Is cheating is a choice or a mistake?

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  1. malalu78

    malalu78 New Member

    As my point of view for this topic, is cheating a choice or a mistake.
    Personally, I believe that cheating is definitely a choice.
    Making these kind of wrong decisions is absolutely a work of an
    immature individual. Once a person is not matured enough to know
    the consequences of their behaviour, they tend to make mistakes.
    Question is, how can people be matured enough? This is where our parents,
    our school, our friends or the people around us plays a great role of
    becoming who we are at the present. Maturity is something you could learn
    on your everyday life, turns out to be the new version of you everytime you
    overcome the failures of life. One sign of being mature, is where you will have the sense of
    being responsible for the outcome of every action that could possibly impact the people that
    surrounds you.
  2. Lol :oops:

    It's like having sex with someone then your partner gets pregnant, you can't say that was an accident because you both have a participation and with consent doing the thing.

    Another example, you hate someone and you choose, you plan to kill that person. How can you say it's an accident if you choose to do that even you know you can spend the rest of your life in jail?

    Cheating is not an accident, it's a mistake you choose to.
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  3. sexyslaveavah

    sexyslaveavah New Member

    I Agree.
  4. Isterd

    Isterd New Member

    Cheating is a choice. A terrible choice because if you don't love a person anymore, you may just tell him/her and then do whatever you want. Cheating is just a lack of respect for your partner and i think there is nothing worst than this in a relationship.
  5. juanmarcus

    juanmarcus New Member

    For me cheating is consider mistake when you think it is the best choice. For example, in a relationship. A boy who happens to have a girlfriend meets another girl who is seduce him. In that point of view when a guy accept the girl flirting on him it is considered a MISTAKE because he made it a CHOICE. It very clear that the guy is already in a relationship already. We are rational animal. In which we able to think either good or bad.
  6. jhonuarin03

    jhonuarin03 Member

    For many at that moment it feels like a choice which can be taken because of the freedom one enjoy being in relationship or trust of being married. It feels like their personal liberty is boundless, a strength of doing whatever they want and taking one's relationship for granted.
    And when the consequences or repercussions hit back, when one sees the truth, their reality of what just happened of being caught feels unsettling. it's than they have to respond with logic, rationality or sensibility of their act. Making one feel the after effects on their subconscious or consciousness mind and body. Realising it was huge mistake.
    Per say if a person is actually going through a tough relationship and nothing is working out in their relationship, than cheating have a possibility to sneak and they can't be true to their partner about their feeling, emotions and find it hard to move out of the relationship easily. It than feels like their personal choice. However it's still an unethical pleasure one indulged in. One have to move out of an existing relationship frame the act in ethical terms.
    No matter whatever the act is, a woman or man can have many ways to argues to wrap their actions within feel good. Men can say I am the man of the house and I needed this or many other useless reasons of libertine views. Woman can lean on to act feminist or libertine again. Both are basically using the situation and social norms for supporting their actions while both know their mistakes.
  7. Jardin

    Jardin New Member

    I believe that cheating is a choice. You choose to hurt the person that you proclaim you love. You do it despite knowing someone will get hurt. No one puts a gun to your head and said, " kiss me". No one force you to commit the act with someone else other than your partner. Temptation is always around but you choose to act on the temptation. It is by your own free will.
  8. jmmybrv

    jmmybrv New Member

    for me cheating is a choice,for example in class exams,you are cheating because you didnt study your lessons,if you study your lessons you will not cheat,so it is a choice,
  9. vintorez21

    vintorez21 New Member

    for me cheating is a choice because you need to decide for it before you can make it happen, you have the control if you really want to do it or not. Cheating is not a mistake because mistake occurs in things and scenes that is not intended to happen by someone, in a no decission making scenario and you will just know it already happened for us to call it a mistake.
  10. GolGalore

    GolGalore New Member

    it can be both. Cheating is a mistake when it was done for the first time not knowing the possible outcomes and circumstances. It becomes a choice when it repeats all over and over, regardless of knowing the effects.

