Is diet soda bad for you?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Artemisia, Nov 24, 2015.

  1. Artemisia

    Artemisia New Member

    On one hand, diet soda has zero calories, and drinking diet soda instead of regular soda eliminates all of those HFCs (high fructose corn syrup) from your daily food intake. Regular, full-sugar soda is pretty much objectively bad, so swapping out to diet soda has to be an improvement.

    On the other hand, I keep hearing that artificial sweeteners are bad for you, and that they can contribute to your glycemic index anyway.

    Should I stop drinking diet soda altogether?
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  2. Leonor Dimanalata

    Leonor Dimanalata New Member

    Avoid drinking both of them. I watched so many documentaries about food and health for the past 2 years after i made a decision that i want to lose weight for good. This is where I gain knowledge and awareness about many important stuff. Artificial sweeteners are equally bad as corn syrup. I know they are addicting, I've been there. Minimize your consummation, don't stop right away because these chemicals are created to make you addicted. so if you stop, after a while, your body will ask for it like what happens in withdrawal period for people who have alcohol problem. Start gradually and replace it will other stuffs, like fruit juice for example.
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  3. artyarson

    artyarson New Member

    What I'm about to say right now is pretty simple and obvious. So, just do not abuse anything and everything will be okay. Restrain from excessive drinkig of one partucular thing, especially If it's bringing your health and shape down. Try something new.
  4. Sabella

    Sabella New Member

    Regular soda is loaded with sugar where diet sodas are loaded with dangerous chemicals. I'm not a big fan of either one of them, but if I do have a big craving I would choose the regular soda over the chemical filled diet sodas. Another thing I figured out is to use club soda along with 100% fruit juices. I would say 1:1. Has much less sugar and over time you can use less and less of the fruit juice. It satisfies the soda craving very effectively.
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  5. edz26

    edz26 Member

    Drinking diet soda for weight gain prevention is not are helpful. Although diet soda is calorie free but it won't help you to loss weight. soda was essentially as bad for your health as eating fried foods. artificial sweetener in diet soda mess your body chemical processing causing you to eat more and cause weight gain so its better to drink water instead of diet soda.
  6. Zoewrites

    Zoewrites New Member

    Artificial sugar is definitely worse for your body than natural sugars. Your body actually does need some sugar, but only natural ones. Overall, sodas are unhealthy diet or otherwise. If you're trying to lose weight, avoid soda altogether. A regular soda every once in a while is fine though.
  7. Hillari

    Hillari New Member

    Diet soda has way too much sodium and the ingredients to give them a "sweet" taste are highly questionable. I would advise people who want to stop drinking soda not to switch to diet soda. Natural juice, tea, milk alternatives (almond, soy, rice), and just plain old water are way better alternatives.
  8. Zserter

    Zserter New Member

    Regular soda and diet soda are pretty much the same. The only difference they have is their sweetening component.
    Unlike Diet soda which uses artificial sweetener (mainly aspartame or sucralose), regular soda uses corn syrup on top of sucrose (sugar). Though you may say that corn syrup is "natural" and safer than artificial sweetener it does have its ill effect to the overall physiological function of the body. One to mention is that corn syrup is not digested in the GI tract and it promotes fatty liver adding the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition it does not stimulate the hormone insulin and leptin which are the primary hormones responsible for signalling our body when we are full or not which leads to over-eating and obesity which in turn increases the risk of diabetes.
    On the other hand, some says that diet soda can help in weight loss but i bid to disagree. Research studies from the University of Texas showed that for every bottle of diet soda you drink the chances of gaining weight increases by 41%. Why is this so? Because aspartame gives signal to the cerebral cortex activating the reward center of the brain which will urge you to intake more ("more please"). It has also an immediate impact on the dopamine levels of the body which produces positive reinforcement to your mood and cognitive process (just like alcohol and other drugs do) - this is what causes the addiction which will now be difficult to fight and on top of all of that diet soda can give you more kidney problems than the regular one. Also a study from Harvard tells that 1 diet soda a day increases your risk of heart attack by 20%.

