Is immersion a big part of your gaming experience?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Blu3lava, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Blu3lava

    Blu3lava New Member

    After having played World of Warcraft for so long I lost the feeling of immersion. Skyrim always gave me that feeling and after experiencing it so many times, becoming one with the game and my character has gotten really important for me. I can't play some games I used to just because of it.
    What's your take on immersion in games?
  2. Mikoloco

    Mikoloco New Member

    I think that the concept of ''immersion'' is a fair bit overused and lost quite some value due to it.

    Skyrim, all in itself, is pretty atmospheric, I'll give you that- but simply ticking a box isn't enough for it to be considered atmospheric.
    • The AI is frankly braindead (if it was ever alive.)
    • The dungeons look like they were designed by 8 year olds for homework.
    • The graphics (even though this matters little to me) were ridiculously dated even for 2011.
    • The initial questline is abhorrent.
    In my view, a truly immersive game would be something closer to Witcher 3 but I understand it's a far more advanced game. However, Resident Evil 4 which was released much sooner manages to be a lot more atmospheric than Skyrim.
  3. Ubayed

    Ubayed New Member

    Yes! of course it it important, in fact nowadays it has become the biggest part that game developers put effort on. Creating the most immersive games has been the ultimate goal of the industry for too long and playing such games was the biggest dream of all players.

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