In love, does age matters?

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  1. latinashaila

    latinashaila New Member

    Age is just a number. Me and my husband have 8 years age gap but we're still together. For me, as long as you love that person it doesn't matter if you have age gap because in love there's no limit.
  2. love224

    love224 New Member

    For me age really doesn't matter, as long as you're both on the same level of maturity. Love deosn't care if your younger or older. Me and my husband have a 10 yrs. gap and we've been married for 12 yrs. now and were happy. So allow love to work its mysterious way.
  3. merasol mendoza

    merasol mendoza New Member

    The level of maturity doesn't define age. We can't change the fact that when our heart beat's to a older or younger person you can't totally stop it. Age brings value but maturity brings love. As we all know today's society many younger women wanted to marry and old man and old man wanted to marry a younger women. So if you love younger than you good and if you love older than you good , as long as there's love, trust, connection and most of all understanding between the two of you age doesn't matter.

    ANNEBISYOSA New Member

    Age doesn't matter in love. But make sure that both parties already passed the required maturity level, no minors involved. Age is just a number. If a person chose to love another, it is because there is some quality or characteristic that attracted him/her regardless of the long age gap. This relationship however is risky. Like any other type of relationship, it could nourish or dissipate along the process as there are many factors that could affect its longevity such as societal discrimination, family remarks, and decision making ability of the lovers. In the end, it is still between them how they choose and plan to fight for this love.
  5. flynn_joy

    flynn_joy New Member

    First thing to know about is love? If you know what love is then you'll know that there's no boundaries for it.

    Love is simply an act of self-giving. You don't get to choose who to love. Love with the opposite sex or what we consider as erotic love is an emotion that naturally occurs. It doesn't ask for our consent. The mind can't dictate what the heart says (considering the generalization that love comes from the heart).

    So how woyld you be able to love accordingly to your desired age bracket? If you want to a happy and contented life, then simply follow your heart. Always remember that 'Age doesn't matter'!
  6. francine1

    francine1 New Member

    No. Age doesn’t matter, age is just a number. You can love someone with regards on what is your age, as long as you respect and understand each other. For me, if you love someone and you do not trample others, age will not be an issue.
  7. kgail

    kgail New Member

    Im a firm believer that in love we are all equal. That all is fair when it comes to love. No matter what your gender is. No matter what you look like . No matter what your religion is. NO MATTER WHAT YOUR AGE IS. Because when you love there is no reason behind it. You just feel it. And loving someone and be loved by someone is the best thing that could happen to us. Its the best gift that god gave us. LOVE
  8. Divine Soriano

    Divine Soriano New Member

    I think in love age doesn't matter , everyone should have a freedom in choosing who they want to love, If you feel this person completes you makes you happy and you feel love at the same time then it doesn't matter if he's older or younger than you .You just follow your hearts and age should be a no great deal in love
  9. Yen Marbs

    Yen Marbs New Member

    I do not believe that age matters in love. If you love someone, you see beauty in every imperfections and flaws. Love is universal. It speaks that no one can hear. it hears that no one speak. love is the deepest emotion that one person has. its a gift from God. You love one person not just on the person's physical attributes but because of that special bond that you alone can understand and feel.
  10. ammabee

    ammabee New Member

    It's a cliche to say that "Age doesn't matter" but I discovered it's real and true. My girlfriend is 4 years younger than me and we've been together for 4 years. Our relationship is stronger than ever before. Sometimes we argue about things, we fought over shallow things but that's how you will have stronger bond together.
  11. Kell-0haa

    Kell-0haa New Member

    If you love someone. Then you love them. Your respective ages are not going to stop that rollercoaster. But it can be hard growing up in a generation vastly different from your partners. Sometimes it can be pure magic and other times you walk around wondering what the hell you are doing. But that's all part of part of the ride.
    I think the hardest part for me has been the way in which we relate to certain things and deal with situations differently sometimes. And when he shaves his beard off. It makes him look 16..! These are all easy fixes just as long as you communicate openly and never, ever worry about what anybody else thinks. It's your relationship, not there's.
    At the end of the day, our issues are exactly the same as a couple who are the same age. How do I get him to find the laundry basket with his filthy socks and boxers and can he please do the return trip from the kitchen with all the plates he's eaten off in the lounge room..!
  12. mabz

    mabz New Member

    A good relationship is a result compatibility, not age. Age doesn’t define your maturity at all. This topic of age and relationships has been a contentious one for ages. What I seem never to understand is if anything should really matter, if you are truly in love. As long as they are of a consensual age, if you really love them, the rest should be irrelevant. A person who says that age, colour or race matters is using this lame excuse to say that they themselves are not confident and they are definitely not sure about their feelings. You can’t control who you love or who you fall in love with. If you are lucky and your feelings are reciprocated, the rest is really trivial.
  13. Enelra12

