In love, does age matters?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by verbena, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. chocochuchu

    chocochuchu New Member

    This is a very broad topic. Love itself has many definitions. There are countless discussions regarding this and many people have already died defending their stance. Lol, just kidding. :laugh:
    Anyway, it is not really clear what the thread starter wants to emphasize but most of you thinks the thread is about relationship and it seems it is the point of this thread. But for me, in love does age really matter? What if a 7 year old girl falls in love? A 13 year old boy? A 42 year old man? A 60 year old widow? We are just humans. We are bound to love. The time we were born, loving some one else or anything for that matter is a part of us. So my stance is, let it be. Whatever makes a person happy and inspired, who are we to judged? Age really doesn't matter.
  2. JM D Looper

    JM D Looper New Member

    It doesn't, if you are in love then you are in love <3
  3. Ritu111

    Ritu111 New Member

    Age is just a number so it does not matter when you are in love. When you fall in love you don't see the age but the bonds can be stronger if the age difference is not much .The maturity level should be same for a relationship to succeed. Let the magic of love engulf you and make your relationship stronger irrespective of age.
  4. Andrew Leith

    Andrew Leith New Member

    I liked this question. I am 48 years old and I have a girl friend she's 33 and we are very much in love. So I don't think age gap is really that important. It also depends on how you click and connect with your partner and how your personalities are in agreement/or disagreement with each other. I am happy in our relationship and been going out with her steadily for seven months.
  5. erosss

    erosss New Member

    Nothing matters when it comes to love. It is so powerful that anyone from any gender, race, social status and age will be under its control. If you love, you will be blind. You will no longer care how ugly she/he is, how old she/he is or how opposite she/he is to you. You no longer care about physical things because you know what's inside on his/her is so rare that only a few possess. You will forget your goddamn standards. You will forget your celebrity crush. Its love, nothing matters when it comes to it. As long as you love each other, forget the numbers and shout it to the world your love.
  6. Lara Cabagnot

    Lara Cabagnot New Member

    I always believe that love is a decision you make every single day. There's a reason it is tagged as a verb, an action word. Being said that, love, in all its form, relates to decision making. The question here is, does age matter? Yes, I believe it does. It's always easy to say "No" because in love, you have considerations and blah blah blah, but in reality, age does matter because of decisions. When you're in love, you have tons of decisions that you have to deal with and I guess when you're on a different age, you also have different views of things and it really does matter!
  7. maribel07

    maribel07 New Member

    For me age really doesn't matter. As long as they are in love go on. Age is just a number, what's matter most is that you love one another, respect each other and trust one another. Love is the greatest gift we recieve to the perso we love, because if theres love everything else will follow, like respect, loyalty, and trust. My husband is 8 yrs. older than me. On my experience age really doesn't matter at all. He loves me.
    Age doesn't matter, Love matters at all.
  8. briannabnb

    briannabnb New Member

    If one person is underage then yes age does matter but if both parties are adults (around 22) then I’m some circumstances no. It depends on where each person is in their life, age doesn’t equal maturity and some people want to start families later in life while other are ready sooner. For instance if a 25 year old woman with no children marries a 50 year old man with kids who doesn’t want any more then yes age would be a problem.
  9. rosealie

    rosealie New Member

    I think being in love with another person does not matter what the age, The most important is that the person is over 18.Being mature is very important in the relationship. Sometimes having a younger boyfriend keeps the romance going.
  10. erenjein

    erenjein New Member

    No, age doesnt matter. As long as you love each other you can be together. In the name of love, there is no limits just love. I have watched videos of one of the best speaker ive ever saw and in his video he said "love is the powerful thing in this world; love has no limits". He simply wants to say is through love we can change ourselves to be better just for our loved one. Whatever she/he is so what, whoever she/he is, so what in love there is no rules no regulations no limitations then if it has it is not love. Love conquers all
  11. msdecstro11

    msdecstro11 New Member

    Talking about Love is a deep and intimate thing to tackle. Love is everything no matter who you are and where you are. And when talking about does age matters? I somehow ask myself does age really matter? a tough question though. But i look back to my past and experience, I believe and say age does not matter when it comes to Love. Because we created differently and uniquely. We all grew up in different situation and aspects, that make us who we are and how we see and think about everything especially about Love. And as i look back to my experience there are people i met, who are younger than me but can think and act like a grown up. there is also an instance where i met an older one but still think and act like a child. That's why i can say age does not matter in Love.Love is for all ages.Love will always be there and forever. So don't lose hope keep believing and keep loving no matter what. And always remember God is Love.:)
  12. uberjessicalopez

    uberjessicalopez New Member

    Loving someone doesn't measure by age. There are purpose why two different lives destined to cross paths. We can never dictate what our heart beats. Follow your heart. It is not the number that we are counting, it is the happiness that counts. Nobody cares, what matter is the both of you who understand each other and accept whole heartedly each other. That matters most.
  13. Lhotte Noble