    Overall the two of them share almost the same gravity of ill effects to the human body. So the next time you feel thirsty, drink water instead.
  9. tatz1120

    tatz1120 Member

    Diet drinks are harmful to your health.
    Artificial sweeteners cause headaches.
    Sodas might ruin teeth.
    Zero soda mixed with alcohol makes the drunk more harmful.
    Artificial sweeteners cause depression.
    Diet sodas won’t make your bones any healthier.
    Fizzy drinks weaken your heart.
  10. simon2018

    simon2018 New Member

    Diet Soda is definitely bad for anyone to ingest. What they did is replaced natural sugar or processed sugar with chemicals that do not contain calories but fool your brain into tasting sweet taste. In long run these chemicals contribute to serious health issues. If you want to lower calorie intake simply eat less or eat natural foods that contain less calories. You can also exercise more to burn more calories. Eat clean, chemical free, organic if possible, preferably raw, unprocessed foods, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts & water and/or fresh squeezed juice.
  11. marcbarredo13

    marcbarredo13 Member

    Diet soda, zero-sugar soda or any types of sodas are still the same. They will say "zero sugar" but they will use some artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose as a substitute to sugar. Aspartame and sucralose is very dangerous to our health and it has negative impacts to our body especially in our brain. My advice is to avoid all sodas and exchange it to filtered water.
  12. ranerii10

    ranerii10 Member

    I think it's not. soda is bad to our health, it contains high level of sugar that can cause diabetes and other disease. it has chemicals. just avoid unhealthy food and drink natural juices, it will help you a lot than drinking sodas.
  13. mvillere

    mvillere New Member

    Diet soda is incredibly bad for your health. The fact that people think they are being healthy by drinking diet sodas is insane. They are full of unnatural chemicals that make you crave sugars.
  14. weeshieng

    weeshieng New Member

    To some people, especially those individual with familial history of diabetes, soda is bad for them. Soda has a high level of sugar. Soda increases diabetes risk.
  15. weeshieng

    weeshieng New Member

    Soda with a higher content of sugar increases the risk of acquiring diabetes. If person with diabetes, it is bad idea to drink soda. But if you insisted to drink, choose soda with "zero-sugar" on the label.
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  16. khenkhen25

    khenkhen25 New Member

    What I can suggest is to stop drinking soda. it contains a lot of sugar with no benefits. it can cause illness, not for now but on the future.
  17. weeshieng

    weeshieng New Member

    Diet soda are those sodas with less or no sugar content. Instead of sugar, maker of soda use sweeteners either artificial or natural sweeteners. So its okay for everyone to drink diet soda. Remember that anything artificial is bad for the health.
  18. It is bad to our health. it contains high sugar that can cause diabetes and other diseases, better to stop drinking sodas and drink lot of water and healthy juices.
  19. weeshieng

    weeshieng New Member

    Yes, you may stop drinking soda. You know it is really hard to do it. But if you have determination in achieving healthy lifestyle or diet by eliminating soda drinks in your diet, surely you can achieved it. Better to drink water.
  20. weeshieng

    weeshieng New Member

    If your taste buds looking some soda, try making smoothies. It is so refreshing and it taste good. You may combine two to three fruits and blended it. That is the best substitute of soda and a more healthier.
  21. Swaggy890

    Swaggy890 New Member

    It can be but thats obviously if you are overdoing it and having too much meaning after every meal or just in general a lot of glasses a day. The sugar aspect of will make you suffer but occasionally i feel its fine as long as you drink much more water.
  22. aizabmalsi

    aizabmalsi New Member

    I think drinking too much soda may cause certain diseases...
  23. donald78

    donald78 Member

    The artificial sweeteners and other chemicals currently used in diet soda are safe for most people, and there's no credible evidence that these ingredients cause cancer. Some types of diet soda are even fortified with vitamins and minerals. But diet soda isn't a health drink or a silver bullet for weight loss. Diet sodas are popular beverages all over the world, especially among people who want to reduce their sugar or calorie intake. Instead of sugar, they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners like aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin, acesulfame-k or sucralose. And no several studies have proved conclusively that drinking diet soda is associated with weight gain.
  24. omarmena4

    omarmena4 New Member

    In general all sodas are bad for you. One way or another they do not contain organic ingredients.
  25. mnabid

    mnabid New Member

    I have being watching several videos lately showing that diet soda are bad for health, because they contain artificial sweeteners such as ASPARTAME which is extremely dangerous, for more information about this topic, please visit DR. Ekberg's channel on YouTube.

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