In my most loneliest moment...

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  1. In my most loneliest moment, I pray to God for guidance. I remember my family ❤️ who is always there for me. There will always come a time that loneliness came upon us I think that I should be grateful that I'm alive. There are lot of people in terrible situation but still pushing through difficult times with a joyous heart.
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    I too pray to God and remember that there so many things that we should be thankful and rejoice that He has given this to us. Sometimes I go to the roof and watch the sunset with a drink in my hand to take it all in and remember that no matter what the day brought me, I made it through. If not, I go to the park and watch the children as they play and remember how life was when I was young. Sometimes I go for a walk and look at the lights in the city and pray before I go home. I always remember these things will pass and tomorrow will be better.
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  3. ... I just like to shut down everything in my apartment and just sit on my bed in complete silence. It helps me to think and to accept the current circumstances and readdress the problems that bother me. Basically, in my loneliest moments, I take time to realize again that I'm my only support and that there's nothing wrong about it. Relying only on yourself means there is no one else to let you down. So, basically in my loneliest moments, I tend to think a lot and reflect on my actions, my life, etc.
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    In my loneliest moment, i cried. a lot. I just talked ti my self and cried. My most loneliest moment is when my mom died. I cried when i was the inly one that is left to our room. I prayed and talked to her like she is beside me. And when i remember her, my tears just flow in my face specially when i remember the things that she done to us and to our family.
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    The loneliest moment in someone's life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.”
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    In my loneliest moment, I always think about a lot of what ifs in my life. And I always end up thinking about the present, what I had go through and set aside sad memories in my brain. Sometimes, it's good to have this kind of feeling or moment so that we'll realize how life is precious yet short so we should waste it over unimportant things or people. We just need to move on and let go of the past and learn from it.
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    During my lonely moments, I used to focus myself to do my favorite stuff and meditate.
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    In my loneliest moment,i often asked God what to do.

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