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What do you think,is internet

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  1. gforce70a

    gforce70a New Member

    Internet is a broad term.
    I honestly believe that the Internet is neither good not bad,it just is.
    Because here,on the internet you can find all kinds of stuff.From valuable information like tutorials or guides on pretty much anything to some pretty nasty stuff...Yep you got it all,here,on the web...
    But how can you determine if its good or bad?
    Well you cant.
    It all depends on yourself,and what you are looking for.

    We all can agree that we ended up on strange parts of the internet,like one moment you need to study for an exam,the next moment you are watching funny cat videos and have no clue how you ended up there...
    Then there is the hidden part of the web,called the Deep Web,most of us never been there,but they say it makes around 90% of the internet.Deep Web is usually associated to illegal stuff such as drugs,crime and so on...
    Maybe thats why most of us have never been there.

    But one thing is certain,the power of internet is in our hands,and we chose how we will use it.
    There are countless of educational websites,they offer you courses on all sort of things,from drawing to programming.One of them is ,and i highly recommend it.
    Another good educational website is ,they are famous for their youtube videos,called Ted Talks,their motto is Ideas worth spreading and you can find great content there!

    So guys dont forget that you choose what you watch,and that you can really learn anything you want on the internet!

    Could you live without Internet for a week?Let me know in the comments :D
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  2. mtiongson319

    mtiongson319 New Member

    Internet have advantages and disadvantages also .Children download online games and the always play on them .That,s why they have addiction to the online games.So they don't spend time with the parents . Online games like blue whale, Pokemon go are too dangerous that's why children should not addicted to it.
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  3. gforce70a

    gforce70a New Member

    I completely agree with you,i think that parents should be more responsible and not allow their children to get adicted to that kind of games. Especially Pokemon GO cause its extremely dangerous.
  4. holmes tagart

    holmes tagart New Member

    Somewhat internet is bad and somewhat internet is good. Internet is bad only because kids are getting addicted not only kids but also some adults.Internet is good because you can learn many many things. You can learn more advance on what you've learn in school, you can also learn what did you not learn in school.
  5. tsinito12345

    tsinito12345 Member

    It depends how you use it but for me as long as you feel good in using it. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK.
  6. The Internet is neither good or bad, it is simply a powerful tool and only the user can define if this power can create a positive impact or not. For instance Facebook, which is one of the largest companies in the world run the majority of its operation online connecting hundreds of millions everyday for the common good of humanity, in the meantime some immoral people could use the internet to hack into others' personal computers and steal their private data.
    Both parties use the same platform, yet the result is totally different.
    So to answer your question, the Internet is neither good or bad, it's NEUTRAL.
  7. Baden

    Baden New Member

    Internet is good. It is so useful to everyone. What makes it bad is the unscrupulous deeds that some people put inside it. Whatever being made for the purpose of good to humanity is good, but to alter this for the convenience of selfishness that's where it starts to become bad.

    Always remember the universal law that states "In every action there is always an equal or opposite reaction". We should alwasy be responsible of our action.
  8. yuzupon

    yuzupon Member

    It depends on what you search for using it. It can generate and give you thousands of results to something which is great. But if it is used for doing "bad" things then yes it is bad. It only depends on the person utilizing the net be it for the greater good or the bad. I hope we stay within the good side which is nice.
  9. iambrynx

    iambrynx New Member

    Internet is a very useful program. It allows people to search information, entertain themselves and to communicate with others. We all know that there are alot of information that the internet is providing us each and everytime we use it but, not all information are reliable. There are some information that are prone to fraudulent activities. All we need to do as a responsible internet user is think, read and understand before we click.
  10. thirdie

    thirdie New Member

    It depends on how are you going to use it. People tend to use it for good like making decent jobs and earn money but some are using this to harrass other people and the worse thing is that they take advantage to the poverty that they make bad jobs and earning money with the use cyber crimes.
  11. lisa.beth

    lisa.beth New Member

    Ассоrdіng tо mе internet іs nеіthеr good nоr bad .It's аll depends оn hоw уоu usіng it.

