Is freelancing helpful?

Discussion in 'The Freelance Life' started by Thonette, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Thonette

    Thonette New Member

    Is freelancing helpful?

    For me yes it is. Especially to a students. Of course a a teenager we have needs for our self.. For our personal needs and I admit that I am shy to go to my parents and ask them to buy my stuffs that is why I am always seeking for a freelance job.
  2. junjun-RwEM

    junjun-RwEM New Member

    On my part, freelancing plays a major role considering that I am disabled. I am free to do a beneficial task on time I decide. Freelance work also lets me decide my productivity. It helps me manage the wellness of my health, so to speak. It may not sound too rewarding but the freedom it gives is priceless.
  3. NewBeginnings

    NewBeginnings New Member

    I have worked as a freelancer and for companies and I must say that having done both I prefer freelancing. I'd rather take the risks of it than to get a steady monthly payment but having no control over the decision making.
    I like things my way.. I guess I'm going to start my own company one day.. maybe sooner than later.
  4. vheeno

    vheeno New Member

    Freelancing is the most convenient way to earn a living because you don't need to travel to office. The best part of this is you can select your preferred schedule and work during your availability. It makes you more productive and you feel confident because you work at your preferred spot, usually at home.
  5. jack18

    jack18 Member

    I think this helped clients connect with me a little more than the average person, which allowed me to get to the interview stage,,From here, I knew I could close some contracts quickly, and knock their projects out of the park, so I could get some great reviews, and build up my social proof...
  6. jonjon1980

    jonjon1980 Member

    yes! very helpful because your time is yours like a boss! I love freelancing because we have enough time to spend your family at home without leaving work from home
  7. schesison

    schesison New Member

    Yes! freelancing is very helpful specially for those who needs extra cash for their everyday living. Not everyone's salary is enough to pay their bills. Maybe it is but they don't have extra for their leisure and freelancing is the best solution I can recommend for them. Work whenever you feel like working, no boss, no toxic workmates and freedom is all yours :D
  8. alexis.ternate

    alexis.ternate New Member

    Absolutely YES. Freelancing is a good way to earn money. Unlike being at a full time job you don't have a very strict rules to follow. You can be a freelancer at your own comfort at your own time. Even if you're a freelancer still remember that you still have responsinbilities.
  9. naililmuna

    naililmuna New Member

    Absolutely. Freelancing is so much helpful. We can work from home. We can decide to take the job or not. And good things is that we can meet new people. I think freelancing is the next future way people make living. No boundary, all simply task related. And we got paid for who we are, and what we can do. No barrier. Just become yourself!
  10. DanM08

    DanM08 New Member

    Yes, Freelancing is absolutely helpful. Freelancing in my perspective can be considered a freedom of an employee, though you're not totally an employee, you've committed to a certain project or a certain task from a client and you can finish that within the given due date of submission. It helps sustain your income while managing your time with your family or loved ones.
  11. fredtej

    fredtej New Member

    Freelancing is helpful for some people. Most of the time, people will always find a regular job. Being in a regular job offers a steady stream of income, paid leaves, healthcare insurance and allowances. You won't get some of those if you are a freelancer. Being a freelancer, on the other hand, has its own advantages. Freelancing is best for single parents or to those who can't go to the office everyday due to medical reasons. Freelancing offers more flexibility in terms of work schedule, work location and less stress because they don't have to think of clothes they wear everyday, no boss to yell at you when they are not in the mood, no workmates that borrow money and never pay it back and all that. They just have to really find a good paying freelance job for them to be able to earn a decent money to sustain their daily needs.
  12. biancarollan

    biancarollan New Member

    Yes, Freelancing is helpful for people who needs extra income without going outside their home. Students who needs money to sustain their needs in school, like fees and projects. Fresh graduates can use freelancing as a training ground for them to be ready for the actual work. Retired seniors can also use freelancing if they need something to do or they still want to have income. Freelancing can also help those people with disabilities, they can showcase their expertise in a field that they are comfortable and it would make them feel that they can still work despite of having a disability.

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