Is Fiverr A Freelance Writing Site?

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    BLIZZMEDIA New Member

    Fiverr is known as a great marketplace and popular selling platform whereby anyone from any part of the world creates services called Gigs for a flat rate of $5 per order. Fiverr gives room for services like Copywriting, translation, logo design, graphic design, SEO, and many more.

    Fiverr retains $1 for site maintenance while the seller pockets $4 on every order. On Fiverr, a user can get paid through a Fiverr MasterCard or through checks as the case may be. Is Fiverr one of the freelance writing sites?
  2. Klscribe

    Klscribe New Member

    Fiverr is an interesting platform for a number of services, but I wouldn't say writing is one of them. Unless you're willing to put a lot of time in for very little profit, it's unlikely 5 dollars worth of any writer's time will produce something super useful. Writing is a slow form, much more suited to project-centered monetization techniques.
  3. wisepost

    wisepost New Member

    Yes Fiverr has it all bundled up in one App and Free Lance writing is one of there serves as a gig ! Fiverr is very much recommended for success as an Entrepreneur , businessman , Artist , ect.
  4. Gratiano

    Gratiano Member

    Fiverr charges a lot, 20% is extremely high as commission for online services. Do not neglect that PayPal will keep a fraction of your earnings.
    Additionally, Fiverr cannot protect you from frauds with credit cards...
  5. Amazingwriter

    Amazingwriter New Member

    Fiverr is a great platform to sell your marketable skills in the form of Gigs and get paid.
    Many sellers in the writing and translation niche have actually excelled as a result of constant repeat orders from clients who find their articles unique and well reseached.However, refering to Fiverr as a Freelance writing site may be misleading as there are many other niches such as Graphic design, Programming, Liferstyle among others, that are equally pulling as much weight as the writing niche.I think it is safer to consider writing as part of the services rendered on the platform. Fiverr is not entirely a freelance writing site.Writing is only a part of it.
  6. Gratiano

    Gratiano Member

    As a seller and a buyer I would avoid Fiverr, I have been bitterly disappointed.
  7. Tania997

    Tania997 New Member

    I used Fiverr both as a seller and a buyer. Asked someone to make a good website. Had a freelancer put malicious code in my site. Either he or the plugin he put in was full of malware. My site has been offline for months. Fiverr refuses to help more than a $10 credit, it's insane and I'll never use them again. Use upwork instead. I used that both as a buyer and a seller, never encountered problems like this. Also fiverr takes a lot of money from your work, and they won't really help you in a dispute.
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  8. Gratiano

    Gratiano Member

    Utterly true. In case of dispute, fiverr just claims that "we are not responsible"... Unless you do not mind losing 6$(5+1), try it. In all other occassions look for real professionals(not the members but the platform owners).
  9. AdamJenaine

    AdamJenaine New Member

    For your case........ No, not really.

    Fiverr is not really a place for much. Everyone wants to make logos, dance around with words on text, or impersonate someone, etc. I don't think its a great idea to join up a website that already has bad establishment as a base. it'd be much more wise to just contact blogs personally, or try to use blogs to get notice yourself.
  10. Scirocco

    Scirocco New Member

    There is a lot of competition in Fiverr, a lot of gigs wrapped around writing niche so I wouldn't really recommend it. Fiverr is an interesting site, you can find hilarious stuff there but it isn't suited for writing. If you're serious about writing you should check out jobs on UpWork or

    Also, Fiverr gigs are usually used as a joke (with some exceptions of course). You usually go to Fiverr to purchase a troll gig from someone to make your friends laugh.
  11. Steven43701

    Steven43701 New Member

    I would not consider it a freelance writing site, even though writing is one of the gigs. I think a true freelance writing site would be one that solely hires writers for various types of jobs.

    I have been to the Fiverr site but have never used it. My thoughts were that writing takes a lot of thought and work and would not be worth the $4 you might earn. My second thought was that the competition is probably fairly tough because of the amount of people that have been using Fiverr for a long time and have good ratings and repeat clients. It may work for some but not for me.
  12. josephpanes02

    josephpanes02 New Member

    I wanna sell a gig on fiverr too. But i dont know where to start, i heard theres a lot that we can sell on that site but i never made even a single penny.
  13. ahmedabderrazak

    ahmedabderrazak New Member

    Selling on Fiverr isn't easy because there's lots of members around the world trying to sell their gigs in the mean time so you should fight and work hard in order to get some earnings there .
  14. yemzy

    yemzy New Member

    In my opinion,Fiverr is the best Freelancing site I have encountered.You can do nearly everything on Fiverr and you will always get quality.Fiverr has the numbers,professionals,intellects and experts all in one marketplace.It is a marketplace not meant for amateurs because you have to be really good at your gig if you want high and continuous patronage.
  15. Rumu

    Rumu New Member

    I'll go with yemzi on this. Fiverr is indeed one amongst the best platforms for freelancers, but with so much competition. You have to be good at what you do to excel. You also need to patient.
  16. Maliaca22

    Maliaca22 New Member

    Fiverr is a freelance writing sites and also the biggest platform for freelancers. There income is not that great for a writer and they have lots of competition.
  17. Boostedmonkey

    Boostedmonkey New Member

    Is there any website where you can sell essay and short story?.
  18. mahjabeen

    mahjabeen New Member

    Yes Fiverr is a freelance writing site i personally have experienced it. I have 4 gigs and fortunately i was been approached by the buyers. I will also say there is lot of competition too.
  19. u365463

    u365463 New Member

    Fiverr is a freelance writing site and more. This is one of the things you can do on Fiverr, there are many more services you can offer. With Freelance writing, you can offer your services for $5 or more.
  20. helpingothersallday

    helpingothersallday New Member

    I think Fiverr can be a great site to use if you have a service of value to offer. The issue I have had personally is getting eyes on the post and making people see it. If people never see your post, you can't get people to buy it.
  21. Brilliantauthor

    Brilliantauthor New Member

    Fiverr is a freelance writing platform, though freelancing is just one of the hundreds of platforms in the network. Fiverr is a big marketplace (If not the largest in the world) whereby you buy and sell fantastic services or products for five bucks only and get paid via PayPal or Fiverr MasterCard. Other services listed at Fiverr include SEO, technology, logo design, traffic building, copywriting, translation, and many more.

    Fiverr allows you to sell any stuff you know for $5 and you take 80% while Fiverr keeps the rest for site maintenance. It's just a selling platform like SEOClerks and many others. It's a reliable place to sell your stuff free provided you have the traffic. Fiverr sellers offer writing services and give additional bonuses at extra charges.

    What is special about Fiverr is that you sell and make extra money referring other people into the platform. To start offering writing services at Fiverr, you must create an account first and set up your account profile before listing gigs. Your gigs are the services you are selling to the people.
  22. charlierichey

    charlierichey New Member

    Fiverr has notorious fees, however they do have a freelance writing platform! There are still many more services you can offer though, you aren't limited at all. Fiverr lets you sell whatever talents you're comfortable with and that's a unique strength!

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