In love?

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    When you are bluer than blue and tired. You started to ask yourself its either your heart and brain. Sometimes your heart say's you can't hold on anymore and begging to your mind don't let you walk outside the door.

    Let's get more further it's your heart or your brain.

    When your world turn to upside and down,when you are confused and the moment you doubt yourself. Would you listen to your heart or your mind. What's better to follow your heart or your mind?

    Would you like to follow your heart, but your mind stopping you?

    Does it feel comfortable,uncertain and maybe confusing to follow your heart.


    When the heart and mind battles. Which side are you? When you're novice in heart center matter,it feel safeter to follow your mind. It's like you will feel it's something to comfort you but I think it was just an illusion. When you choose your heart you will feel vulnerable. Your heart it's connected bigger than you.

    I didnt say you have to kill your mind because it has a uses. It means you aim a balance approach.

    Let your mind and heart works as a team and integrate.

    You probably seen others follow their heart and it's looks good.But you may doubt your own abilities. You may even look at other people living their passion and think that you would never able to do that. The must have some kind of gift gifted ability and lucky. They must be better than you in some way,but they aren't. Maybe they just simply learned how to listen to their heart and move forward. They must developed a trust in themselves. They simply take things onr day at a time. They feel overwhelm and confusion, just like you.

    Just always remember just to follow your heart.


    I can't give you the exact steps for following your heart, because your heart differ from mine. Guess some people overlook message from their heart because they are looking in the wrong direction. If you focus wide and keep your eyes open, because you never know where your will nudge you.
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    Yeah. He has a beautiful smile. The moment he smiled, i felt rush of dopamine spreadinv through my body. Luckily, i realized that i am not wothy enough to have a man that would gave up on me. Just because on choosing someone else. ​
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    Being in love? Deja vu! This is a period in ones life where thinking faculty is blurred... Literally. At this point, the individuals involve are intoxicated by no tangible or known substance.
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    I'm in love for being love at first sight, When I see a woman got a a nice aura for me that's making me interesting :D
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    You will experience this in our life, when everything seem right, feeling of happiness, love and contentment just seeing the person. It changes your whole being and makes you do crazy things you cant even imagine you can actually do.
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    Being in love. What a beautiful feeling. When you find the one person you were meant to be with is the best feeling in the world, all your focus is on the one you love and its as if nothing else matters, you don't have to hide anything, you can say whatever comes to your mind, the only person who can make you feel that way. It's like every little thing he/she does amazes you, and fall in love with her/him everyday, for the rest of your life. Sure, there will be times that you would disagree but if your love is stronger, you can make it.
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  8. Nicky71

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    I am a romantic, so I always follow my heart, even when it is unwise. But isn't that what romantic love is all about? Throwing caution to the wind, being passionate, wearing your heart on your sleeve?
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    Not at the moment. I am more concerned with other things. There are a lot of things I need to attend to in my life. I have just been through some tough times and I am still reeling from the experience. I'm not in the mood for that right now.
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    This really is a challenge. I think I'll use this as a chance to vent some shit.

    I don't know anymore, what the general consensus of the idea of"being in love" means. We've evolved a lot as a society, it meant different things throughout many generations...I suppose, even the term was different, but whatever term was used in the appropriate time period, I'm sure it was said with the same intent.

    Nowadays, we've seemed to be a lot more enlightened as a collective on what the term "being in love" should mean. We've begun to understand that it's, in fact, a myriad of different things. We've learnt that it can be considered a verb, an action, what you're willing to do while "in love". We've learned that it doesn't even have to be towards other people, it could be towards an object or a situation; one could be "in love" with Paris, one could be "in love" with a particular group of people, or any activity they chose to do...maybe painting, or cake making. We've matured to give this abstract phrase a deeper meaning, making it a lot more understandable.

    Unfortunately, still to this day, people tend to romanticise the idea of "being in love" as this, one, the particular thing that only occurs in monogamous relationship. This romanticisation leads people to fall head first (mostly blindly) into relationships with the idea that all their problems will be solved as long as they're "in love" with this person. They consume themselves with the idea of doing anything for the other person, which leads them to believe that the particular person is the only thing in their life of significant worth. They remain unaware of the complicated behaviours of human beings, and that that relationships, just like everything else are to be nurtured. They generally run large risks of falling prey to the consequence of not being able to see their partner in an objective, or at least reasonably objective, light.

    I've mentioned my friend a handful of times now on these forums within the first few posts taken for the test required to become a member (I'm still a little worried that I won't get a response after the tenth post). If you've seen any posts from myself (chances are, with this site's population, you actually haven't), you'd already know that I'm going through some complicated feelings regarding my 'best' friend and his new love interest. I've honestly never been so repulsed by something that was meant to be beautiful in my life. A while ago, I had mentioned how my friend had not made any proper contact with me since he had found a new relationship with someone. I'm not going to get too much into specifics, but basically, it turned him into a loser. Other than the fact that I now have to deal with the fact that, what used to be, my best friend is now the guy who lets his relationship impede his prior relationships. There's rather a lot to consider when it comes to the traditional monogamous relationship and the effect it has on certain types of people.