    The good аbоut internet:


    The ability tо communicate wіth оthеr students аnd teachers асrоss thе wоrld hаs enabled 21st century education tо transcend geographical distance аnd physical boundaries lіkе nеvеr before. Suddenly nеw ideas аnd theories саn bе shared асrоss continents, whоlе nеw worlds оf thought аrе аvаіlаblе tо students іn far-flung places аnd teachers асrоss thе wоrld аrе аblе tо usе forums tо share valuable ideas аnd techniques.


    From online dictionaries аnd encyclopaedias tо Wikipedia, аn abundance оf іnfоrmаtіоn оn еvеrу conceivable subject undеr thе sun іs nоw аvаіlаblе tо students аt thе touch оf а button. Тhе potential fоr exploiting thеsе resources tо learn іs enormous аnd students аrе nоw аblе tо study, discover аnd learn nо matter whеrе thеу are. Whеn уоu consider hоw easy іt wоuld hаvе bееn tо create а school project оn dinosaurs іn thе 1980s compared tо thе treasure trove оf facts, figures, pictures аnd mоrе аvаіlаblе tо today’s student, thе amount аnd depth оf іnfоrmаtіоn thеу саn access hаs bееn vastly improved bу thе internet.

    Education Technology

    ‘Edtech’ аnd ‘e-learning’ аrе popular terms оn Twitter аnd social networking sites, referring tо nеw ways оf teaching аnd learning thаt usе computers, digital devices lіkе iPads аnd mobile phones аnd clever programs tо teach students іn nеw ways. Νеw аnd exciting resources lіkе electronic educational games аnd programs lіkе аn online chemistry lab allowing virtual experiments tо bе realistically carried оut аrе changing thе face оf education fоr thе better.

    Now thе bad аbоut internet:

    False Information

    Many students nоw growing uр wіth thе internet аrе sо usеd tо bеіng аblе tо access answers аt thе click оf а mouse thаt thеу forget nоt аll іnfоrmаtіоn оn thе internet іs reliable оr completely accurate. Іt іs amazing hоw mаnу students bеlіеvе thаt Wikipedia іs thе ideal go-to resource fоr аnу academic question, whеn іn fact thе famous online encyclopaedia іs quіtе openly compiled bу аnу anonymous member оf thе public whо chooses tо post thеrе аnd іs іn nо wау guaranteed tо include оnlу accurate іnfоrmаtіоn submitted bу academic experts оf аnу kind! Тhе potential fоr students tо bесоmе waylaid bу false іnfоrmаtіоn аnd misleading statistics іs enormous!


    Whilst thе internet presents аn enormously rich educational resource tо thоsе students whо choose tо usе іt fоr thаt purpose, іt іs аlsо thе gateway tо а wоrld оf distractions аnd nоt раrtісulаrlу enriching pastimes fоr young people! Statistics hаvе revealed thаt wіth high numbers оf teens hаvіng access tо computers аnd thе internet іn thеіr bedrooms, time spent оn homework оr reading books hаs plummeted аs hours spent оn Facebook аnd social networking sites hаvе tаkеn over. Маnу critics warn thаt аnу benefit thе internet mау hold fоr education will bе easily outweighed bу іts ability tо distract аnd tаkе students аwау frоm educational pastimes аnd endeavour.
  12. Shippozxczxc

    Shippozxczxc New Member

    Actually, internet is neither good nor bad. It depends on how do people used it. For me, internet is like a tool where'in anytime you can change it into a deadly weapon or a helpful object. First, lets talk about its negativity. As I said, internet is like a tool. You can easily turn it into a knife or gun where'in you can easily hurt or kill people. So what does it emphasize? By simply posting false information, hacking, cyberbullying, and other crimes committed that are related to internet. You can easily destroy someone's life, hurt people and most of all you could also kill people through internet. How does it possible? Well, there are a lot of ways to do that. I just don't know what are those ways. I just read it in the news, tv reports and in movies. Well anyway, next is the positive ways on how does the internet helps people. As we all know, in today's generation, specially that we are now at 21st century where'in there are a lots of high-tech gadgets and machineries. Most people depends on high-tech gadgets and machineries. Internet can helps people in communication, education, business, news, entertainment, friendship and in other aspects. So it clearly shows that the internet is neither good nor bad and it is actually depends on the people on how they used it.
  13. hunkpunk

    hunkpunk New Member

    Internet is providing more good than harm!