    Enelra12 New Member

    For me,age doesn't matter and I've found that based on my experience because my husband's age is bigger than my age.Sometimes I do not understand other people when they say if a girl is younger than a man they called "sugar daddy",when a man is younger than the female they called "sugar mommy".What do they want to get out of it?money does exist instead of love?
  14. vintorez21

    vintorez21 New Member

    i do not believe that age matters in terms of love, it is just in the mouths of our beloved and very protective parents and in the eyes and minds of our caring and very judgmental neighbors. In the end of the day love is still love. If love is PURE and TRUE, no one and nothing can stand in its way on the right place and on the right time.
  15. anjie2288

    anjie2288 Member

    No, As long as you know your limits and you know already to yourself what you need to do. I mean if you are both 18 above or the other part mostly girls is already 18 and she loves someone who is 30 years old it doesnt matter as long as you both already know what situations your in but if the other part is below 18 like the girl is 14 and the boy is 18 you have to think about what futures ahead of you. Like when i gave birth to my third baby, There is this girl who is 14 years old and she is already a mother and her bf is only 18 and they didnt even go to hish school.. Age doesnt matter if you are both adult already even if the girl is 25 and her bf or husband is 60 i think it doesnt matter.
  16. ahllen

    ahllen Member

    For others it does if it's only a relationship their going to consider. After all relationship is very important to make the love flow. For me it's doesn't matter at all specially if I used the word love itself. Love should be given without asking anything in return that's why it's called love. It's not base on our set standard. It's a free will while just plain relationships comes with agreement that might be void if one of the two or both person in it did not follow the rules they set for themselves, their relationship and that's where the word love is being highlighted if it's real love or just infatuation where the person only loves the idea of having the feelings and getting close to perfection of what it could be as an ideal lovelife.
  17. Rubi85

    Rubi85 New Member

    At the level of feeling, age matters nothing. I've dated a man 14 years older than me and the love that existed was quite strong.
    What complicates the situation is the level of life in which each one is ... If the age difference is substantial, it is more complicated to adapt the needs of each one. While one is studying, the other one already has more stability ... One wants to walk the world, the other wants to settle down and take life more calmly ... In this respect it may be difficult to reach a consensus. It takes a lot of patience, resilience and love.
  18. Jhiiwin22

    Jhiiwin22 New Member

    Didn't even bother reading the posts.
    No. Age does not matter. The only age you need concern yourself with is the age of consent.
  19. Nelo

    Nelo New Member

    As far as i know,Age doesn't matter, if your inlove and happy. Be with him/her for the rest of your life.
  20. khian

    khian Member

    yahh! Age doesn't matter as long as you love each other and it doesn't matter if there is a gap on your age and to your partner..
  21. rosinovapolo23

    rosinovapolo23 New Member

    "Age doesn't matter" maybe it was good because Love conquers all.But you have to think twice before you decide to feel it and to do it.In our world full of mystery, you need to careful before you have a decision.Whether if was be good to yourself and to your life and also think to other people if they can say anything bad and you think it will not harm your personality just "continue".Just be balance, dont think just for yourself, but for others opinion too.
  22. jhaz_2smile

    jhaz_2smile New Member

    Age doesn't matter what really matter is the level of maturity . However we must choose someone that of legal age, not only to avoid legal charges like child abuse but also to ensure that the person is mature enough to face life challenges. One maybe younger than the other but if they are on the same level of maturity they can survive all hindrances. . It is also important that regardless of their age they can share same ideas and beliefs. Nothing is happier sharing the things you love to someone you cherish the most. Love is so big that it should not be quantify by how old or how young you are.
  23. Ixba

    Ixba Member

    I believe that age does not matter. The important thing is that you feel good with your partner and that the two have goals together.
    It is true that age can result in an immature by one of the two, so it would be right to keep a close communication and tell your partner what you like and what you dislike, without reaching barriers between them.

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