    In life, we learned in our mistake but some of us often not taking the lessons and keep doing it, and it becomes a choice.
  11. gracie4101

    gracie4101 New Member

    God has given us to choose right or wrong. Just like Adam and Eve in the story of Creation. The couple knew that they will die if they will eat the fruit of the tree of life but because of Satan' s seducing, Eve was tempted and chose to eat it. Just like in a relationship, cheating is the number one cause why couples break. Temptation is hard to resist but we have a choice if we will choose to be tempted or not.
  12. KillerSmile99

    KillerSmile99 New Member

    For me it’s a choice! First of all you know what’s wrong and right. You can’t say that it’s a mistake because if you don’t want to make mistake why would you do something wrong, common you have a brain don’t be such a kid. Cheating is a choice not a mistake! Mistake is what you’ve done after your choice!
  13. anjie2288

    anjie2288 Member

    Cheating is a choice NOT a mistake. Because you have a choice to cheat or not, and you choose to cheat. You're mistake is you choose to cheat when you have a choice not to cheat.. I mean cheating become a mistake when you choose it. If you really love someone cheating is not your choice your only choice is to love your partner when you decided to be part of him or her and you can break up with him or her in a nice way before entering into another relationship..
  14. Rubi85

    Rubi85 New Member

    It's a bit of both ... Cheating is a mistake you choose to make.
    When the temptation to cheat someone arises, you can choose between doing it or not doing it ...
    If it is a mistake? Of course cheating is a mistake, but it's also a choice. As in everything in life, you have to make choices and have the strength to do the best ones.
  15. Yhetskie25

    Yhetskie25 New Member

    I think cheating is a choice and mistake, because honestly speaking everybody is always looking for attention, love, and respects with another person, it might be a bad or good person, we always looking for those words, a friend or a lover. So I guess cheating is really a choice at the same time a mistake because if you are looking for something better in return a love and respects why are you choosing to cheat a special person in your life, you already know in the first place that it will going to be a mistake and it is wrong. But, being a normal person we all do made mistakes every now and then so I just want to say that if you do cheating think 100 times that it won't cause that person big time. Cheating is normal in a human being but if the other person is so genuine don't make a mistake on doing something wrong to them. Remember Confucious Golden Rule : "Do not Do unto others what you don't want other Do unto you"
  16. rochelleyap01

    rochelleyap01 New Member

    Cheating is choice. In the first place you already know between right and wrong doings. Cheating is wrong. Wrong because it can hurt people that you love.
  17. itosanity

    itosanity New Member

    Cheating, before it becomes a mistake, it is first a choice. Whatever we do, is our choice. Whether we accept it or not, it's our choice. We are always free to choose, but we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions.
  18. New Member

    Well, first of all, I will never consider this topic light because I can so much relate to this and it made my heart super heavy. Trust me, when you're being cheated you fell like you're in the middle of the storm with nowhere else to hide. I've been cheated not just once but over and over again, it made my heart stone-cold when it comes to relationship. But we are only humans, and human ever since the beginning of time is easily tempted. I am not perfect so as anybody else, there were times in our lives that we made mistakes and made the wrong choices. The same is true when it comes to relationship, at first you thought you've found the right one but it turns out he's not. As for me, as much as it hurts, I never hold someone who wanted to let go. That will be easier than holding someone and continue getting hurt in the end because he' no longer happy with you. I can't say cheating is always a choice (yeah, from the cheated point of view) because there were things that sometimes out of our control, like falling in love with somebody else even if you're already in a relationship (lust and love are two different things). Cheating out of love, that I can forgive, but cheating out of lust is another thing.
  19. BallerinaInLA

    BallerinaInLA New Member

    Cheating is a choice that usually proves to have been a mistake. It's not like you can trip and fall naked onto somebody else's naked body, so just considering it a mistake is a cop out. There is definitely choice involved. Actually, more often than not, there's a lot of little choices involved leading up to that big mistake.
  20. Nelo

