Internet explorer or Google chrome?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Thomas george, Aug 17, 2015.


Which do you choice Internet explorer or Google chrome?

  1. Internet explorer

    7 vote(s)
  2. Google chrome

    243 vote(s)
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  1. Whinnie12

    Whinnie12 New Member

    Duck duck go if your my wife and you think he government can read your search history. Wait...
  2. Takao

    Takao New Member

    Neither. I'm a Firefox person. I know it's been called a resource hog (which browser hasn't?) but I've been using it for about a decade. Eventually you get so used to certain plugins with no Chrome alternative that switching over just becomes infeasible. In particular, there's a great Twitter add-on called Echofon that I use. You can easily view Tweets while browsing the web with no Twitter ads, plus it allows seamless account switching. Unfortunately, the developers have long abandoned the desktop experience for iOS/Android, so there's no build for other browsers. The Firefox app only lives on because it developed a dedicated fandom willing to update it themselves.

    I do have Opera installed as well, but that's only for testing purposes and the odd site that Firefox doesn't agree with.
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  3. Jekaterina Maslova

    Jekaterina Maslova New Member

    Google Chorme all the way, because it is a lot faster and the design is more modern.
  4. Burungu

    Burungu New Member

    Internet Explorer has always shown poor performance and still does, besides that, Google Chrome is pretty much Google spyware. I say go for Firefox or Opera, they are much more user friendly and privacy conscious. But if I had to choose between the two I would go for Chrome mainly because they have way more extensions to choose from. Even though Internet Explorer has made some improvements over the last few years, they still have a lot of catching up to do.
  5. Jessica Flowers

    Jessica Flowers New Member

    I think Google Chrome is faster and more user-friendly. Internet Explorer seems a bit too out of date imo.
  6. kimmy178

    kimmy178 New Member

    I would no doubt choose Google Chrome. Internet explorer lags, sometimes freezes, and just reminds me of a old browser. Google Chrome has nice features, is convenient to use, and rarely lags or freezes on me. It's my go to default browser. Ever since I downloaded Chrome, I haven't used internet explorer ever since.
  7. iRoxas

    iRoxas New Member

    I totally like Chrome the best because of its extension support and it's sync between every OS, so you don't have to customize it every time you switch computers. Also since I use a lot of google services it's good for that too.
  8. Cam1029

    Cam1029 New Member

    If you want a turtle simulater, gladly go ahead and use internet explorer. My school used IE for 5 YEARS. They were always having issues and now I know why.
  9. dantee

    dantee New Member

    If you ask me this question in 101 times, I would always choose Google Chrome. Its the best for now when you are in a good location. Bad network discourages you from using it.
  10. Thesyndicate737

    Thesyndicate737 New Member

    In benchmarks (tests), Google Chrome has outbested Firefox for years, the real differentiating factor is style. Chrome has the Chrome Apps and Store but Firefox has more add-ons. Firefox is more privacy oriented and more stable, while Chrome is really geared for fast and feature rich browsing.

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  11. Meowth1339

    Meowth1339 New Member

    Google Chrome for its customization, and IE just became old and unfucntional
  12. bioshacker001

    bioshacker001 New Member

    Both have major downsides, honestly. Internet explorer with an obfuscated and slow codebase (up until IE7), and its bad reputation and still inadequate, but extremely improved performance (for IE8-11). Chrome with its metadata and usage data collection, spying, and google integration. It can either come down to which one doesn't sound like such a big deal, or using an alternate browser. A lot of people use Firefox, which isn't a bad browser in its own right, but has some memory leaks on Windows. I myself prefer Opera, because it's still Blink-based (Blink is Chrome's rendering engine), and therefore maintains compatibility with Chrome's extension library, but also adds a lot of functionality and removes the Google integration.
  13. Ebonie Nixon

    Ebonie Nixon New Member

    I am definitely up for google chrome. It doesn't have as many crashes as internet explorer. I use google chrome 90% of the time. The only time I use internet explorer is when I am working because I work from home and my job doesn't support other browsers. I love the incognito windows, because my kids love to click on stuff in my history tab.
  14. Lottie2u