    Question yourself. Can you imagine your life without internet? Do you again want to go to the old situation where we were not even able to understand one single word of other langauge? Where people who were different in some way ended up feeling isolated and lonely? Internet has made our life so easier. Just think of it!
  14. RhealaineS

    RhealaineS New Member

    I strongly believe that internet is good. Technology, including internet, is meant to be beneficial for us. It is invented to provide convenience to people. Many people tend to think that technology is demetrial to humans because of a lot of ways internet can harm us such as scams, cyberbullying, etc. But let us not forget that technology is being manipulated by humans. We are the ones who use it for bad deeds.
    I hope that one day, everyone will learn how to be a responsible ICT user.
  15. Brightjoe

    Brightjoe New Member

    Sometimes, I wonder how backward we would have been, if not for the evolution of the internet. I strongly believe that the internet has brought more good to us than bad. I don't see any reason we should see the internet as being bad as it has made the world better. People can now make financial transactions from the comfort of their homes and it is all thanks to the coming of the internet.

    I look back and see how our educational sectors have improved rapidly simply because the students can now see more information on the internet which help greatly to make their lives better. I won't want to take of what the teachers have achieved as well as you get to see that the quality of teaching improved since they have better content to impact on the students.

    There is virtually nothing that you can research on the internet and not get to see them. This is the reason I continue to say that the internet has made the world better despite the challenges that we currently face with the kids reading the wrong contents on the internet. I feel such scenarios can be controlled, if we can sensitize them on the need to think about their future whenever they are reading anything on the internet.
  16. amiah2jade

    amiah2jade New Member

    I would love to sit here and say the internet is bad and I can live without it, but the truth is that we have had too many great things come from it for me to say that. It has provided us with a means of communicating with people thousands of miles away, paying bills while sitting at the house, allowing us to keep in contact with friends and family all over the world and provides us with the chance to stay up to date with everything going on in the world. The fact that for some of us (probably myself included) it has taken over our lives is about us as people, not the internet.
  17. mw238

    mw238 New Member

    The Internet itself is good, while a small subset of Internet users are bad, or participate in bad activities. It is good because it can connect anyone to the information they need faster than they could obtain it without. The Internet provides a means of communication that helps in virtually all professions.

    Without the Internet providing such a vast forum of information at one's fingertips, things would take much longer to accomplish, and some modern marvels such as instant electronic messaging to whomever, anywhere, would not be available. Inventory tracking, online purchases, friend forums, and research, have all drastically improved since the Internet began.

    I don't go a day without the Internet impacting my life positively in one way or another. It's the choices we make that determine whether we will have a good experience, or a bad one.
  18. mtiongson

    mtiongson New Member

    The Internet is both good and bad and like any source of information, entertainment or services must be understood and used responsibly.

    The Internet is good in that it is a readily available source of information, news, resources and material for an endless variety of topics, subjects and interests. You can find television shows and movies to view, educational programs for children, and video tutorials or written “how-to” guides to provide instructions on how to start, complete or trouble-shoot any task you may need assistance with. If you need recipes, dictionaries, a thesaurus, translator or currency converter, the Internet has you covered. You can even buy or sell your own new or second-hand goods using various Internet sites and services.

    If you are immobile or infirm the Internet is a resource that can help you to remain independent by giving you the ability to order and have delivered directly to your home just about anything you may need. The Internet even serves as a directory of service providers so that hair dressers, pet groomers, grocery stores and restaurants can come directly to you. For those who are not immobile or infirm, but simply short on time and energy, these same resources and services can be helpful and provide considerable relief from the pressure and stress of a busy life with a full schedule.

