Inner Peace

Discussion in 'Nonfiction Writing' started by Erimo, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Erimo

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    I feel something strange about myself today. It's totally different from all the days that I've had in this life. I don't know if there are people out there who could relate to what I'm trying to say. I'm out of words, I couldn't even express whatever emotions I have inside of me until this very moment.

    Whatever it is that I'm feeling right now. I just hope and pray that this is what I've been seeking for, my inner peace.
  2. Nytstalkerabby

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    In case you are looking for inner peace that inner engineering or call it spiritual spirit to keep yourself connected to life go for a website which is the first paragraph might intrigue you to know more and get on the never ending path of spiritual you.
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    Searching for yourself isn't always easy especially when you don't have inner peace. You may find your mind wandering around and worrying about plenty of stuff instead of just looking at one point of view , which should come from yourself alone. I suggest that you should find a peaceful place to stay for a while alone, it will definitely help yourself through your introspection. Nothing felt more relieving than being secured just being alone and having that peace of mind. It all starts with a peaceful place that you can set as standard on how peaceful your mind should be even after experiencing chaos. Then search yourself and have the inner peace. This peace that comes from within transcends to all other areas in your life. I hope you'll have a healthy mind!
  4. Shadzwrite

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    Inner peace in my experience came from contentment. It isn't a singular goal or destination but instead a state of tranquility you continuously work towards and work on.
    when you reach a state of contentment of self, you find your unrealistic expectations of others and even of yourself slowly start to fade away. You begin to recognizie happiness as an emotion, fickle and fleeting. You begin to appreciate life's mercies and fully grasp the concept of gratitude.
    Inner peace is really just you being content with all that you are and greatful for all that you have.
  5. donald78

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    Inner peace is important not only while things move smoothly, but especially in times of trouble, difficulties or danger. Then it counts most a state of inner peace eliminates anxieties, fears, and worries. It also removes negative thoughts, stress, lack of satisfaction and happiness.

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