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Discussion in 'Internet' started by simply_juli3, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. simply_juli3

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    Nowadays, whenever I go out to dine or just simply grab a cup of coffee, I always see tables occupied by people with eyes glued on the their phone, tablets or any device that connects them to the internet. It's not that I don't do it too, but that brought me into thinking... Are we all interested in browsing the internet more than have a chat with the persons sitting right in front of us? If we think about it, it's kind of frustrating if we just go out to eat with our family or friends but totally engaged ourselves in checking our phones the moment we get there and sit while waiting for the food to arrive or whatever. For me, it defeats the main purpose of why we actually spend the time with them in the first place. So if I'm going to ask you... What is the real score if we compare internet versus the traditional bonding we used to for us to have the so called Quality Time?
  2. Smaraig

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    Since I was grade 7 my friends we always bonding together. We always joking,laug laug each other,having fun, and taking about crushes I miss the quality time together. Now we just chatting in the internet with our technology.
    Bonding is better then chatting using technology and internet.
  3. Madhesi

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    People might even say you can bond thru the internet. smh...:rolleyes:

    Ideally, I would choose intimate time and bonding because, spirits connect and there is just too much comfort and inner freedom. but tbh, that's in the <impossible best case scenario>
    I mean, you practically have to spend a lot of time to find that one person with whom you can vibe to max level. they exist, but either you or them changes as time progresses. so you are compatible today and tomorrow, no more.

    So as a realistic person, I would choose the internet 10times over. it is less heartbreaking.:D

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  4. jeremiahogaga

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    Surfing the internet should not prevent us from taking note of the next person in front of us because they may feel offended. Social medias are meant for us to communicate with our loved ones. So we should not be too engrossed to our smartphone's screen at the detriment of those around you. I believe most people just love interacting with more than just few number of people on a table, since they have various platforms online to post to many friends at a time and get many reply and likes. You may not miss those around you whom you see often, the same way you miss your distant friends online. But I believe that moderation in these things could be achieved.

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