Instagram or Facebook?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by michpiong, Apr 1, 2019.

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    Instagram is primarily an image-based social network even though videos are gaining in popularity. Facebook focuses on sharing information through links and videos, but photos are also a big part of the platform. Advertisers are using both Instagram andFacebook to market brands, but they need to be used differently.
  3. Daisy13

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    Actually I'm using this both but I still prefer the facebook because we know the purpose while we use social media is to connect with our friends,relatives, and some people and I can easily do that in facebook because it has a lot a feature.
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    i like both but for me the instagram is the best because instagram is made for the people who like to shoot photos and i like photography.instagram app design is very simple and easy to facebook you can see some of your friends post some things that are not suitable for the kids.instagram is the best app to show your photography skill.facebook is more on chatting,news,videocalling and bussiness.
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    I Prefer Instagram because it makes me feel confident when my pictures receive more likes than face book ,its like Facebook has more user registrations but Instagram has more activity .Most of the celebrities are more engaged on Instagram even the internet marketing companies are posting more on Instagram, but anyway Facebook is a great place to play and connect with long term friends .Facebook is like old school now i think they must change the blue color and mix it or change it maybe it make me feel good i don't know but Instagram is much better
  6. ItsMazohra

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    both :) since i'am using both.
  7. Ajacky12

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    Of course Instagram because I find Instagram much useful to share my work.
    I don’t have time to talk to people and let them know my views about any topic
    I don’t see any use of useless check-ins, poking, etc.
    I find amazing photographers, poem writers on Instagram whereby I was able to get to meet amazing communities, photographers with whom I can learn a lot of things.
    Facebook was good for networking but it is losing its value.
    There’s one more thing I can get in Instagram. It puts me away from all gossiping and fun making posts about people.
  8. jpvelascooo

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    It totally depends on the type of person you are and what are you looking for.
    Facebook is meant to connect you with the world and your friends. You’ll be in touch with everything that’s happening in their world and vice-versa. The updates you see will be a mix of text, images and videos (with more focus on videos now). With over 2 Billion people now on Facebook, it’s reach is massive.
    The downside is a lot of ads, news stories with uncredited sources and content which at times feels like spam (though FB takes a lot of efforts to remove any spam worthy content from the platform). You can still tailor your feed in a way (with lists, filters etc.) so that you see and interact with the people you want to connect with.

    Instagram is a photo sharing platform. It does support videos but they also have to be less than 60 seconds. It is a platform to showcase good pictures which are made even better with IG’s high quality photo filters. IG is definitely better to share your life through images and get updates from people around the world who share similar interests.
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    Instagram & Facebook have as many differences as similarities. I prefer Instagram overall aesthetic to the layout of the app. It's very simple & easy to navigate. Facebook tends to be less easy to approach. Though, i will continue to use facebook as my community & peers do as well.
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    The top metric that Instagram has over Facebook is engagement. ... The Instagram post has over 2,400 likes compared to Facebook's 21. On top of that, it also has 20 comments while the Facebook post only has one. Even on a more popular post on Facebook, the engagement from Instagram
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    Over the past couple of years, Facebook has become less and less popular among teenagers. It was once the most used form of social media, but recently teens have been using Instagram more frequently due to the fact that Facebook is often too complicated and overrun by parents.
  12. SaimaElas

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    INSTAGRAM because you're not safe in Facebook anymore. You need to be careful posting on facebook or else the Facebook warriors will bully you lol.
  13. Tijintom

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    I prefer Instagram over Facebook . Because now everyone tired of using Facebook. Instagram is very easy to use and I really enjoying Instagram rather Facebook.
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    I prefer using Facebook over Instagram. Facebook has such a large number of participants hence a good platform for business promotions. Your advertisements can reach the entire world in a short period.
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    The choice depends on one's purpose. If you want to promote your business or advertise something, then definitely Facebook is better. Facebook can reach practically all people in the world as long as they have an FB account. However, if you want to just post for personal reasons, Instagram is a good choice. It's a hood portal for nice photos especially those taken during travels or adventures.
  16. Rexway4

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    I prefer using facebook to instagram,facebook is easy to use and convinient for me, for instant you can access your facebook account with any device but instagram is not supported by some low operating system device like java phone but facebook can be use with all devices if you have a data subscribtion in it.

    When talking about instagram I wont recommend that social network for any youth below 18years , since majority of activity carried out there seems to be unsuitable for teenagers thou its depend on who you follow.
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    I prefer Instagram, but I have all my friends and their contacts on Facebook, so I keep my Facebook account just so I don't lose my contacts, but I don't post anything for ages on Facebook, and the thing that I don't like about Facebook is that we see all other people posts no matter if I like them or not, I hate to see animal cruelty and it's always coming up on Facebook, on Instagram I choose who I want to follow, we only see what we like and its more addicting, in my opinion.
  18. elaineeeeeey

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    I prefer Instagram because it is more interesting than facebook.
    Facebook nowadays is full of fake accounts. rumors etc.
    To stay stress free im more on instagram because its more easy to use.
  19. Akhilponnu

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    Both are good . In fact,are you most like in photograph ,instagram is the good option. Facebook is the best options for all kind of activities. like photos ,videos, news,games ,etc... I feel facebook is
    better than istagram

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