Is cheating is a choice or a mistake?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Cesar Pineda, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. kairos407

    kairos407 New Member

    Cheating is both a choice and a mistake. Before you cheat you make a choice, and the "moment" you cheat you make a mistake.
  2. Richelle Monique

    Richelle Monique New Member

    Cheating is a choice, and it is never a mistake. How could someone "accidentally" cheat to their partners? Cheating would never happen accidentally and if they pull out the "I didn't know what I was doing , it was a mistake" then they don't deserve nothing especially you. Of course before cheating actually happens, they would think of you and how it could affect your relationship , so I can say that cheating is a choice. They choose to live a miserable temporary happiness with someone else, rather than spending their time with the person that is very committed and loyal in a realtionship.
  3. Amanda Wells

    Amanda Wells New Member

    Cheating is a choice that gets easier with every incident. It is true that, of inebriated, your decision making skills are compromised. However, the situations leading to that are firmly in your control. Children have accidents as they are learning to make decisions. Adults no longer have that excuse.
  4. Ching Chi

    Ching Chi New Member

    I truly agree the point that cheating is a mistake that you choose. Everything that you will act upon is always once on your thoughts first. Cheating is never a popping scene, you make it or either way, you contribute to make it happen. You probably had enough of reasons before doing that so. That you are not loved anymore or your partner is too much. Negotiation within yourself about the event of cheating will be right there but the risk of making the sin never stopped you. Cheating never came out of no where, you create the mistake and you choose to be involve.
  5. For me sometimes cheating is a mistake. Yes, cheating is a sin that we commit. But for me cheating is driven by lack of communication and irrational decisions. Not all people who cheat wants or choose to commit mistakes. Sometimes because of too much pressure,needs and sometimes because of being impulsive they were tempted to cheat. I personally believe that if you give your best,if you have open communication and if you choose to understand the differences and bad side of your partner he will not be provoke to find others.
  6. crizza

    crizza New Member

    Both, coz when you choose to cheat it's your choice to make a mistake. It's not an act that you accidentally happen and you know what you are doing in the first place and you know that when you choose to cheat on someone then for me it's a choice commit a mistake. In one quotation said " You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequences of your choice." so be aware of all the decision that you will make before its too late
  7. carloskerika

    carloskerika Member

    Cheating is another way to show that there is a problem in that relationship. Cheating can be triggered by many things for example being in a toxic relationship or insecurities or peer pressure etc...Cheating is definitely a very bad mistake because it cripples you relations and gets harder to get it back on its feet. As we all know cheating also ruins the very core of any relationship out there... TRUST!!..
  8. mgclaban

    mgclaban New Member

    Well cheating is a choice to have mistake :) and anyone who made a mistake have a chance to correct the wrong decision
  9. benjj25

    benjj25 New Member

    Cheating was definitely a choice if the relationship has no problem in it. Cheating becomes normal if there is an irregularities on the relationship such as abusive partner, long distance relationship or any event that can affects the emotion of the couple. This was just my opinion. There might be couple that can withstand long distance relationship and maybe much strengthen their love for each other despite of the circumstances. We are only humans and make mistakes that we can’t control.
  10. Jhan2013

    Jhan2013 New Member

    Think before you act. all of our actions is preceded by a thought. Choice therefore would be the obvious answer that leads to a detrimental mistake. if you try to ponder about this it makes sense that cheating from the start is a choice. defined by the universal law of right and wrong which most of us are accustomed with already it doesn't matter what your belief system is the mere fact you chose to cheat is merely a consequence of a choice and not a mistake. this is just an opinion not an argument.
  11. rhea1128

    rhea1128 New Member

    Cheating from the beginning is a mistake that your conscience knows about. It is a mistake that you choose to happen. No one to blame but you. In other words it is a selfish action towards your partner. If loving becomes painful for the both person then set yourself free from each other, rather than staying still in a relationship and at the same time looking for someone to ease yourself.
    Before entering this kind of temptation think all the consequences it might bring to you ,your partner and the third party. Because what was done is done. You may change the future but never the past. Pain result to wound. Wound do heal but scar remains. Therefore, relationship never work with three parties, in the end one will be rejected and get hurt.
  12. kkatsuta

