01

    darryl01 New Member

    for me Age matters if you think that it’s matters. For me it truly doesn’t! In love, there’s no particular age to consider, the heart wants what the heart wants, if your heart wants an older or younger one, well it’s just the love that we feel. We can’t truly control with whom we fell in love. I’m older than my husband, we jive together, we live happy together and we do all the activities together. I feel normal, nothing to be ashamed of. Age is just a number that’s counting and love can’t be measured at all. What’s important is allow love to work in its magical way, nothing matters if you love someone who is younger or older than you, what you have to do is to explore it and let it grow more beautifully.
  9. sophbirchx

    sophbirchx New Member

    Age certainly does not matter when it comes to loving one another for all the right reasons. As long as the relationship is legal and genuine then who is to say two people cannot be together.

    People spend so much time judging others and being too opinionated as opposed to allowing people to be happy in order to allow themselves to be happy. Big small, fat or thin, old or young you do as you please we all have free mind and free will and feelings are certainly not something that should be penalised upon because there's an age difference.
  10. Navihayagi131131

    Navihayagi131131 New Member

    I guess I would have different answers for this question, first if your already together I guess, age doesn't really matter but if your falling in love with someone and the older one is a girl I think it'll depends on her.
    Based on my experience, well what I'm experiencing now, is that some people or more specifically to girls, age does matter, some people put age as a level of maturity or if you ask them they want older than them or at the same age as them, I feel that I'm being judge cause I' am younger than her.
    Well but regarding to my experience, Yes, age doesn't matter, as long as you love each other, age doesn't matter what matter is how much you love each other.
  11. lilybas

    lilybas New Member

    Yes. I strongly believe that in love, age does matter. Not in the gap of her age to his or his to her. It is in the maturity, of how aged their minds and hearts to fight for their love, to conquer the struggles. Their ability to have a strong bond and relationship is depending on their experiences and maturity, which comes with time and age.
  12. Eljo12

    Eljo12 New Member

    The issue of age difference in the relationship of couples is controversial, there are two conflicting currents of thought, some insist on supporting that relationships in which there is a substantial difference in age have a short life, because they are based on psychological balances of compensation that sooner or later they break. All in all, there is currently a tendency to no longer consider the difference in age as a limit, rather a resource.
    Especially since in the world of entertainment have seen the appearance of couples in which she is older than him, this theme has received much interest after having caused quite a stir.
    This has served to face this phenomenon by necessarily evaluating its pros and cons, and to consider it as something socially acceptable, no longer an unseemly or not credible attitude.
    Today the tendency is to consider the various differences in love as a possibility of integration and mutual compensation and the difference in age does not go beyond them.
    No particular differences have been noted regarding the trend of a relationship between peers and that between people of different ages, this means that age is not a significant variable for the development of a relationship
    Many young women claim to prefer older men because their need is to be joined by mature men, able to understand and give them serenity and tranquility. On the other hand, there are others, generally established from the working point of view that prefer younger partners as less competitive, with an open mind and who do not feel threatened by the career or autonomy of their partner.
    The fact that one of the 2 partners has more experience of life (and this usually corresponds to a more advanced age) is an excellent glue in a relationship between people of different ages. The experience brings more understanding and perhaps also the ability to predict and evaluate situations that could otherwise take the couple off guard by threatening the relationship itself.
  13. tonying

    tonying New Member

    Not really. I have seen many couples with quite a big range of their ages. Seen 10 years to 15 years and still happily together. It is not really one's generation we are talking about, it's how much they love each other and by love I mean being there to each other whatever times could give them in a rough or smooth sailing. Their being together created a mutual bond that talking about ages, even dissimilarities and dislikes are nowhere in their relationship. They want being with him/her no matter what it takes. The reason, they don't even know. They are not thinking "what good will I get by being with him/her","what future do we have?". The only thing in their minds and hearts is "I wish this would be forever". Oh where is even the age we are talking about? Gone! I have a girlfriend with 4 years of gap and we still treat each other like we are of the same age. We love being together, doing things together, going to places together and together and together. We are inseparable. I could not imagine a moment when she is not by my side. Thinking that already drives me crazy. My opinion. Love doesn't mind any categories. Not age, not who you are, not how you look, if you are rich, No! Not if you're a celebrity, not if you have a car, no conditions at all. Just love.
  14. jasminemay

    jasminemay New Member

    For me age does not matter as long as they are happy and contented with their relationship then go stand for it. Age can be count but the happiness brings of true love cannot. You may not be in the same age but in love, everyone is equal.
  15. jasminemay

