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  1. SuperMom

    SuperMom New Member

    Didn't see a thread for this one, and since I use it... well, what are your thoughts on it?

    I love it! I've tried all the forum software except for vBulletin and out of all of them I think it has the most to offer. But that's just my opinion! Let's hear yours!
  2. Jeddi

    Jeddi New Member

    i heard first time about IPB from you... lol
    i am gonna check it now
  3. SuperMom

    SuperMom New Member

    I'm now torn between IPB and XF. I use both and they both have their good and bad points.

    With IPB, I don't like the fact that if I don't by the license I can only have so many users on line at a time. I love the add ons such as Gallery, Blog, IPlinks, and so forth. The skins are also beautiful, if made correctly.
    XF, on the other hand has the awesome "Follow" option... I like the way the forum is set up better. And some of the modifications are better on XF. Buuuut... IPB also has some good mods out too.

    I'd love to just be able to put the things I love about the two of them together and make one kick butt forum software. Don't have any clue what I'd call it though :p InvisForo Board?
  4. Srihari

    Srihari New Member

    If you ask me i prefer to go with Vbulletin as it can be managed easily when compared with IPB. Design wise IPB looks good.

  5. timestandstill

    timestandstill New Member

    At this point in time, using vBulletin will just make you look like a noob. Sad that it's come to that, but it's true.

    @SuperMom, keep in mind that the online user limit is only for hosted communities. They measure in online users instead of bandwidth.
  6. Chance Peters

    Chance Peters Forum & Blog Owners

    I switched from IPB to xF after about 6 months. IPB is good but I believe it's more for commercial use where as xF is a fun forum software and it makes posting fun. I wouldn't switch back to IPB now after my experience with xF but I wouldn't mind checking out the next version of IPB. I hope they can improve their Admin CP! I was never fond of it and the conflicting mod add-ons at all.

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