    Lhotte Noble New Member

    Age gaps of the two person who are in love may not be a hindering factor to have a successful relationship. Society holds a negative stigma regarding age differences but no one would know that it might eventually work for both of them as long as there is love and respect. Love has no age nor a limit. My husband and I would prove it. I am 9 years older than him, but we're happy and still in love.
  14. Envy9111

    Envy9111 New Member

    To me it matters only if one person is under aged.

    Other then that i think it doesn't matter, whether you have 30 and other person 40 or there is no age gap.
    I have learned that age does not represent your maturity, but rather the experience.
  15. cate0428

    cate0428 New Member

    Age is just a number, unless that age is under 16 (or 18 depending on where you live).
  16. Dani1226

    Dani1226 New Member

    I believe the answer to this question is yes and no... For most, the answer is no if we are talking about adults over the age of, say, 21. However, I feel that anyone younger than that is in a position of being taken advantage of by the older party in the relationship, regardless of gender. It can also be seen as a predatory behavior if someone 30 or above is actively looking for relationships with 18-year-olds. While 18 might be a legal age for consent a person of this age is still very young or naive and would probably not have very much in common with someone 20+ years older in most cases.
  17. Sherwindelarosa

    Sherwindelarosa New Member

    LOVE? AGE?.... simple,maturity of people in love meet same way it happens when people in love meet the capacity to do love even the gap of age is miles away from the one to be loved.
    Love is a many splended things.. it will create different rainbows to those birds what ever the age is.... so love is a many splended things..SO Age do not matter as long as we are in love we must leave inlove.
  18. Sherwindelarosa

    Sherwindelarosa New Member

    LOVE? AGE?.... simple,maturity of people in love meet same way it happens when people in love meet the capacity to do love even the gap of age is miles away from the one to be loved.
    Love is a many splended things.. it will create different rainbows to those birds what ever the age is.... so love is a many splended things..SO Age do not matter as long as we are in love we must leave inlove.
  19. manstar

    manstar New Member

    Not really, as long as you understand each other and really care for that person. What important is how you compliment one another and stay in love together always.
  20. jhenrayblogger

    jhenrayblogger New Member

    In love, age doesn't matter. Love is a choice but most of the time you cannot control who are you falling in love with. As long as you're both stable and secure, it won't be a problem. Maturity is the most import thing to consider in a relationship than age gap. I really think it comes down to life experiences and usually life experiences come with age but not always. I'd rather be with someone who is more mature at a level of understanding regardless of age.
  21. gavinci13

    gavinci13 New Member

    You'll hear something from a guys perspective here. When you are young, this can be an issue I'll tell you why, when a young man seek for love age matters simply because you want to hang out with same age as you are, i'd be kinda awkward to have yourself be in a relationship with someone who does have a big age gap as yours IMO.

    Now, we as a grown up man, as we are getting older and our perceive of life changed, age is becoming a not so big deal, but this topic is still a complex to discuss, I am 30 years old, maybe I am still young and I still have a lot to learn (I admit it), but let me just share to the readers a little bit of my story, I married a woman who happens to be 5 years younger than me, I was 27 and she was 22 that time. God blessed us with two kids. after 3 years of our marriage, My wife(or I should call her my Ex-wife) are no longer together, She all of a sudden changed and when I ask her why? She just told me that there's a lot of things that we are not compatible with and she can't live with it anymore. So I guess that is one of the thing that people should be aware of before getting into a relationship with an age gap. You have to make sure that there will be more things that you and your partner will agree upon together rather than things that you and your partner will not get along together. Age doesn't matter as long as both person can compromise with complicated things. Keep in mind falling in love is so easy but staying in love is hard.

