Iphone or Samsung?

Discussion in 'Cell Phones & Tablets' started by Hope Denosta, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. Hope Denosta

    Hope Denosta New Member

    Iphone or Samsung? Android or Ios?
  2. Angielashawn

    Angielashawn New Member

    This is a question that I get all the time and I have to go with Samsung because I am an Android phone. I do not like iPhones because I have worked for plenty of phone companies where iPhones were always defective.
  3. leypadua22

    leypadua22 New Member

    Samsung because i love android apps and devices because is very easy to use and affordable price for me :):):):)
  4. Preciouslovee

    Preciouslovee New Member

  5. taimur15

    taimur15 New Member

    These are two different species of smartphones. Each has its pros and cons. The user should decide what suits best for their requirements.
  6. masujerdd

    masujerdd New Member

    Samsung, atleast on an android phone I could get free music not like apple where almlst of its feature is to paid.
  7. Sonson

    Sonson Member

    I enjoy both smartphones . each of them has its pro and cons, but Samsung is more affordable and it works faster then the I phone and you can get free music and apps , iPhone is great but it feels slower after each new IOS .
    overall, i will use Samsung because i no it will stay and work longer then the iPhone .
  8. mrcdee

    mrcdee New Member

    Okay as far as I Am concern both are competitive in the market today but for both of them are lets say no system is perfect lets say that android is very friendly to the masses unlike for Iphone that are targeted users are Middle to high class societies standards but both are really good To me I am using android but too many bloatware intalles unlike ios is very fast but over time it degrades nobody is perfect.. especially the system that we built l..
  9. Ivy07

    Ivy07 New Member

    I love iphone! The camera is more real than samsung it has filter. I appreciate iphone because they are being real unlike others.
  10. Joycee21

    Joycee21 New Member

    Samsung for me! I'm an avid fan of Samsung. I don't like Iphone because it's just a money sucker! You pay for it higher because of the brand. Samsung or android phones is way more better than IOS phones. And I like to think that Iphone is just for those who are dumb rich who can afford to buy it or just for those who likes to pretend that they are rich but the truth is they aren't really. For me I stick to Android phones forever.
  11. stefanito

    stefanito New Member

    iPhone or Samung smartphone, which one is better? This is also a difficult question that you can not say easily. Samsung smartphone is an Android platform, while iPhone runs unique iOS (in addition, iPad and iPod touch models). Other phone operating systems have different features and functions, and they both have different models.
  12. alanamc25

    alanamc25 New Member

    For me Iphone because Iphone is the best phone among all the smartphone. When it comes in Camera it captured good shots and it had a lot of Apps that downloaded but only in Iphone. The security is also the best when Iphone is lost.
  13. Yennguyen

    Yennguyen New Member

    I like both but Iphone more. I think the security level of Iphone is higher than Samsung. The camera is high quality too.
    I also used Samsung before; however after a long using time I see that the phone is hot and slow. In the contrary, with Iphone I never meet these problem.
  14. Matilac

    Matilac Member

    The Galaxy S9 can go up to 256GB with built-in storage, but you can upgrade it even further than the iPhone XS via the previously mentioned microSD slot. ' The iPhone XS offers Apple's Siri virtual assistant, while the Galaxy S9 comes with Samsung's Bixby and the option of Google Assistant.
  15. whatisawig

    whatisawig New Member

    I have Samsung and iPhone. Whenever someone ask me if what should they but, I always ask them if what are their main reason for buying a phone aside from text and calls. Is it camera, applications, games etc. If you are someone that who wants it simple, go for iPhone because you just need to press one button to exit. that simple. but with Samsung you have a lot of settings which can be customized for your personal needs.
  16. Keiton

    Keiton New Member

    I personally like the iPhone because IPhone is quite safe has an extremely beautiful design excellent image quality
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  17. princessshane

    princessshane New Member

    I am more into Samsung. I liked it more because of its operating system that is more convinient for me to use rather than iphone. Samsung being an android gadget is more wide to use.
  18. miinhiz

    miinhiz New Member

    I like both brands of the phone but I prefer the Samsung. Well, as for my experience on battery usage, Samsung last longer than iPhone and the quality of the camera is also good which able to compete to iPhone since it is much expensive. I prefer the less expensive one but can do what's the other brand can do. I am not saying that iPhone is not good but maybe it just lose regarding the price. We all know that iPhones are expensive than Samsung.
  19. sweetcake

    sweetcake New Member

    Apple does a much better job at keeping iPhone up to date for several years. It pushes the same version with the same features to practically every iPhone still in use. It's that strength of the ios ecosystem that keeps developers coming back and offering the latest and greatest apps and features on ios
  20. Eric35

