Instagram or Facebook?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by michpiong, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. michpiong

    michpiong Member

    Instagram or Facebook?

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  2. Isakft

    Isakft Member

    Instagram. Feel like Facebook is very outdated, and really not as hip as it was before...
  3. idking212

    idking212 Member

    instagram is more fancy and gives you the feeling that you are important . Facebook look boaring and no one uses facebook already everybody using instagram. I prefer instagram.
  4. fikaaaa14

    fikaaaa14 New Member

    Instagram, no one is using facebook anymore, it is kind of for old people now.
  5. gharilee3494

    gharilee3494 New Member

    I am both users of these type of social media accounts, however, these days I prefer to use Instagram because of not a toxic one, both have their own special features like on Facebook the use of messenger became means of communication rather than texting or calling instead the use of video calls is a plus. On Instagram, more on privacy, fewer posts of negative thoughts because you see more of the activities of people or artist that you are following, and more on photos which can promote creativity in taking photos.
  6. milkyways

    milkyways New Member

    It's really hard to choose since I use both. I use both social media because they are fun in there own way. In Facebook, this is where I usually watch some nice videos that people share. Fun fact: Facebook is where I can watch tv series or anime episodes sometimes. Facebook has also Messenger which is where I can contact the people I know mostly. People here uses Messenger for messaging mostly so it's impossible for me to delete Facebook if I want to lol. Instagram is where I mostly have fun since I can also talk to people there and there are lots of artistic stuff there as well.
  7. gcm2455

    gcm2455 Member

    I still prefer Facebook over Instagram. That is where I could connect to my friends and acquaintances and know the most-up-to-date happenings in their lives. With Facebook, I could visit my friends' wall and see what they have shared. I just post pictures in Instagram. but then, the pictures just pop up and I can't manage them well.
  8. Myprincess

    Myprincess New Member

    I prefer Facebook to histogram because it is easily accessible even with common android phones
  9. RitaT

    RitaT New Member

    You already have more than enough social media platforms were you can choose from. Every platform has is own advantages. For my rest and peace, I say Facebook. It's easy, everyone has one, easy to reach. For me it has everything I need.
  10. jajamon04

    jajamon04 Member

    Instagram. Nowadays, Facebook is becoming so toxic for me.
  11. lenlen

    lenlen Member

    For me, it's facebook because it's still existing for many users of it and still users enjoy being on Facebook because it helps you to be connected to your family and friends throughout the world especially to those not so young people that are not aware of using Instagram.
  12. Alzack50

    Alzack50 Member

    Im keep using facebook because still helps us to be connected,and to be updated what trends happen world wide. and we know already lots of toxic post here in facebook and other social media but always remember that we are free to scroll down to skip their toxic posted, dont stay if u hate their post them just keep scroll down.
  13. aditya8485

    aditya8485 Member

    Well its a tough choice to make between Instagram or Facebook. Both of them are my favourites but i would prefer Facebook more to Instagram as Facebook has been my first love on terms of social networking websites. It allows me to post pictures,videos and share my views on almost any topic in the world.It has a sense of personal connection or attachment while interacting with others.That is the primary reason for choosing Facebook.It also has the formal side or look of it if we want to make a formal approach in the social media.
  14. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Not much of a social media guy but I have to go with Facebook. It has more functions and I don't post pictures that much.
  15. jcvenom

    jcvenom New Member

    Both social media platforms perform differently, while Facebook cater to sharing of pictures and videos, it is also a good place for news media, although the content of the news could be changed from one to post to another. They are also prone to cyber attacks. Brutal videos and images sometimes pop up out of nowhere, even though the images have been covered, young audiences can still click the uncover button and see the reality of that said image or video. Instagram on the other hand, just like Facebook, caters to images and videos, but has less news media influence on it. As all social media apps, Instagram also falls to heinous acts, such as pornographic and violent videos, but Instagram always takes quick actions upon receiving feedback, it's good that the Instagram crew are listening and taking actions to what is being reported.
  16. Both of them are good.
    You can post pictures videos or even post what you have done in your day.
  17. jvhlxi

    jvhlxi Member

    Instagram. Facebook is just a mess
  18. Aearh

    Aearh New Member

    I prefer Facebook because most of my friends and families use it most of the time. I am only using Instagram to follow my favorite celebrities and bloggers.
  19. In terms of more functions ,its facebook. Facebook have many use.
  20. LexMontanaro

    LexMontanaro New Member

    I'd say Facebook. Instagram is a nice website don't get me wrong but the limit to the size of the picture as well as some other limitations inherent to the nature of it don't make it all that interesting to me. Facebook has groups and livestreams of games and sometimes shows or movies! I have more fun looking at memes on Facebook and replying to them with even more memes than by looking at some art pics at Instagram.

    I still use both regularly, though, but my preference is with Facebook.
  21. scamador

    scamador New Member

    Definitely Instagram. It is better than Facebook because users can expand their content outside their friends circle. You can keep up with famous people, with artists, actors, activists, and organizations without having to befriend them. You can follow those public accounts without it affecting your privacy.
  22. TonyDaniels

    TonyDaniels New Member

    For me is Facebook. I find more easier than using instagram and it’s easier and when it comes to communicating with my friends, family, relatives, and work mates.
  23. pakatsui

    pakatsui New Member

    I used to scroll on Facebook daily, but now I don't even have the app installed. I only use Messenger to talk to my friends and family. Nowadays I scroll on Instagram every few hours.
  24. Rozkov

    Rozkov New Member

    I enjoy using instagram more because facebook is too overpopulated. I also enjoy chatting friend of instagram rather than facebook. i also feel more secured when using instagram.
  25. devincci

    devincci Member

    For me, Facebook because Facebook has many use than Instagram. In Facebook you can easily communicate to your family it can run with free data, you can also post in Facebook without picture but in Instagram you need to have a picture to make a post. So Facebook is easy to use than Instagram.
  26. aphukan1

    aphukan1 New Member

    Facebook has been around for many years now and its development or we may say that the facebook is not getting much interesting.
    Instagram is new. The concept ever better. I can say that right now instagram feels much better. Facebook is good to find old friend , look up at their life and message.
  27. constant32

    constant32 New Member

    facebook because it is easy to use specially in mobile apps
  28. kumarsunil123

    kumarsunil123 Member

    I prefer facebook because all my friends and families connected with facebook. I am also facebook mostly. Facebook is good to find old and new friends. I feel better on the facebook. You can upload phots in the fa
  29. ChiiChobitx

    ChiiChobitx New Member

    A lot of people nowadays are using Facebook.
    Facebook Gaming, for streaming including ads. so I choose Facebook.
    Now Facebook seems have many features pages,saved files, my day, calling to messenger, groups so kits more convinient to use rather than instagram.
  30. dobusinesswithclb

    dobusinesswithclb New Member

    I like staying away from dramas from unnecessary people, that's why I don't browse facebook that much. I like instagram's platform way better. I like how I could read and be informed in the easiest ways without ads when I'm actually watching an instagram vid. I also love just looking for good photographs from people I don't know form their travels. It inspires me so much to do better.

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