Is blogging a good way to generate income?

Discussion in 'Website Management & Blogging' started by Serdiek, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Serdiek

    Serdiek Member

    Blogging is part of internet and many people are into it already. My question here is: can someone make a lifetime income with blogging?
  2. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    It depends on how you create your blog. You also should add pictures and videos to your post. Your articles need to be short, simple yet informative. Most important of all, your blog should reach your target audience.
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  3. aileenbcd

    aileenbcd New Member

    I have just started writing recently. I find it not only a stress reliever but also can be a source of income. It may not be immediate, but it adds up. There are a lot of platforms you can use in order to achieve your goals. You can even sign up for Kindle and have your book published. Time and patience will be your key.
  4. wkndroyal

    wkndroyal Member

    According to expert bloggers or those who have been blogging for many years now, it is a great way to generate income. I think the success of a blog is due to the content you put out there, how your viewers' interests have been captured on your latest posting and how they remain interested as they await your next post. But aesthetics, color, and interesting design too also play a huge part as to how they fit together with the content to make the blog a success.
  5. Michael1478

    Michael1478 New Member

    If you want to make a good blog, the first thing you should know is that if you make it just for money, you will not make money. You actually need to be interested in topics you write about. About the income: Yes, you can make a income being a professional blogger, but only AdSense is not going to do it. You may sell ad spaces, sell posts to other people, become an affiliate marketer. Having few big blogs is also a big plus when talking about income. In the modern days, the more and more people are interested by new content, don't miss out and try it. It may be slow, but it is a good experience and it gets faster if you put in effort :). Slow progress is better than no progress.
  6. Georgeliner

    Georgeliner Member

    A blog can turn you a variety of income :displaying ads ,affiliate marketing,selling sponsored ads,Ebooks and many more can earn you income.
  7. RitaT

    RitaT New Member

    A blog can be very lucrative if you make good blogposts and attract a lot of visitors. The blogpost have to be about a topic that many people want to read. So if you have an interesting blog. Then the visitors will come if you post regularly. If you got a lot of visitors, than you can make money with Adsense en affiliates. How more visitors you have the more you earn.
  8. jajamon04

    jajamon04 Member

    Blogging is certainly a good way to generate income. However, you must also be patient because earnings from blogging or affiliate marketing takes time. You must make sure that you are actively updating your blog and the content is unique and trendy so that a lot of people will visit your site.
  9. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    For me There are Many Ways to Make Money Blogging
    1. Advertising Income. This is where many bloggers start. ...
    2. Affiliate Income. A recent survey of ProBlogger readers found that affiliate promotions was the most common type of income that our readers have. ...
    3. Events. ...
    4. Recurring Income. ...
    5. Promoting a Business. ...
    6. Services. ...
    7. Products.
  10. sbarsbar

    sbarsbar New Member

    Blogging has been a huge interest recently as it caters to a new media nearer to the vast majority. On a personal note, blogging, while being a flexible income generator, poses its strengths and weaknesses.

    Firstly, it does not guarantee a stable earning output. Since blogging is an entertainment content for which users check out for what is inside, it could be prone to media selection. Second, the competition in blogging is a huge war zone. It is becoming harder and harder to seep in this industry particularly because it got so competent. By this, becoming popular and known for own's products or a kind of business would be hard. Lastly, blogging is slowly being degenerated by vlogs which are far more interactive. These video outputs has become the new field for most viewers.

    Nevertheless, blogging still is a good income generator because it is flexible. Managing it could be withing one's houses and it does not constrict time limitations compared to full time jobs.
  11. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    Yes it is
  12. hlabajosa1966

    hlabajosa1966 Member

    Yes, it is a good way to generate income nowadays computer is part of our day to day lifestyle. If the content of your Blog is catchy and trendy so the viewers will visit your site. The more subscribers and visitors in your blog it will generate income thru Adsense, selling Ebook, Lazada, and youtube.
  13. Frenetic2510

    Frenetic2510 New Member

    Es muy buena manera de ganar ingresos extras en tus ratos libres con solo hacer cosas para poner anuncios en tu blog y otras cosas.
  14. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    2019 make money
    1. Monetize with CPC or CPM Ads. One of the most common ways bloggers make money is through placing ads on their site. ...
    2. Sell Private Ads. ...
    3. Include Affiliate Links in Your Content. ...
    4. Sell Digital Products. ...
    5. Use it as a Content Marketing Tool for Your Business. ...
    6. Sell Memberships. ...
    7. Use it to Build Your Credibility. ...
    8. Share the Infographic.
  15. springtech07

    springtech07 New Member

    I believe it is, but before you can start making money from blogging you must know your onions.
    1. You must be an authority in the niche you blog on
    2. You must have a brand
    3. You must be able to help companies/organizations/individuals place adverts
    4. Monetize your blog through adsense
  16. Namirakatuzei

    Namirakatuzei New Member

    in my opinion, it could be a great way of making money online but in the long term. if you are patient and have great skills for blogging and writing standout contents and you can make everyone motivated by generating some new ideas and sharing it with them it is the best idea for making money I guess.
  17. Its a great way if you love what your doing and enjoy what youre doing. It its has great content and good social influencer , well its good for you and your income.
  18. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    Monetize with CPC or CPM Ads. One of the most common ways bloggers make money is through placing ads on their site
  19. ariieskid

    ariieskid Member

    Blogging could be a good idea in generating income BUT there is some things you need to consider about.
    For example in you instagram page account, you can do blogging and stuff but you need to post something that interests your followers. second is you need to have a lot of amount of interaction from your followers, this considers the likes , comments and share from your posts. Third is, you must have atleast thousands of followers so that advertising products would go to you, Advertising is mostly the one way you can generate income from blogs.
  20. jackiejackie

    jackiejackie Member

    Blogging is definitely a powerful tool to generate income online. However, this does not mean that because you are blogging, you would be earning that figure you imagine.

