Is cheating is a choice or a mistake?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Cesar Pineda, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Cesar Pineda

    Cesar Pineda New Member

    In my opinion, cheating is a choice. You choose to commit that sin because it makes you feel happy. It gives you self satisfaction. Your not thinking of the bad result of your decision. But the real question, why do you have to cheat? If you are not happy with your relationship then let go. You dont have to stay and make their lives miserable. Be fair enough to let them go and luve their life.
  2. gwenmarie

    gwenmarie New Member

    For me, cheating is a choice and it only means that you fall out of love with your partner. Why cheat if you can tell your partner that you do not love him or her anymore. You are just making things more complicated. You are only hurting his/her feelings. It is better to tell the truth and separate ways without hurting each other than seeing him/her cheating. That's really hurt big time! Just be fair with each other and move on.
  3. guardianangelle

    guardianangelle New Member

    How can somebody do cheating "accidentally'? It's a personal choice you make, It's intentional. They cheated because they wanted to. If he/she truly loves you he/she wouldn't consider doing it. Cheating will always be a choice never a mistake.
  4. oyoroldan

    oyoroldan New Member

    To be fair, it is somehow of both. Yeah it's true that you have a choice if you want to cheat or not. But the way I see it there's a mistake in the relationship that makes you cheat. For example you're eating instant noodle's and you don't have an idea that it is spicy, and you don't like spicy food. Then your choice will be to continue to eat the noodles having milk beside you or stop eating the noodles. Make any sense? comparing it to a relationship, you might have done a mistake like maybe the person or time is not right. So you tend to cheat to feel okay. Hope you got it.
  5. UlyssesBeef

    UlyssesBeef New Member

    On the first successful attempt in cheating, you made a grave mistake. You neglected the fact that with hard work, anythings is possible, you doubted your capabilities in achieving your goal and cheated instead, because of this, you will now find it hard to improve as you tasted false victory provided by cheating, but hey, victory is victory right? The first successful attempt in cheating was a mistake, everything else on wards is a choice the cheater made. Leaving conscience out of the question, cheaters starve for that addictive easy victory like a person with dangerous drugs.
  6. MeshiKun

    MeshiKun New Member

    Cheating is a choice. Usually people cheat because they are looking for something that they did not find on their partner. For me, if you truly love your partner, you would never even think of cheating.
  7. Ozella Decola

    Ozella Decola Member

  8. Arnavi Raj

    Arnavi Raj New Member

    Honestly, I feel like cheating is always a choice. It can be indicative of something wrong in your current relationship, maybe you aren't being physically satisfied by your partner. The solution is not to seek physical attention elsewhere though. How can it be an accident? Even if you're intoxicated and not thinking clearly, it's still a choice you make on some level.
  9. Retch15

    Retch15 New Member

    For me I think cheating is a choice, and that decision is a mistake. When someone cheats, they know what they're doing. You have a choice whether to cheat or not. Nobody puts a gun in your head and tells you to cheat. Saying that cheating is a mistake alone is just an excuse. It's as if they have no idea that they've done something wrong and had no control over themselves. There is simply no excuse for it. It's about being weak and selfish.
  10. ClintAnthon

    ClintAnthon New Member

    In some scenarios, it will surely appear as a mistake but sometimes human as we are there are also times that makes cheating as our survival method, we all cheat that's the fact, what if you are taking an exam and if you fail something really bad will happen like losing scholarship or what so ever. So basically for me, cheating 50% choice and 50% mistake.
  11. CourtneyLouise..

    CourtneyLouise.. New Member

    For me, cheating is a choice. You can't 'accidentally' kiss someone and more, you choose to do that therefore cheating is 100% a choice. In my opinion even if you're drunk and you 'accidentally' cheat, you've happily put yourself in that position. So again, cheating is by choice!
  12. Abbielinna

    Abbielinna New Member

    cheating is a choice.
    you can find temptation anywhere, you can never even tell when will it come, when will it strike you. Truly, it's tempting especially if you really like the person but I guess, you always have a choice. If you choose to cheat consider and accept the consequences later. If you choose not, good for you because there are a lot of fish in the sea. You can always find a better one for you.
  13. Darren29

    Darren29 New Member

    In my opinion, cheating is a choice! Whenever someone do cheating, they will always say that they had a mistake and they will ask forgiveness.Before they cheat, they knew that if they are tempted to do something somebody might get hurt, but they still do.meaning they choose to cheat to for their own good, or for they own benefits. Life is a choice, cheating is not an excuse to hurt the one you love. If you have someone right now, please do not cheat on them.Because you don't know once you hurt somebody it may have a big impact on her/him that could hurt her future.So in the end, you will have a guilty towards your action.
  14. Vashi

    Vashi New Member

    People are generally taught the difference between right and wrong, making it a learned behaviour. The answer to me is clear-cut; cheating is most definitely a choice. Every action we take in this life has a counter-action, for example: ‘should I or shouldn’t I’. Even in the direst situation this holds true – there is always an alternate action one could take.
  15. Itsericababy

    Itsericababy New Member

    Both. In the moment it was your choice because you decided to be with another person. I would say after the fact, if your relationship ends and you hurt the person, and you regret what you've done. It can be looked at as a mistake. A selfish mistake. We have power over out decisions but sometimes our decisions lack maturity, and consideration.
  16. hopetony

    hopetony New Member

    Cheating can never be a mistake because it always comes from the mind set that mean it is a choice. Before one can cheat he or she have already plan and made up his or her mind to undergo such act and by telling you it is mistake is a fatal lie.
    Cheating always come after some deliberation within the mind and some times it can even be an agreement between the defaulter's. Even when some approach you with such an idea,it is left for you to reject or accept because it is a choice.
  17. Gizelleann29

    Gizelleann29 New Member

    Cheating is a choice you made to make a mistake. The dishonesty you owe to that person. Once you commit it, possibly things will change and will break their trust.