    Eric35 Member

    samething we are just buying the trademarks of cellphone the important is we can use to call we can use to research and use for msocial media sites and other that is very important to do in a phone
  21. cuarezpaul

    cuarezpaul New Member

    For me Apple is much better than Samsung. As I used it in 2 years time i did not experienced phone hanging and logging. Also, Apple phones are smoother to use than Samsung Phones. The Iphone Siri was very useful for searching any content.
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  22. maricrisleddaverano

    maricrisleddaverano New Member

    Well it is hard to tell if which is better because both of the phones has different specifications.
    For me Apple is better than Samsung when it comes to being user friendly. Because I use samsung once or twice and I really had a hard time using it. But for camera, I think samsung nailed it, because samsung phones provides quality and naturally filtered photos that Iphone. When it comes to games, apple store has a limited list of games but for samsung or android, they provide a lot of games. I never experience logs ang hangs with Iphone. Although when it comes to price, samsung is way cheaper I think.
  23. khimberlyann

    khimberlyann New Member

    For me iPhone is better than Samsung. I don’t need to use any application for filtering photo and I also have readily available video editor which can help me saving memory space of my phone. In addition, iPhone is smoother to use because for the span of 3 years of using my iPhone 6 I can’t remember experiencing any application stops working or logging.
  24. cyberwolf14

    cyberwolf14 New Member

    I choose samsung because its android, but if there is another mobile brand in the options i'll go asus! hehehe!
    It's not that i don't like samsung but because most of the people's mobile phone are samsung... it feels like you're wearing the same shirt while walking out in the street! LOL!

    in terms of quality in security i think the iphone's got it all, but the main problem with there phones are the Price:(
    its not budget friendly... like most of the android phones.. there are tons of andriod phones out in the market with good quality and secured system but not that expensive.

    so for me... i go for samsung because its andriod.;)
  25. wale-4gNw

    wale-4gNw New Member

    Both Samsung and iPhone they all good indeed, though there is a bit similar features on both device. But I most like Samsung device, for some important reason.........to be continued
  26. EmpyL

    EmpyL New Member

    For me Iphone, I've tested its durability and performance, and I love the idea of not installing antivirus anymore compared to when I'm using Samsung. Although its kinda hard to add music on iphones, but still Im loyal to Iphone.
  27. Leemosco

    Leemosco New Member

    I personally like the samsung phone android and many vpn cant use.
  28. Lowjasmine98

    Lowjasmine98 New Member

    I prefer Samsung. Used to be iPhone user but switched to Samsung now. Samsung is more innovative and always with new functions added when launching new version of phone.
  29. csk81

    csk81 New Member

    The question is more about IOS or ANDROID : well ios is much more flawless and easy to use than android, there is no hassle of third party apps for any thing and everything in iOS thus make it less vulnerable to bugs and its build specifically for the hardware that it runs on but with android its build to support hardware that runs it. So for OS point of view APPLE

    Now for hardware :

    Both Apple and Samsung are at par but samsung' lack of innovative designe in hansets is irrating go buy a ₹5k phone or a ₹50k both are same in looks except for size , it's like they have every thing with galaxy at end

    Apples touch is better than samsung
    Camera is better due to better lenses in Apple
    Headphones are one of a kind in Apple not only in design but also in features infact no other company makes such headphones

    What Apple lacks is : Bluetooth sharing to other than Apple devices -- but seriously who uses Bluetooth for sharing now, drag and drop file transfer from PCs, non expandable memory and uncesessary dual sim features
  30. Sobaafi

    Sobaafi New Member

    None of the above,I prefer the Google Pixel.Very stable and solid Android phone.Apple is too rigid for my liking and Samsung is Samsung.

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