Is Ferdinand Marcos a great leader?

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  1. Mr.C

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    Many speculations rise when we say the name Ferdinand Marcos. This name is deeply rooted in the history of the Philippines from economy to his impact in the nation's people that up to this day, many of the people of the Philippines are still againts the Marcoses.

    Ferdinand Marcos, he is one of the former president of the republic of the Philippines who served for a mere 2 decades. Marcos is the name reflected by the Martial Law.

    According to some sources Marcos served the congress and military before pursuing to be a president. He was the presidenr known for more than an hour speech but the script is just written in his mind. Under his reign the railway system of the Philippines emerge, it fought for the poverty, drugs and also Marcos teach his people to be law abiding citizens, he was the so called nation's builder. Under his reign was the first longest Express way in the Asia the NLEX and SLEX, some says that it is the golden age of the Philippines, but is it?

    Human rights violation, extrajudicial killings and the worst of all are the cases of those who dissapeared in his regime but until now is still missing. According to some even the television is controlled by him. Curfew hours is very strict and the suspension of writ of habeas corpus is indeed a worst case.

    It's all about how we look on the things in different direction, we cannot understand someone who is looking at another perspective. What can you say?
  2. for me his a great leader he made Philippines ahead to other countries we became number one in Asia . During his administration Marcos made things easily for Filipinos from food , agrarian , transportation and more . before almost of the Filipino are afraid to make a crime and the discipline remains in Marcos administration. now when everything has change what happen ? some Filipino has no discipline there's a lot of crimes happening . and the sad thing is during Marcos administration who knows if there's a corruption back then but still Philippines is a rich country, Not like now there's a corruption and the kind of living is so poor .
  3. banjowanjo

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    His educational attainment and accomplishments have nothing to do with whether he was a good leader or not. He may have not been directly responsible for the martial law killings, but he was president and he had the power to stop them, but he didn't. Many people I know who have lived in that regime also say that their lives were great and I congratulate them, but they were not the only ones living at that time. Some lived a horrible life. The people were kept ignorant and the ones who saw wrong were considered traitors. People were terrified of the people who were supposed to be protecting them. To me, that is not good leadership.
  4. mayad ako

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    Yes he is...Why?He was able to stop the communist that almost engulf the whole of Asia.His achievements up to now is unparalled by his predecessors and leaders after him combined, by declaring martial law he was able to stop enemy of the state and criminals..and these are the very people who are claimaing that they were abused and victims of Marcos...and not the Filipino people because Marcos is the true savior of democracy.
  5. Nivram Cabby

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    ABSOLUTELY YES! WITHOUT A DOUBT. I do not care what other people say about the Marcoses, I do believe in the goodness that they have done for this country. This will not be the country that it is now without the doings of Ferdinand Marcos. They have done a lot for this country and I do believe he can be considered a hero.
  6. Padilla Daniel

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    Marcos no hero

    Yes marcos uplifted our country but what is the use of being number one if we are not united? There is a great gap between the rich and the poor and a true successful country does not depict division of classes. Try to think if Philippines did not prosper before, then this, our contemporary issues and problems will not arise. But I am very sure that even Marcos did not make Philippines rich, other president will. We could be a late bloomer country that will surpass Singapore who is now one of the first world countries in Asia. With our natural resources and manpower or human resources, we can be the Asia's leading first world country.
    So my stand is I do not see Marcos as the best president nor a hero. He should not be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.
  7. Pol Jhon Andajer

    Pol Jhon Andajer New Member

    Our books says he is not good. But as I look around metro manila and ask those people who were able to witness his regime, majority says he is a good leader. He is not perfect but if I will compare his achievement to those presidents after him, I think he achieve more than those leaders that follow him.
  8. marviccortez0221

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    All I can say is that Former President Ferdinand Marcos is far better than all the presidents after him except Duterte
  9. chackie31

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    maam, philippines is one of the richest asian country before marcos, Marcos inherited that economy maybe he was a great leader but look at us now?? We inherited the debt of his 21 year term in office.. we cant argue with this because we both know we have not live on that era.. This problem of our country will not be solve by a single man, we have to unite and to make changes we have to vote the right leader of this country. Until the dawn of this beautiful country.

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