    The bad side of the Internet is as readily available as the good and not always easy to identify. Information and content can be populated by anyone and is not always accurate or factual. It is important that news, historical facts, statistics and any information you find on the Internet is only believed and trusted if you have verified that it comes from a reputable source. You must also take care not to share your personal information on sites that do not have appropriate levels of security and protection for consumers.

    Parental controls and restrictions are also important if you’d prefer that your children or other household members not have access to pornography, specific sites or movies and games with content you have not approved.

    Social Media applications and sites are wonderful tools for keeping in touch with friends and family, dating, posting reviews and receiving recommendations. Those same applications and sites can also be used for criminal activity such as stalking, unpleasant exchanges such as bullying or shaming and for trolling by those who may take pleasure from inciting arguments and debate.

    The Internet is a truly amazing tool and resource when used responsibly and with integrity. Understanding the many ways the Internet can be used for both good and bad is your best protection and defense as you access all of the options available to you on the information superhighway.
  19. heinrichtulan20

    heinrichtulan20 New Member

    I believe that the internet is good for us. It has brought many opportunities to us as well as in helping man progress further. It made the world smaller which in turn had helped speed up the sharing of knowledge faster. Humans are social beings which means they communicate with one another and through communication, we exchange information and relate it to our own knowledge. Through that, we obtain knowledge we previously didn't have. The internet has connected the world together and made communication easier. Almost everything can be accessed at the tip of your fingers. All this was made possible through the internet and through it, at the snap of a finger, the most valuable information in the world could be exchanged from one person to the other and so it boosted the progress of humanity.
  20. joshuasoliman15

    joshuasoliman15 New Member

    Its good for our daily livings right now. because of internet we can directly communicate in our love ones even its far away to you. Share memories to others, friends to others , easy to find work in just searching , and many else.
  21. Marcporms

    Marcporms New Member

    For me Internet is good, specially in terms of some educational free courses that you can find, you can find answer right away for whatever you are looking for; however; there are some bad influences also Internet may can give, specially for the kids that parents letting them browsing Internet without guidance or can't monitor what they are doing. Parents can filter what sites should be can access by their kids.
  22. cyclotron00

    cyclotron00 Member

    Everything that is too much is not good.Internet is a way to connect people and dissipate information.
  23. Johnnydoe

    Johnnydoe New Member

    The internet in itself has no merit to be either good or bad, it's only the people on it that can be good or bad. Now if you meant whether or not the internet is a good or a bad thing, it is most definitely a good thing for many reasons, but I'll state three main ones. The first is that it connects a wide array of people from all over the world with ease much more ease than previously possible. Secondly, as technologies and advancement have evolved, people are documenting things on the internet and making it more accessible to the common person thus giving us innumerable applications and information at our fingertips. Finally, it broadens horizons which is kind of a combination of both, but it goes beyond the two aforementioned reasons. Basically, it allows you to be or at least see and know of places you may or may never go to in your lifetime and many other things that make up a list so long it would make this message seem like spam. TL;DR internet is a good thing, only the people on it can be bad.
  24. lyz07

    lyz07 Member

    its good and bad in different ways of using Internet now a days internet is usable to the person who wants to talk there family in abroad, and to those people using internet to in school, office, in business and etc.
  25. Allyzza1125

    Allyzza1125 New Member

    It depends on the people using it. The internet has a lot of advantages and disadvantages.

    The advantage of the internet is, you can use it for educational purposes. You can use the internet in researching for your homework, in getting some ideas for your projects. The internet is a very convenient way to use for students. Instead of going to the library, they can use their phone or laptop to research for the information they want and learn a lot of things through the internet. It is very convenient because it saves a lot of time for them, time that they can use in other things such as reviewing their homework or doing their projects or they can even use the spare time for playing. Another advantage is, you can use the internet for communication. The internet made it easy for us to communicate with people around the world, especially with our family who lives far from us. You can also use the internet for entertainment. You can use it to watch some videos on youtube, surf Facebook or Instagram or Twitter, it helps you ease the boredom of being at home. You can also use it in watching movies or download movies. You can also use it for business purposes. Many people use the Internet for their business, they use it to promote the product they're selling because many people love shopping online, it is convenient for the online sellers to use for example Facebook to sell their products. People also use the internet in finding an online job, such as an online English tutor or a virtual assistant etc. It is more convenient to work in the comfort of your own home, especially for the moms like me, that need to take care of my children while working.