    Just to add, my dad and my step mom are going strong so far, they've been together for a decade now I think. Guess how old my step mom is? same age as mine, my dad is like 53 now. So there, as I observed they been compromising very well with a lot of things, all though my dad is the one adjusting most of the time. =)
  22. Marian Cimbru

    Marian Cimbru New Member

    Love knows no boundaries. Being said so, love will never be bounded by anything not even time specially age. However, we different perspectives regarding this matter. How we view this would usually depend on our cultural backgrounds. For most, age really is not something that two people who love each other would be concerned with but for some it really matters because this is what their culture dictates. But then again, if the parties involved really love each other, nothing can stop them not even a thousand year old culture.
    There will be people that would say age matters in love and others will say it does not. As for me, love is for every age. We can never say young love fails and the love of two individuals at the age of 30 succeeds. Age does not matter in love for it is a very precious gift for all and that everyone deserves to experience and share it to their loved one, young or old.
  23. Maryjoy123

    Maryjoy123 New Member

    Age is just a number, two person who truly in love doesn't care their age gap, they feel both young while enjoying the presence of "LOVE", and i don't understand why others questioning Age gap, others may say,that is just "COMPATIBILITY" and its not fair in part of the partners involving age gap.
    LOVE is like a magic that control everything and anything, People who in love will do everything to grow more their relationship
    LOVE makes us blind, we don't care physical appearance, the age, the capacity, or what people say, That's the power of love, Loves abide with compatibility that's leads to FOREVER.
  24. Rosel Solayao

    Rosel Solayao New Member

    “Age doesn't matter in love” the norms used to say; It's about emotional maturity. When a person is matured enough to be in a relationship he/she needs to focus on making his/her partner satisfied. He/She doesn't need to be mad in pointless details, they must be aware that he/she has a great person on his/her side. They are able to express and expose their flaws and weakness. Should be together in tough times not because they need each other but because of love.
  25. Rosamistika

    Rosamistika New Member

    Age doesn't really matter. I fell in love with someone who is 16 years older than me. We have 5 kids and we are still together for 20 years now. It is how you understand and respect each other that makes the relationship go stronger and lasting. No one is perferct and I don't believe in perfect relationships 'coz people make mistakes. Who are we not to forgive? Each one of us deserves a chance to change and make things better for the sake of our loved ones. We need the Lord's guidance in order to make things possible.
  26. Amiel

    Amiel New Member

    Of course not! As long as the heart desires it, go and love all the more! This is the basic essence of life--to love, to have it and let others experience it too! Age can never be a boundary as long as it is in the legit stage and you know what I mean. I'm 8 years apart from my wife but she loves me so much and I do love her that much too! See, we a good example! :)
  27. Right love , But wrong timing . Age doesn't matter in love , But timing matters. Many of us believe that age never matters in terms of loving cause anyone deserves to love and to be loved. Yes , We all deserves to loved and to be loved . But we need to consider timing , In love age never matters but if the ones we love or the ones loved us is too young we need to wait for a perfect timing when the both of you are free in bondages and hindrances of a young age. We need to wait , Waiting and respect really matters for us to know if our loved ones or the ones we loved truly loves us. It's just my opinion :) Thank you and God bless us.
  28. Hadijah55

    Hadijah55 New Member

    Love doesn't care if someone is older or younger, but we certainly do. Age is just a number, Maturity is what really matters in relationships. The heart wants what the heart wants, we truly can't help with whom we fall in love. I don't see why that number should stop the blossoming between two lovebirds.
  29. Lukas Rudys

    Lukas Rudys New Member

    I guess you could say age is just a number. For example in my country more and more couples have age differences between 10-15 years, so a 35 year old man and a ~20 year old woman. And it doesn't seem like the younger girls are "gold diggers". Usually those younger women are already experienced and have a great life in terms of finances, all they need is just an experienced man.

    And in this regard I kind of see a problem here. I'm 21 years old, and when I talk to any girl friends I have that are similar aged, they usually say that they would prefer a man over thirties or even forties just because he is already experienced in life and knows how to live life. The problem is that, what about the younger guys? Girls then think that those younger guys are inexperienced and doesn't really attract them.

    But anyway, age is just a number anyway I guess. It would be interesting to make a poll on this or a social experiment.
  30. Devil007

    Devil007 New Member

    Love doesn't see age. As some love experts say that love is blind. You could love anybody it could be anybody your mother, father, grandmother or your brother and sister. Love is not only a feeling between two people, one boy and one girl. Love has no limits, no language, no age limits and also no distances. A businessman named Daniel Ally has met and dated his wife at Facebook and married her afterwards. Amusing fact is that Daniel is pure American while his wife is a pure Indian.So they have no boundaries. If you anybody body as a life partner who is too younger or elder than you than it doesn't matter. Just feel that love and don't let him/her marry someone else propose him/her and I am sure that your true love would make him/her love yourself too.

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