    Blogging as a tool requires you to master the art of advertising between contents. Blogging usually works when you write quality contents and the number of your audience grow. The bigger the number of followers or subscribers means "income" getting bigger, too.

    Since blogging usually works with advertising, you must have something to advertise in your blog. There are several ways for you to get these advertisements into your blog. Let me share you three situations where you can monetize your blog.

    #1: Affiliate marketing

    Being an affiliate of an online store and paid surveys, for example, will give you the access to affiliate links and banners that would be placed in your blog. When somebody signs up by clicking that banner or link you posted, you start earning.

    #2: Selling your own products

    If you own a store, making your own handicrafts, or whatever it is that you are selling, blogging is a good way to showcase your product.

    #3: Adsense

    This is if you have this number of subscribers or followers that google would place ads in your site.

    Again, blogging is a good way to generate income, but before you earn, you should learn a thing or two first.
  21. jeda30

    jeda30 Member

    Nowadays, technology is the easiest and most convenient way to generate income because each and everyone has technology devices and you can work at your own pace. But we should bear in mind that it is not easy as what we think because generating income needs lots of factors for you to have it such as knowledge, materials, time and effort. Besides you should do the things that you like most so if you feel like doing some blogs then go for it. Just spend so much time in learning things about it and ask for advices and suggestions from those successful people in this kind of field. Be smart, patient and humble.
  22. Blogging is a good way to generate income as it helps promote your business and your products. It gives people information about the usage and effects it can give them. It also helps people to be more informed about certain things that they are not even aware of.
  23. cesstravels09

    cesstravels09 New Member

    It may be a good way FOR NOW but still we won't know in the future. It also depends on the content of the video/blog. If it is worthy or catchy enough for the people to watch. However it is a little bit saddening that more and more people rely on it that they tend to forget the knowledge they've got during school days. It is easy money for some, for those who are lucky enough to get a lot of subscribers.
  24. jeda30

    jeda30 Member

    Blogging is a good way to generate income depending upon your desire, hard-work, courage, and consistency of doing it. It's not a get rich quick ordeal income but if you take it as a serious kind of career it can be a stable source of income for you and your family needs. Some people consider it as a hobby like they just love to share their experiences or they just love to write for fun but still they earn while for some it is a kind of business. Business-minded people do blogging to generate awareness about themselves and the products and the services that they are selling. By blogging they are always connected to the target audience because blog does get update regularly in the idea case. If you are thinking about business, learn how to blog but if you are thinking about a hobby that still generate an income learn blog too. Due to easy access of some people as of now blogging can be learned easily through different websites now.
  25. mohit26

    mohit26 New Member

    For a short and simple answer I'd say 'Yes' , blogging is a good way to earn money and generate an Income.
    Now generating a good enough income from blogging requires several things.For starters your blog should have a big enough audience which regularly read /see the content you put out.Building and audience requires a lot of time and dedication to be put into your blog.Depending on what kind of blog you run and what topics it covers,it can take you from a few weeks to a few years to build a big enough audience which can guarantee a stable income.
    That said,if you can reach good audience numbers then blogging can give you a pretty good income from the advertisements and brand deals/sponsored posts.
  26. im4joey

    im4joey New Member

    ok... to be honest, if you are using affiliate marketing, social media platforms, and you are a reliable promoter of yourself, have enough friend zones ...who can promote you and your products through the internet and by mouth publicity ... yes, you can generate money.
    but if you don't have all these... you can't
  27. charles2reality

    charles2reality New Member

    Yes, but not as directly as the ads make it seem. Blogging, by itself, is just expressing yourself in words online in a journal-like format. It's just writing.

    At the same time, blogging has become a business. You can make money by:
    • Donations
    • Subscriptions
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Ads
    • Etc.
    The key is finding the matches your style and a the right client.
  28. lyrael

    lyrael New Member

    You can make money blogging but it takes time.
    Patience, good ideas, design, accessibility and SEO are only some of the things that you should think about.
    You will not make money in a year so don't quit your job. Sometimes it takes even 3 years to make $500 monthly, for example.
    You need to invest in your blog like in every business.
    Hosting, domain, theme and so on.
  29. talagirl

    talagirl Member

    Yes, blogging is good way to generate income. But first, you must be into it, you must have a plan before you venture into blogging. It's not just about blogging but also to associate something so that the viewers will be curious about your blog. Make a research of what blogging is all about, conceptualize ideas, manage your finances and of course patience. Blogging is not a pie, easy to bake. It's long road to success, odds will not be your favor all the time.
  30. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    Blogging is the best way to generate some extra cash not doubt, if you know how to manage and run your blogg properly.
    But before you start blogging there are some things that need to be available for the growth of your blogging business.

    This things include.
    1.Money(for advertisement of your blogg)

    2. Time (you must create a time to advertise your business and update your blogg daily)

    3. Condusive enviroment ( Blogging need a good enviroment with less noise to be fully focuse and concentrate with your business)

    if this three things is in place then such blogg must be in good state to make money.

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