    See, if I were to talk to my friend today...ask him about whether or not he thinks that his relationship is healthy, this is what he would tell me.

    "When you have a relationship like I do"-obviously implying that I hadn't-"You'll understand what it's like to want to commit all your energy to something that is entirely beautiful, to understand the true beauty of life, and what it means to give yourself to something that's bigger than you"

    You can tell this is the statement of someone who's completely engrossed in whatever emotion this may be. You could even assume that these are the words of someone who's completely delusional. I actually might fear the latter.

    Not too long ago, my friend found himself with a girl from overseas, he'd been speaking to her for a long while now (a few years) and they finally decided to become 'a thing'. A short while after, the girl came to visit my friend for a full 6 months, yes, until her visa was completely up, no she did not do anything for money. I was actually away at school for most of the time, so I was actually looking forward to meeting her and seeing what she would be like. Eventually, I had met her for the first time. I won't go into it.

    After I had spent time with them together for the first time seeing them together, I wanted to talk to my friend, hang out a little, catch up. I arranged a day where we could just hang out, and to my surprise, this, instead of being a day where we hung out, became a whole deal of "when he was getting back home" and "where we were going". This isn't some "We've been together for ten years now, I need to know when this motherfucker will be back because I need his ass to pick up the kids", they had been dating for about a year at this point. What was shocking was that my best friend since childhood was completely compliant with this type of behaviour. I knew I shouldn't have, but at the time, I looked the other way. All of a sudden, our "bro-time" turned into a whole day trip, even afterwards, he said goodbye like he wasn't expecting to do it for another few months!

    That was the first time before she left to go home.

    After she had left, my friend fell into a deep depression. Apparently, this isn't too uncommon with people in long distance relationships. I can understand his feelings at the time, what worried me was what he was saying. He mentioned that he was starting to become suicidal (even implied that the feeling was exclusive to himself), he would explain to me how dark his perception of the world was, and how I "couldn't understand" because I hadn't been through the same or similar kind of emotional stress. He would call me late at night as he would claim to have panic attacks, and I would spend the night sleeping in the same room, and occasionally, bed (we were really close) as him. He would literally fear to be at home by himself and would try to have as much company around as possible. I had never seen him in such a depressive state, and did all I could to give him some perspective, only to be met with "What you're saying, I know it's right, but I just can't keep it in my head, my mind just keeps going back to the same place". Eventually, I went from being sympathetic to being gradually disgusted. I'd never seen him in such a place, and so compliant with the place he was in, completely unwilling to overcome whatever emotion he was dealing with until the girl had made her way back from her country.

    Dealing with that was rough. I can only imagine what he was going through in his mind, but I wish he could try to imagine me seeing him go through that kind of behaviour. I wanted to tell him to leave her and forget about the whole thing then and there but I knew that would only be met with backlash.

    After she had come back, it was my turn to deal with those feelings of depression and hopelessness.

    I got such few interactions with my friend; the only times I would get to see him, was when he was doing things (usually nothing-I'll get to that in a little while) with her. I remember walking into his room and seeing an entire 'shrine' dedicated to her. Pictures of their time together, trinkets, drawings they had done. He was completely consumed with the notion of her being there. I knew, as soon as I saw that table, that I should've said something but, again, I knew it would only be met with backlash.

    I continued to go to his place on the weekends to see him. I'm not lying when I say that it was the most demoralising, soul-draining part of the day. My excitement for seeing him would always be shortly overwhelmed by this underwhelming feeling of nothingness that partook in that room. I grew, so quickly tired of: playing online phone games, watching anime, waiting for his girlfriend to cook something, talking about doing something that would never happen, even see him act out in absurd ways due to an argument they had had earlier, or to something one of us said at the time. I remember talking to the girl about my friend's past, and how, because of what he'd been through, he's actually quite an amazing person today if one were to consider it; I'll never forget the adamantly, uninterested face she had on when I was telling her this. This was a person, I knew, was only interested in having her own world with someone, all-consuming, completely reclusive world.

    After a while, I just stopped visiting his place. I figured, if he ever wants to see me, he'll come to me. This, as you can guess, hadn't happened as of today. In fact, a while after I had stopped visiting him, I had received a text from him which just stated: "Fuck off then mate :)".

    Now, if you've actually managed to read all of this nonsense, I'd like you to consider if this is what one would call being "in love". Would you imagine that it really is this, all-consuming, complete focus on one person whom you've willingly given the key to your happiness? If you are completely unable to be self-aware, unable to function as you were once able to, would you consider this being "in love"?. If it's not, then what would you consider it to be? Just a mess of dependency from both individuals due to holes that were left in them since childhood that is only being filled now by someone with just as many holes?

    There are many ways to be "in love". There are many things to be "in love" with. Surely, being "in love" in any way would intrinsically mean that that specific way you are "in love" is fundamentally beneficial for you as a human being.
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    Hah... I'm in love. But I'm really fucked up by my past relationships and have major trust issues. Don't really dare to go fast-forward, probably ending as a disaster again.

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