Is Depression a Real Thing?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Honeyjuicebox, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Honeyjuicebox

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    Hi guys. So I wanna know if this thing i'm currently into is already considered a depression. Tell me how do we get depression? Does it kill? What are the signs of depression? What are the effects? How do we fight it?
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  2. chellay

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    Depression is Real!!! This mental illness is particularly insidious because for all intents and purposes a person with it is doing fine. Function well enough to work, at home, and at school, and to anyone observing they seem to be healthy. But the truth is that on the inside, someone with this type of depression is struggling. They may feel empty and numb, sad, down on themselves, and as if they are just hanging on, but treating this condition is possible and effective by the help of mental health professional. For those who have family members/friends suffering depression, be good, non-judgemental listener, be a supportive family member/friend, and encourage her/his to get help.
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  3. Donna12

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    Depression is a real thing and it is very dangerous. When you feel depress, you became unproductive or even worse! You became suicidal! It is very unhealthy living with depression.
  4. orock42

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    For the record, I am not a medical professional, so this is my layman's understanding of depression. Sometimes, a traumatic event can cause someone to fall into a depression. Other times, a person is born with a predilection to depression and stressful or negative events will trigger their chronic depression.

    Physicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists often ask someone if they have suffered a loss or been through a difficult time, and then follow up with questions about changes to the person's behaviors. Typically, they'll ask questions like whether the person is eating more or less, is sleeping more or less, is unable to focus at work or at home, and if they have lost interest in the things they used to enjoy. Depression is a disease that can be treated with medication and therapy.
  5. romilda

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    Depression can sometimes leads to death specially to teenagers. parents and guardians should keep and eye to their children and should have a shoulder to cry on.

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