    kkatsuta New Member

    Cheating is a choice, only asshole will tell that it is a mistake and a fool to those who believe that asshole that it is a mistake. Cheating is never a mistake because upon committing one is a choice. When you love someone, you care about him/her so much, making you do stupid things just to value her/him and do anything to protect him/her. So if you truly love your partner, you will never make a stupid choice that will ruin you relationship resulting for the two of you to break up. Thus making cheating a choice.
  13. Kristie

    Kristie New Member

    It’s definitely a choice. There is always a choice. Even if you have to get up and run straight out of the room, you can avoid cheating. It can be a regrettable choice, but not an accident or mistake. Unless there’s some crazy identical twin drunken mixup that probably only happens on sitcoms. :laugh:
  14. It's a choice and that choice is a big mistake. It will never be a mistake alone. That mistake won't never be committed if that person does not choose to cheat. People now a days is using mistake as an excuse for their action which in the first place is the root of their choice. Therefore cheating is an VOLUNTARY MISTAKES, unless accident is involved well that's a different discussion. (ps. for pete'sake stop blaming alcohol for accident issue related to cheating )
  15. Wassam

    Wassam New Member

    It's a very selfish choice. It has a ripple effect that is unforeseeable to anyone selfish enough to deliberately choose to cheat. A bad choice that leads to affect even generations. My father in law cheated when he was a newly wed decades ago and it is now affecting how my children see marriage and family. I grew up in a family where no one cheated or got divorced so marrying into a family of stepmothers and step-siblings is even hard on me, never mind my children. So many grandparents and they struggle to understand the dynamic.
  16. Jsteph

    Jsteph New Member

    Cheating is neither a choice or a mistake, it spurns from within to without, sometimes resulting in an expression of love or lust. I see people who cheat as people who want to be heard, their body chemistry with the person they do it with proves that emotions, that they have been trying to let out.

    The society sees it as absurd, what about those people subjected to unhealthy relationship, they love their spouse/beau so much that they can't let go. In this I come to a conclusion, this is my own opinion and take on this issue.
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  17. Jsteph

    Jsteph New Member

    Cheating is neither a choice or a mistake, it spurns from within to without, sometimes resulting in an expression of love or lust. I see people who cheat as people who want to be heard, their body chemistry with the person they do it with proves that emotions, that they have been trying to let out.

    The society sees it as absurd, what about those people subjected to unhealthy relationship, they love their spouse/beau so much that they can't let go. In this I come to a conclusion, this is my own opinion and take on this issue.
  18. AxlMacaballug

    AxlMacaballug New Member

    For me,Its your choice if you cheat. Knowing the fact that you already have a partner in your life already then you decided to cheat is a mistake also. But i wont judge. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own reasons. If you're not satisfied with your partner. Its better to end it first before going into another relationship. Dont make things complicated. Its hard to let go. But if its for the good. End it. Dont cheat. You're just making things more complicated.
  19. Kevin Nordal Kemal

    Kevin Nordal Kemal New Member

    Cheating is a choice because the other person chooses to do something with another person, no one made them do anything. The person you're with choose to be with another person because he or she felt at that particular time that he or she wants to be with another person and that he or she don't care that much about you anymore. That makes the other significant attracted to the persons he or she is cheating with and dares to take a risk of not having you in their life anymore.
  20. MmClavel1890

