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Discussion in 'Internet' started by Akki886, May 18, 2020.


Choose any of the following

  1. Internet and technology is curse to have

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  2. Internet and technology is blessing to have

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  1. Akki886

    Akki886 New Member

    How much difference does internet and technology made in present than past?
  2. nica00010

    nica00010 New Member

    internet and technology these two things has a good and bad impact to each and every one of us. now a days you cant live a day without using your phone, your tablet or your computer. it has a big help in our everyday living, it makes things easy and with one just click you'll get what your asking for by using google, if you're lost and you don't have idea which way will lead you to the right place waze will help you get there, if your hungry and too lazy to cook your own food there is so much application like grab food or food panda that you can order and in no time they will delivery it right next to your door step with out you leaving your house. it also help us communicate from all over the world with our friends and family. but with the right use of internet and those technology we are enjoying today life will still be peaceful but using this in a irresponsible way one click can ruin lives.
  3. nirih

    nirih New Member

    I think now the boundaries of these concepts are blurred
  4. diannem

    diannem New Member

    Internet and Technology can be a curse or a blessing to people. It only depends on how people is using it in their daily lives. Using Internet and Technology without limitations can bring bad effects to the user and to other people. On the other hand, if only people could know how to control their usage of the computer, it would surely benefit them as well as it could bring blessings to others.

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