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Are you buying your middle schooler a smart phone?

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  1. somahomejobs

    somahomejobs New Member

    As soon as your kid reach middle school.The very first thing they want from you is a smart phone.You offer them a normal phone, they will be bullied.So is internet growing our kids?
    Have you ever imagined how much time we lose every day doing useless surfing on internet,but again have not been internet.We would not have known so many good things.
    In today's life we hardly can imagine even an hour without internet.
    It has become a part of life.So question is should we give our kids that smart phone.Internet is good.But for kids internet use must always be supervised.So rather don't give smart phone.Or give one with parental control.
    Anyways internet is of great use for our daily requirements, be it travelling,shopping, education,work.
    But internet usage specially for kids should be time restricted and supervised, until they gain the maturity to understand good and bad.
  2. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    Internet has a very good and bad effect. Good effect is that children can learn thigs quickly and learning is more fun. But the thing is, anything too much is abd. The physical activities of children are becoming limited because they prefer to play mobile games than play with other kids
  3. kianezoe

    kianezoe New Member

    Internet have many effects for kids for this generation,because alot of kids now used internet.
    There are good and bad things that kids learn from internet
    For bad things,kids waste their time on browsing or playing games on internet,they can use their time for doing their assignments
    For good things,they can use the internet getting ideas and answers for their questions on their school projects
  4. Elegato

    Elegato New Member

    A mix of good and bad things. I'll enumerate: more hours in YouTube than in study, can't eat meal without watching, hard to call them during meal time, don't know how to do house chores, less social interaction.

    On the good side: learns a lot of things (some useless though), assignments are easier to do, has different perspectives, and I think, with good guidance, they'll learn how to put it to good use.

    This is based on my experience at house being the older sibling.
  5. ewi102

    ewi102 Member

    there are good and bad things.there are things that help kids kinds gain some knowledges like children theme videos and stories.and threre are things in the internet that are not suitable for kids like sexual things,killing and many we make sure that we are be responsible always check the site or apps that they are using or visiting.
  6. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    internet have access bad effect on child internet have adult things which is inproper for child and may make them dull and lazy
  7. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    When talking about internet there are alot of content and graphics that can not be view by kids I think for my own opinion its not good to expose any kid that is not up to 18years of age to the internet.
    If at all this will be done let it be through the supervision of the parent,the parent will know the right content for them to view. infact if you can take alook at today world before a content or picture is release online you will see that such item will have certain age restriction that qualify to view the content.
  8. Rijumon007

    Rijumon007 Member

    Increased Internet use among children may result in feelings of loneliness and depression and negative feelings.result in less time spent with family and friends or working on hobbies...
  9. anithachirakkal

    anithachirakkal New Member

    Increased internet use among children many result in feelings of loneliness and depression, warns Geeseeny Sawmy. Whether time spent online is a cause or effect of these negative feelings is unclear. However, more online time does result in less time spent with family and friends or working on hobbies.
  10. bads05

    bads05 Member

    I think kids shouldn't expose on internet at early age, because it prevents them playing with other kids with traditional physical games that result for body weakening as their age gets older...and prevents them to interact with other kids.
  11. JanetL

    JanetL Member

    I saw someone suggesting that once your child is in middle school age that you need to offer them a smartphone. The problem is that most parent don't like this its all depend on your family decipline and decission, the internet is very hazardous and some children can surf a site that is meant for adult.
    There are adult content everywhere online that can not be view by children so buying them a smart phone at middle school age look unrealistic for some parent.

    Accessing your children activity online is very important,some parent will not even permit their children to watched all television program since most of the program will specify a particular age that is entitle to watched it let alone permiting them to surf the internet without their permision.
  12. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    Some parent don't welcome that, they can't even allow their children to play computer games let alone using the internet,

    it is very dangerous for kids to be playing around the internet since the internet is field with so many images and video that could corrupt their memory.
    They should allow their teachers to learn them the basic things gradually and teach them step by steps process and recommend the page they suppose to surf.

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