Is cheating is a choice or a mistake?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Cesar Pineda, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Brendalyn25

    Brendalyn25 New Member

    In my opinion cheating is a choice. For you are aware on will happen if you commit or cheat but you still chose to do it.
    Mistake means that you are not aware on what will happen next when you do something.
  2. DynarchAtafixe

    DynarchAtafixe New Member

    I've never understood people who cheat. Back when I was dating, if I felt like I wanted to sleep with someone else, it probably meant it was time to move on from that relationship. And are relationships even worth it if you're not being sexually fulfilled? I don't think so.

    Of course there's nothing wrong with being polyamorous. I was even polyamorous for a while, it was fun but it also sucked, like any form of relationships can.
  3. Regg

    Regg New Member

    Cheating is a choice. I don't believe that you just accidentally flirt with someone, you chose to do that because you want too. Maybe because you are bored with your relationship, and you are not happy with your partner anymore. You cheat because you choose to do it and you are aware of the consequences.
  4. tinetine31

    tinetine31 New Member

    Yes it's a choice.
  5. Roy Luis

    Roy Luis Member

    Cheaters simply don't care. It's not that they don't care about the girlfriend/boyfriend or fiance or spouse that they have made a promise of commitment to.
  6. CherryNapila23

    CherryNapila23 New Member

    For me, cheating is both a choice and a mistake. It is up to the person to stand up and face the consequences of his/her action. Before a person cheats, he/she knows that it is a mistake since one other person will get hurt and nobody ends up really happy or satisfied with what had just transpired. Cheating is a choice in such a way that the person who cheated knows that he/she will be making a choice. It just depends on whether he/she has made the right choice or had just committed the biggest mistake of his/her life.
  7. Tadz

    Tadz New Member

    In my humble opinion cheating is a choice. Right at the start before you commit cheating, you know that the temptation is already present, but still you continue to do it. We have to refrain ourselves if someone shows an ill desire towards us. Think of our better half before making a choice that leads to a mistake decision. Because a broken trust is one of the hardest things to fix if it involves our love ones.
  8. MOlivier

    MOlivier New Member

    Cheating is simply a choice, no matter how you look at it. There is no excuse. This is why it is called the perfect crime. Cheating and everything attached to it will tear apart entire families and even push people to suicide, and there is no punishment. It is an absolutely disgusting action. We go to school or work or college or even parties etc. where temptation is all around. We know this. Some people on the other hand really don't care as this action is what they thrive on to prove some sort of something either to others or themselves. In most cases it is an egotistical play on power over someone else - perhaps the better half who will stay knowing this, scared to leave and over time start to doubt themselves and blame themselves, leaving them broken with no self esteem - and this because they truly love a person and believe the cheating to be a mistake and that it will never happen again and so forth. In advanced cases this cheating turns into complete manipulation and emotional and mental abuse and at the end of the day a dangerous game of life and death; hence crimes of passion. Cheating is filthy.
  9. vicvik1

    vicvik1 New Member

    Cheating is a personal decision some people will never cheat no mater how bad it is other will cheat no mater how good it is.
  10. sammiii

    sammiii New Member

    "Cheating, no matter what reason is always a choice." I remember very clearly word by word what my bestfriend told me years ago. He explained to me that cheating is a voluntary decision of someone. Anyone who cheats are well aware that they're already cheating but in denial. Making reasons of why you are cheating is an excuse. And making an excuse doesn't make it right.
  11. Marleo

    Marleo New Member

    Cheating is a choice . You have your own common sense before you did something wrong think of what will happen in the future . Either you will end up breaking the heart of your girlfriend/boyfriend or your wife/husband especially when your married it’s not only that marriage is broken think of your children do you want them to grow up with a broken family ? So it’s better that in the first place you will avoid something that can ruin everything and if you really love someone you cannot do it .
  12. Fayye

    Fayye New Member

    It's extremely case specific, in my opinion. One-time hookups, to me, fall more in the mistake category. Especially if both parties are intoxicated. Extended affairs though, fall in the explicit choice category.

    Whatever the form of cheating though, it's usually both a choice and the wrong one.
  13. Nada

    Nada New Member

    Cheating is always a choice. No matter if you're under any influence, it's a choice you're making. You're making the choice to hurt your significant other. You're making the choice to break their trust in you. The person who cheats knows there's consequences to their actions but still does it. That's a choice.
  14. RizaReese

    RizaReese New Member

    Cheating is a choice whether it was done consciously or not. Although we are only human and are susceptible to mistakes, it doesn't excuse anyone who has cheated in taking liability of their reckless decision.
  15. Carrascoshiela

    Carrascoshiela New Member

    It is both I have to say. Sometimes in life you will be caught up in a situation where everything feels so right about something but it is wrong at the same time. Your mind and heart is working synchronized. You know that it is a mistake but you will still choose to go ahead with it. Uou will take chances. But most of us are not ready for the consequences the mistake will bring. That's where regret enter the scene. Everyone will be in this kind of situation one way or another it is just a matter of choice. A choice to stand by your mistake. To suffer and learn from it. Because one its already done you wont be able to take it back.
  16. taraymorena

    taraymorena New Member

    It's both. Cheating isn't something that just simply happen, you chose it to happen. And because you choose that to happen, it then becomes a mistake. For people who are in a relationship, we should always remember that there will always be someone who is greater or have much more than what your partner have. There will always be flaws within the relationship, but i think if you're faithful to your partner, no matter how hard it is to resist temptation, you'd never choose to do something that would hurt your partner. Love your partner and be faithful. Trust, respect, communication, time and faithfulness is very much important in making a relationship last a lifetime. :)
  17. Millyn

    Millyn New Member

    for me cheating is both a choice and a mistake. in everything that we do we always start with a choice - choice to do it or not do it. we always have the choice not to, it always depends on you. lastly, cheating from the simplest and basic definition is always a mistake.
  18. Brian3456754

    Brian3456754 New Member

    In my opinion cheating is a choice if you know the rules you can always choose not to cheat. Sometimes you might subconsciously cheat but that means it is in your brain somewhere and you have done it before.

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