Is Chinese Cheap Andriod Phones Reliable ?

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Is Chinese Cheap Andriod Phones Reliable ?

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  1. mynamasteve

    mynamasteve New Member

    Chinese Android phones are much cheaper than other Android phones available in the market. There are many on-line sites which offer Chinese mobile at much cheaper rates. Some even offer one year warranty.

    But are this Chinese Brands reliable?
    Whats your experience with Chinese Android mobiles ?
    Have you ever brought from such online sites like etc..,?
  2. SumeetGautam

    SumeetGautam New Member

    My first phone was an unbranded Chinese phone that cost about $60. It could take and make calls, but web browsing and other applications were too slow to enjoy. Eventually, it started dropping calls so it failed even the basic function of a phone. If making phone calls and texting is all that you are interested in, then go for it. But there are many brand-name but cheap options such as the Moto G. I suggest the latter route given the increased reliability.
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  3. mmalka01

    mmalka01 New Member

    One of the first cell phones that i have ever had was a cheap generic Chinese cell phone, the quality was unbeatable at the cost but it did suffer from reliability and poor battery life. I would recommend a cheap brand name phone from companies lie Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung instead.
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  4. CootieTootie

    CootieTootie New Member

    Whilst not a phone, I have a cheap Chinese Android tablet that is very unreliable. It is slow and unresponsive, as well as applications often crashing and causing problems. This on top of the endless games and applications that it doesn't support because they refuse to push the latest Android updates out.
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  5. Saulius

    Saulius New Member

    If you are reffering to such chinese smartphone brands as Huawei and ZTE, i would say that they make Android devices as good as the major brands. I have had a huawei smartphone and it was as good as any samsung or htc in its price range. (in terms of its specifications and reliability)
  6. antha2

    antha2 New Member

    Cheap phones = stay away.

    It is just not worth it.

    I have tried cheap phones (NOT from Xiomi, or similar), and cheap tablets from China. I always come back disappointed. Although the facts look amazing on paper, the little things annoy you.
    1. The touch sometimes fails to recognize. Even the buttons do that sometimes
    2. Performance is highly variable
    3. Phone/tablet gets heated up pretty quickly
    I have not heard anyone boasting about cheap Chinese phones. They rarely last more than 6 months - either the owner is tired of all the jumping around to make it work, or the phone just dies one day to end all misery.

    In my own experience, my switching to a largely under-powered phones yield much better benefits.

    However, take note. I am not talking about Chinese-made phones. Nowadays all devices (or their components) are made in China or Taiwan anyway.
  7. tysovsky

    tysovsky New Member

    From my experience Chinese phones from noname brands are absolutely unreliable. They would usually be shipped with an obsolete version of the os, with no update available, and would usually under perform because they simply don't have the advertised specs. That being said there are some very good Chinese brands, such as Oppo, that have a great build quality for a relatively low price.
  8. Argent

    Argent New Member

    Working in technical support for a major cell provider, I would not recommend purchasing one. Most of these phones are android clones or "faux-android" devices. Their IMEI will be compatible with networks in their originating country, however are not compatible on networks in North America. If you were to purchase one, you would want to do research on if it is compatible with your personal cellular provider. You should also take into consideration that software updates and certain features of these phone will not be available like the official version of the phone make/model.

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