    However, the internet has disadvantages too. Some young people tend to spend more time on the internet by playing online games than studying, not only in children but it applies to adults also, they tend to forget their duties and responsibilities because of the movies they're watching. Young people who use the internet always have difficulty in communicating with others, they become introvert, they don't have a social life, they tend to have lesser friends and the most difficult part is they are prone to depression. One of the world's problem is cyberbullying, and this is one of the reasons why young people are depressed and some of them commit suicide. Cyberbullies will harass those young people they know that are weak, some pervert cyberbullies who will sexually harass young people, and those young people who sexually harassed have a higher risk of committing suicide. Some people also use the internet to trick people, there are a lot of online scammers spreading online these days, and the people who got scammed grows every single day.

    We now live in a modern world. The internet is important in today's generation. It became part of our life, so we need to use it wisely and in a good way. As a saying says "think before you click".
  26. Chamie

    Chamie New Member

    In a high technology world, we cant deny the fact that internet are become popular all over the world. Without Internet maybe we cannot do our work faster, just like different technologies that developed. Without internet maybe our everyday life is not complete. There are so many things that we can do if we have internet at home, in offices and in our job. But always keep in mind that if there are many benefit using internet, a good outcome using internet there are also a bad effect using it.

    One of the good effect of having an internet is we can easily contact our love one that are far from us, even in a far place with just one click we can communicate with them. Another one is thru internet we can search and find different informations like news in our country. Through internet our kids can easily do their homeworks because internet can help them to find what they need using google. Through internet, we can also help our husband in having a financial needs, because we can do work at home, we can work online. There are so many benefits of having internet to us.

    But one of the bad effects of using internet i think is the spreading of Fake News, with just one click fake news spreads and many people can see it like in social media. Another bad effect in using internet is when a person is soaked in using it it might have bad effect on his/her health.

    So for me we need to used internet wisely.
  27. rayangelo_laylo

    rayangelo_laylo New Member

    Well from a certain stand point I believe that the Internet is a good thing. It is because Internet as of now is our enhanced way of communication. Yes, I believe that there are other people that do unwanted things using the Internet but if we look at the benefits that it had made to us we can see that there are more positive effects of the Internet rather than their negative effects. We as users of the Internet should also be wary of how we use it so that it can not make anything negative to all of the users. Having this said, the Internet is surely a benefit to all of us.
  28. casnik28

    casnik28 New Member

    Personally this topic catches my attention. I am working as a home based operator and I use internet to earn money for myself and my family. Internet has a big role in my life. I am aware that many things or there are many factors to consider when using internet. Internet can be good and bad at the same time, depending on how are we going to use it. I personally stand that internet is good when we know how to be responsible not only for our-self but for others as well. Internet has a big role all over the world, we cannot deny the fact that today's generation relay too much with the technology which really works by the help of internet. There are so many benefits we can get and for sure many people took advantage as well. Just a thought that we need to be careful and responsible.
  29. shanekristina

    shanekristina New Member

    My answer to your question is neither good nor bad. It depends on the factors that makes the internet good or bad. There are a lot of factors that can affect our judgment for the internet to be good or bad. Other people work online and get paid through online. If not for the internet, then maybe they are still out there looking for a job. I think that kind of factor is good when it comes to the internet. It helps other people to earn money and have income. However, there are a lot of factors that can be dangerous and may influence a person in a negative way through internet. There are a lot of information in the internet. And for minors/kids they may see things or know things that aren't supposed to, not yet. It is really important for them to be guided by their parents especially when it comes to using the internet.
    I know it is really hard to choose whether the internet is good or bad, but for me I think we should all be cautious and be responsible with our own decisions when we are using the internet. It depends on us on how we use the internet. We always need to "think" before we "click".
  30. renba27

    renba27 Member

    Internet serve as good source for everyone that using it. It became a bad source because of the people that involve in different evil motives who used it as a weapon.

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