Is falling for your best friend inevitable?

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    A best friend is someone who will always love you no matter what happens. A best friend is someone you can always lean on, someone you can talk to when you feel so down or happy. A best friend can be your parent, sister or brother, friend, or even your family. But what will happen if one day you woke up realizing that you already fell in love with the best friend you have, how will you face the situation?

    I always hear those songs such as, "lucky I'm in love with my best friend" or even that "I fell in love with my best friend", is falling in love with your best friend such a good thing that happened? Maybe it depends if your best friend also falls for you already. They say that falling in love with your best friend is inevitable, maybe because of experience? I have this friends who fell in love with their guy best friends but disaster only happened, after the guy learned that his best friend had already fell for him, he changed and he suddenly courted this girl which is a friend of my friend. Maybe if they didn't confess nothing will change but falling for their best friend is the thing they didn't saw coming.I still believe that falling for your best friend is not inevitable, you can still be best friends without this romance feelings. I have this guy friend, for almost eight years of being best friends, nothing such as romance or that "feeling of falling for your friend" happened. Because we already said it to ourselves that "best friend first before romantic love". Have you also experienced something like this? How did you manage? Did you fell for your best friend and he also fell for you? Or it became one-sided. Share it.

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