    jasminemay New Member

    For me age does not matter as long as they are happy and contented with their relationship then go stand for it. Age can be count but the happiness brings of true love cannot. You may not be in the same age but in love, everyone is equal.
  16. unknownjoker23

    unknownjoker23 New Member

    Well for me is No, cause age as what they say is a Number. What matters is how you felt for each other and how you guys want to work your relationship out.
  17. mariahdarwish11

    mariahdarwish11 New Member

    When we fall in love to a person we are blind. It doesnt matter if a person is old or young. We cant stop our heart from loving a person if that is truly how we feels. There are some young people who are thinking maturely in terms of relationship. And some people who are old are like childish same like me hehe. I am 30 and my partner right now is 28. And as i get to know him more as years go by he is the one who is handling our relationship well since most of the time i am impatient. So i therefore conclude that age doesnt matter in love.
  18. niceguy2727

    niceguy2727 New Member

    actually for me age doesn't matters actually my girl friend is 15 year younger than me but we are still happy due to funny moments, she loves me because she said that I'm kind and i respect her maturity run from time to time love conquers all they said you can do what you want by the power of love i always protect her, i teach her, i care for her, i cry for her i give my all for her. Love is acceptance if you love somebody love his or her.
  19. Anna Mooradian

    Anna Mooradian New Member

    I agree that age doesn't matter. It is maturity that really matters. If you are both mature around your relationship then great! However I don't think that two 5 year olds would be mature enough to really understand what love is.
  20. justkatie123

    justkatie123 New Member

    Age doesn't matter because children can fall in love and so can adults. I think love is uncontrollable so you should have the freedom to fall in love with anyone you wish.
  21. musawar

    musawar New Member

    no in love there is no matter of age if you feel love for him/her then keep it up dear.
  22. xatnys

    xatnys New Member

    Age doesn't matter, Because love is not about age it is about what you feel to that person.
  23. For me it's not as long as you're not affecting someone else's life then go fot it . cause if you truly love someone age wont matter anymore, but you have to be prepared of some consequences it might bring to you . I can only tell you from my experience. Anything wider than about 10 years could produce problems in the future. For a start, we are at different stages in our lives, jobs, education and ambition. This age difference doesn’t matter too much initially because we, at the start, are mainly into the physical attraction stage, ie the sex stage. Once this stage has passed cracks start to appear. At this point many couples in relationships with an age gap wider than 10 years will be howling in protest that this isn’t true; howl away. I can only give you my experience.
  24. Anniekho

    Anniekho New Member

    In my opinion.i do believe that age doesnt long as yuo love each other and the trust is there.who cares!!the best thing is you love the people who never give why you worried the gap we all know relatioship is not perfect all the time.
  25. kristing1996

    kristing1996 New Member

    age is just a number depending on what the ages are. if someone is only 14 and they want to date someone that is 24, then no. age is just a number just as jail is just a place. but lets say someone is 24 and wants to date someone who is 34, that sounds better. But it all comes done to personal preference.
  26. Vancy

    Vancy New Member

    For me age doesn't mater as long your both on the right age to have a relationship and both single. As long as you love each other and you don't hurt other person fillings.
  27. AngelaV

    AngelaV New Member

    I believe if you're in love that age doesn't matter for most. But, it really depends on the couple. I'd say first that if you're underage then yes, it matters a lot!! At least wait until you're a legal adult. Even then, if you are in your twenties and you're in love with someone in their 50's, it may not work out for you. I've been with my now husband for 3 years. I'm 41 and he's soon to be 63. In my case I'm old enough to know what I want. It helps too that I've known him for over 25 years. It may just depend on the individual situation.
  28. eggos11

    eggos11 New Member

    This is going to make me sound disturbed; however, I love debating this topic and more specifically pedophilia. Despite my affinity for the topic, I'm not really sure my stance. I think my immediate answer is no because I take pride in being an open minded person who isn't afraid to say something controversial. However I think in reality it does matter because not all people are honorable and ideal and therefore it is true minors at the very least must be protected from potentially manipulative adults. I am not saying a minor and adult can't have a healthy relationship; however, I'm not against the law that states minors legally cannot consent.
  29. VerySeriousDave

    VerySeriousDave New Member

    I think it sounds romantic to say that age doesn't matter but the reality is that it does. Or, to put it another way, similarity of experience matters, and similarity of experience has a lot to do with age. You'll know what I mean the first time you find out you have more in common with your date's mother than with your date!
  30. I don't why when it comes to love I cannot understand my feelings. hahaha.. Even if that lady is older than me, I can still feel in love. But actually age doesn't matter for meas long as both of you are matured and ready to face for the future.

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