    Nelo New Member

    Cheating is a choice and a mistake. Its a choice because you choose to cheat. Its a mistake because its a sin to your partner. Dont be fool by your eyes, concentrate on what's in your heart. It can lead you to a proper and long lasting relationship.
  21. Rjhane18

    Rjhane18 New Member

    It's always a CHOICE and if you do it, it is a MISTAKE. In our life we always have choice. Before entering of what ever decision in our life we must consult GOD to have the perfect guidance in our life. THINK ONE MILLION TIMES before you do it. THINK if you will hurt some one that more important to you before you do it. THINK of you future before you do it. Because in the end of the day you and your self will face all the circumstances that you do in your life no one will sacrifice for you ONLY GOD will help you. So don't do it if you know you cannot face it.
  22. SharraM27

    SharraM27 New Member

    On my opinion its the same.Yes!choice and mistake are the same.First if you really love the person you are not going to cheat.Its because you are contented on your relationship.You dont have to search for another woman if you are really loyal to her.And cheating is already a mistake cause if your in a relationship what mistake could be possibly you can do.There's nothing but only cheating.
  23. adiyamanilom

    adiyamanilom New Member

    We are all entitled to have the right to choose. Choosing the right makes us a good person, but choosing wrong and commits a mistake makes us a stronger person-- that is if we acknowledged that we are wrong and tried our very best to correct it. Correcting our mistakes takes a lot of effort. It is not easy to confess our wrongdoings especially confessing that we cheated to the ones we loved, but there's a saying 'the things that we don't know won't hurt us'. Cheating is wrong, it is a choice and a mistake.
  24. Cheating is a choice, why? Cheaters already know what they did its intentionally and its an act of selfishness. If someone cheated on you dont give them a chance its because they already did it once and expect theres a next on it. Cheaters that think that i did it once she/he will forgive me. always remember! Fool me once ? shame on you! Fool me twice? shame on me!
  25. Inputss

    Inputss New Member

    It's a chosen mistake. Everyone has many options in life but not all of us can pick the right and best choice for one situation. We choose what we chose; we eliminate what we think not suitable for such demand. And cheating, whether we've already cheated or we'll just up to cheat, it is always our choice, a wrong choice resulting to a mistake.
  26. ahllen

    ahllen Member

    Cheating is a choice that leads to a mistake.
  27. clf.dn

    clf.dn New Member

    In my opinion cheating is a choice because in the first place you knew that it was wrong to cheat so why making it?. cheating become mistakes because of the choice they choose for themselves and if that choice went go wrong then its the time they will say that it was a mistake, that they don't know why they do it but for me that kind of reasoning is not enough to make me believe that its not their choice. because in the end of the day there are always have a right choice.
  28. yokobautista7

    yokobautista7 New Member

    Cheating is ALWAYS a choice.
    Everyone who knows what wrong from right is, would know that we will always have power over our own decisions.
    When you made "THAT" choice, you should be ready for the consequences it will bring to the relationship you should have cherished and protected.
    And once "THAT" mistake is all said and done, you can't bring back something you; in the first place had a power over to have made the right decision.
  29. genevievedc

    genevievedc New Member

    When i google the word "mistake" it goes like this "an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong".
    while google describe "choice" as "an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities."

    So I think "cheating" is both a Choice and a Mistake.

    It is a Choice because you yourself decide to take this course of action to be a cheater whether it is about your love life, career, studies, friends, families or relationship. You cannot blame it to anyone for you are the one that is responsible for the inconsistencies that you feel inside your heart that you let your judgement be clouded by something that you can easily get temporarily through "cheating"
    It is also a Mistake , simply because obviously cheating is a wrong course of action to take in any circumstances that we faced in our everyday life.
    To sum it up CHEATING can never be a good CHOICE but always a MISTAKE.
  30. For me Cheating is a strategy. life is not enjoyable if you did not have a bullshit.

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