    MmClavel1890 New Member

    Cheating is a choice that leads to a mistake. In everything we do there is no called "Mistake" because we have the freedom to choose, we have the freedom to decide to make a decision for our self. So what ever it is we have to think a thousand times before we do it. We have to consider the consequences for our actions and most of all we must not decide or make a decisions if we are emotional unstable because we cannot think properly.
  21. rosellebagaipo

    rosellebagaipo New Member

    I agree that cheating is both a choice and a mistake in a sense that it is a mistake you chose to do. However, I disagree with the fact that you choose to cheat and do the wrong thing simply because there is something wrong in your relationship. Isn't it that you need to fix your relationship first before committing another mistake and make things more complicated? When you found out that the relationship isn't working anymore and you no longer love your partner, then it is best that you leave and end it rather than cheat to make it look like it is the right thing to do, because cheating regardless of the reason is never okay.
  22. Is Cheating is a mistake or a choice ? first when you're making a decision there's a choices so when a person decided on something its her/his choice . Now they choose to cheat that's their choice and at the end they will realize their mistakes. still every decision you made was your choice because that's how brain works there's a process and the kind of life or living you have right now is your your choice
  23. JENIFER050106

    JENIFER050106 New Member

    It is definitely a choice. Fist of all, when a person cheats, it means they choose to do it even if they're aware that it's not right. That person knows the possible outcome of cheating but chose to ignore it anyway because the temptation is too difficult to refuse.

    We cannot call it a mistake because that will mean a person did an act without any idea of the end result. Or mayber one is not aware that it might hurt their partner once they find out about it.

    If a person truly loves their partner, they will never do anything that would hurt their partner's feelings. It's called cheating because the person is doing a dishonest thing secretly with the knowledge that it's wrong.
  24. gabriellearcangelq

    gabriellearcangelq New Member

    The fact that you chose to cheat is the mistake. Simple as that.
  25. jhingkim

    jhingkim Member

    cheating is a choice. God has given us intellect and will to use. We humans are well made by God. We know what is right or wrong. In terms of cheating,we know that it is wrong in the first place so why do it and when caught all the alibis are popping. Every action we do,we know that it has a corresponding obligation. Every action we do we choose what we think is right and what we think will make us better. If you do cheat whether you caught or not still your cheating and you secretly damage your relationship to someone because of that childish act. Be mature. Know your priority,stop hurting the people who loved you completely.Don't ruin your family just because of lust. Be smart. Don't be deceived by the snake around you.
  26. jmai2026

    jmai2026 New Member

    Cheating is always a choice, it is like choosing to be happy. The mistake is that you choose to cheat, if you stop loving your partner it's not a good choice to cheat, just let him/her go before you do so.
  27. Cai1228

    Cai1228 New Member

    Cheating is a choice. It is a mistake that a person commits.
    If an individual is mature enough to be in a relationship or to commit in a relationship, then that person is mature enough to know what is right and what is wrong. Everybody knows that cheating is just wrong in every way and no reasoning would ever justify a cheater.
    Commitment is important. If you are not ready to commit into a relationship then it is much better to end it in a more reasonable and acceptable way than to cheat. Breaking up is much more acceptable than cheating.
  28. aprilblanquera13

    aprilblanquera13 New Member

    For me, cheating is a mistake that you should not do. It will only hurt your love one, yourself and your current mistaking buddy. And at the first place why do you have to cheat? You're only giving yourself a problem.
  29. Hi guys!!! This is an interesting topic, if cheating a choice or a mistake!?

    Obviously its a CHOICE!!! But if you get caught then that will be the time it will become a mistake. :rolling::laugh::rolling::laugh:
  30. amielgarcia110

    amielgarcia110 New Member

    Well cheating is literally a sin to commit and also a choice. People cheat because they are afraid to face what reality is, they find comfort if they overcome one situation through cheating. Best example of this is education. I am also guilty of cheating during my college days then one day I realized what's the point of giving so much effort studying if I will always find myself cheating during exams. Then I started asking myself "Am I cheating because of the fear of failing?". After that an idea popped into my head that for you to be successful you must put in hard work without cheating and be prepared to fail for it will bring success soon. One thing I've learned from my professor is that cheating is like bullshitting yourself. If you started cheating yourself, big chance that you'll be cheating other people.

    I've also learned one thing from my professor something about cheating. He told me that cheating or copying from other people is a good thing, it is also a process of learning. How? It only becomes a process of learning if you try to understand the concept of what you are trying to copy. Try to copy someone else's idea then try to improve it until it becomes your own.

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