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Discussion in 'Books' started by drkarwasra, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. drkarwasra

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    Books are a true escape for a lot of people from many things. Books holds up a lot of knowledge. Books are a mans best friend. Everyone heard all this. But what is more marvelous The Books or The Internet. Answer is Both. Internet is fast and a easy way to get almost every sort of information you need, but is not that much reliable. Books on the other hand are almost perfect and with no errors, they are so accurate but problem is accessing the information is difficult ant expensive. Internet only have 3% of the information the libraries of the world actually contain!!!
  2. Warren1967

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    One advantage that books have over the internet is that your attention is fully focused on the book. The internet has too many distractions. A good has well-researched and documented information. Even when there are updates, those facts still hold true. Plus, you don't need technology since you can just pick up a book and start reading. That is my view.
  3. StephWhis

    StephWhis Member

    I think both have their ups and downs. If I had to pick one, I'd probably go for books. There's just something special about them. However, if it's for research purposes, I'll likely go with internet every time. It's just the easiest, most convenient, method for me.
  4. Jack96

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    I think that is way easier to laser focus in a specific topic with a book than it is with the internet. I am not against technology but I think that it has made us a little bit lazier when looking for information so we don't really obtain knowledge as deep as we do with books. There is also the distraction fact. But internet is really good. It is a huge swollen invisible omniscient brain. We just need to learn how to use it correctly. I mostly use the internet, but when I really care about a topic I just buy or rent the book, so I can really dig in the matter and the knowledge stays better with me.
  5. Fatmasong

    Fatmasong Member

    I like the internet way more than books. The internet has a lot of varieties plus you don't have to wait or be in queue for it
  6. NellSeon

    NellSeon New Member

    Internet, Way more easier to search and use than books.
  7. rolanosita

    rolanosita New Member

    I prefer the internet, it can give you the information in the blink of an eye. And I am a strong believer that it's better to do the easier way if possible.


    The times are changing. Libraries are archiving their books online. Although it's not true for every book yet, you can read several books from your local library online here in New York City. I don't know if that's true around the world. But in time, all books will be online from your local library. Libraries will eventually make a permanent move to the internet.

    The internet is the largest country in the world. You have to see the internet as a country, rather than a source of information. Just like in every country state and city or province, who and where you get your information depends on a lot of factors, mostly who you have decided to trust. It's the same when you travel the internet.

    I love the internet. I also read books on the internet. I am a child of The Matrix. I don't like paper. Although when paper books become extinct, I will miss it and most likely, in my old age complain.

    Anyone can write a book and self publish in a few hours and go viral without any approval from the "powers that be". New authors like myself can publish on Kindle (for example) alongside New York Times Best Seller and the likes of JK Rowling. A book that sucks in every way can go viral if the right influencer mentions it.

    People are writing books, and putting them online in a few hours, and they're not necessarily factual or the opposite. The internet has afforded everyone to create content, including books and all for free, without publishing companies governing accuracy, good or bad.
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  9. josuel10

    josuel10 New Member

    Books are the number reliable source vs Internet but although internet has some good and truth sources but there are some times that may lead to false information, because of fake news, So that books are better than internet.
  10. rosew1490

    rosew1490 New Member

    Though there's tons of information on the internet, my fave is still a book. I had perfect eyesight up until I converted to reading information on a screen all day. It's bad enough working in an office where this is unavoidable, but the extra living behind a screen all day, 365 days. 8-12 hours daily, isn't for me - or at least my eyes.
  11. Dijwar

    Dijwar Member

    I like to reading by books more than Internet, During this period people read online, but I don't like to read by internet. Internet is fast and easy to use in finding information regarding a particular subject than books are. Internet is an electronic medium of information and entertainment but books are physical form of source of information. Books are read for a more thorough study and internet is used for an overall view of the subject. That's my opinion.

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