    In this world full of temptations it is our choice to choose what is right and what is wrong. Start making right decisions and live life to the fullest.
  18. Kishakarissa1021

    Kishakarissa1021 New Member

    For my opinion cheating is a choice. In our life we always have a choice, its just happen that you choose to cheat on your partner. That is the reason why i don't believe when they say " it was a mistake" , " it's just an accident", " I didn't mean it" Its just their excuses. I know temptation is everywhere but always remember the consequences of cheating, the person that you will hurt. Always consider your partner's feeling, because it's hurt to be cheated. For me in a relationship honesty and trust must exist. If they dont, there is no point on continuing your realitionship.
  19. Wuties

    Wuties New Member

    I think that its both actually, you choose to make that mistake. As a person conscious of the decisions that you are making you should know that its a mistake, if you think that the person you are about to get involved with is worth it then it think you should take the time to break up with your current S.O. and let them know why.
  20. eleynmedina

    eleynmedina New Member

    I think that cheating is a choice to make a mistake. It's not just about cheating when you're in a relationship, it applies to whatever you do in life. Cheating basically is being dishonest, either to your girlfriend/boyfriend or to your professor when you're in the middle of your midterm exams. You think, then choose your actions, unless you're a very impulsive human being that you don't really think before you act. Even "Yes Man" thinks, but the difference is he doesn't have a choice but to say yes to every opportunity that was present to him. Unlike him, we always have a choice. You just have to think which one you'd like to do, a good deed or a bad one?
  21. candacebelove

    candacebelove New Member

    For me, cheating is a choice. Letting yourself date another guy/girl while your still in a relationship is not a mistake because you know it's wrong but still you chose to do it. We're old enough to know what's right from wrong. Making wrong decisions is not a mistake because you chose it.
  22. Albert Alcantara

    Albert Alcantara New Member

    Cheating is a choice. You don't wake up one day and realized you cheated. Although maybe that's what some of the cheater feels. Cheating in relationship or in school or in other things is a personal choice. You put yourself in a circumstance to commit a mistake, and that is a choice.
  23. ayeshajan888

    ayeshajan888 New Member

    Cheating is a choice. Putting yourself in a situation that you very well know will cause a big problem in the future is really wrong. In the first place, you know that it is not right to enter in that kind of relationship but why you still continue it? Maybe because, you fall in love with person and you have a child with him? Maybe because, how much you tried to separate with him, he is the one that keeps coming back to you. It really takes two to tango. You are not only the one to be blame. What keeps you holding in this kind of situation? Maybe you are hoping against hope that someday you will be together forever because you really love that person. But it is really unfair to yourself and to the people that you are hurting. Cheating becomes a mistake when you continue the relationship even though you know the consequences that will come.
  24. jmdaguplo

    jmdaguplo New Member

    Cheating is a choice. A choice you made blindly. A choice you made without considering others feelings. A choice hoping you'll never caught. We humans are thinking animals we control our decisions over things. Sometimes there are circumstances that are beyond are control but its always us who will make the decision of what to do about the matter. Again cheating is a CHOICE!!!
  25. kimmy27

    kimmy27 New Member

    For me cheating is a choice and it is not a sign of ignorance, but it's an intellectual act that there is situation that you cannot handle alone especially when you taking an exam in school.
  26. meredith18

    meredith18 New Member

    Cheating is a choice, obviously. You will not go with other person and tell your partner "oh, that was an accident" uhm, no! You did know what you're doing and you know that is wrong. I really don't know why there are people like that. I mean if you don't love your partner anymore, then leave. You don't need to find other and do stupid things behind their back.
  27. Dan Borja

    Dan Borja New Member

    We all know that cheating is a mistake but still we cheat. I guess that makes cheating more of a choice than a mistake obviously. The decision to cheat rests on the person knowing the fact that it is a mistake. Humans have free will and therefore we are free to cheat but are not allowed. Cheating is considered to be a sin because you are doing bad to another person.
  28. Josie12

    Josie12 New Member

    Cheating is definitely a choice. In my opinion, the only way to characterize it as a mistake really depends on the person.
    The reason I say that is because cheating is pretty much second nature to some individuals- in other words the selfish individuals. For example, no matter how good the relationship is they're still going to cheat because they're selfish and heartless. On the other hand, you have some individuals that do care and love their spouse but when they're relationship begins to get a little rough sometimes it can be unbearable. That's when the choice of cheating gets involved. Once the damage is done it is then a mistake.
  29. Starlight UFO

    Starlight UFO New Member

    In my opinion, cheating is more than one choice. Depending upon how the decision to cheat originally came about and how it went from to just a daydream or fantasy to a tangible reality, there is definitely more than just one decision involved.
    When you go from point A to point B and point B to point C, generally you have to make a decision to get there. A series of decisions can't be classified as an accident. And the people that try to justify it as an accident should probably just stay single because even though they may get some kind of thrill out of it, the other person almost always gets hurt.
  30. mitchellponce

    mitchellponce New Member

    Cheating is a mistake that you choose. It is not an act that you accidentally stumble by chance. When you commit mistake, you should be aware of the consequences that it would bring. Since you entered on it by choice, thereby regrets are not acceptable. Face the consequences, and do force the person you've cheated to forgive you.

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