    Lottie2u New Member

    I prefer Google Chrome. I find it to be much faster, more informative, and since I prefer Google as my search engine and I own a Google Chrome works best for all my programs and applications to work together. I also like the easy instructions on Chrome and I find it to be more up to date . All in all I find it to be more user friendly and faster.
  15. darosk

    darosk New Member

    I generally go back and forth between them, sometimes using one over the other for a period of months. There's always new features and extensions being released with modern web browsers, it begins to become difficult to nitpick which features are the 'best'.
  16. Bkarki0526

    Bkarki0526 New Member

    Google chrome is more convenient to use. Microsoft Edge is pretty good but the previous versions were not so.
  17. joker2301

    joker2301 New Member

    As you see 6 votes vs. 231 votes.
    Definitely,google chrome all the way . Because google chrome is a lot faster and complex than internet explore .
  18. Victoria1234

    Victoria1234 New Member

    Google Chrome 110%! Google Chrome is faster, more up to date and just works better overall. I used to use Internet Explorer, than I changed to Firefox and now that I have Google Chrome I don't even know how I handled the other two. They were always having glitches and I definitely like Chromes consistency much better.
  19. LucianaKar

    LucianaKar New Member

    I personally choose Google Chrome. I think it is highly more convenient than Internet Explorer and even better than other advanced browsers such as Opera and also Mozilla Firefox. The main reasons are that Chrome is constantly updated, it is fast and it is really efficient in terms of usability.
  20. pogo knight

    pogo knight New Member

    Internet explorer lags too much and crashes on me so I use google chrome
  21. lesmurf143

    lesmurf143 New Member

    > Google Chrome for years

    > Switched to Firefox, because they said it's "secure". It's slow though

    > Went back to Chrome

    > Discovered Edge. Used it for a while

    > Realized Edge doesn't have extensions (adblocker, etc etc)

    > Back to Chrome again.
  22. Writinggirl01

    Writinggirl01 New Member

    I much preferred Chrome over Explorer. You have so much more options for personalization, and more control than Explorer.
  23. Ozella Decola

    Ozella Decola Member

    Hands down, Chrome!
  24. ninaritchie

    ninaritchie New Member

    Chrome all the way!
  25. Exsulto

    Exsulto New Member

    I always try Firefox first. Some websites only work well in IE/Edge, probably because that is all they tested. I hardly ever use Chrome, unless nothing else works. I don't trust Chrome.
  26. Kiyoedits

    Kiyoedits New Member

    As of now, I highly prefer using Google Chrome. Around last year, Internet Explorer began to show major issues on my computer. Random freezing, and unbearable lag that made even the simplest of tasks such as looking up a map or applying for jobs nearly impossible. With Google Chrome, I have not experienced any of these problems, as it runs very smoothly and efficiently compared to Internet Explorer.
  27. TheRealFlyness

    TheRealFlyness New Member

    Sadly I am using safari, but I would prefer Google Chrome. It is really nice how you can sync your gmail account with it and can have your account settings from Chrome on all of your devices. That is really helpful!
  28. pizzysj

    pizzysj New Member

    Hands down google chrome, the browser is way more responsive than what internet explorer ever had to offer. I did hear that Microsoft did a rework on the browser in their latest operating systems and have not yet been able to extensively test this browser. Anyway if u have a Gmail account, which many people do the Chrome browser from google can be a very handy tool. It keeps your bookmarks and addons in the cloud and sychronizes those as soon as you login on a new browser on a new pc. Take your configuration anywhere you go with a simple gmail login.
  29. ulfhedin

    ulfhedin New Member

    I like Google Chrome for all the things that you can do with it. There is Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc... Its all in your one Google account. If you have to do a presentation, you can use Google Slides and have it wherever you go. Whether its from your PC or someone else's. It is very convenient to be able to get files anywhere and any place.
  30. palmaran

    palmaran New Member

    I think Google chrome is faster and more sleek, Id go for Chrome!

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