Is Internet helpful to business people?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Thonette, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Thonette

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    -now a days I believe that internet is the most powerful to deliver a messages to people around the world. And this day of technology, people are fond of it and we seek for a new trends right? We all want to stay in our home while doing work, that is why we are want to seek an online job. Internet is helpful but we have to be responsible.
  2. ewapc101

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    More than 1.8 billion people worldwide use the Internet in some way, shape or form, according to a December, 2009 study on A significant portion of users are business owners who have learned the power of connecting with customers and colleagues electronically. Over time, a business owner's consistent use of the Internet can help propel his company to the next level.
  3. ewapc101

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    Because data, forms and communication methods are available to anyone with an internet connection, technology has created a rise in the mobile workforce. This is a positive for business owners who need sales representative in the field or have contracted work to outside vendors who work remotely. Videoconferencing makes it easy to have live meetings, and all workflow is documented in online channels. A mobile sales force means your sales team can go to the prospects. Contracted vendors save in payroll and benefits costs.
  4. KennethPabs

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    Internet is a necessity to businesses in order for their growth. Because all of the transactions nowadays relies heavily on internet connectivity. If you want to promote your business there are many platforms available like having a website. A social media account about your company or products. E-Commerce websites and Video Streaming platforms such as YouTube. Also all database are now on cloud technology so you have secured all your important files through a data server.
  5. travelingfortwo

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    Nowadays internet is very important to every business you are in. It helps you connected to the wide range or group of people that might be interested in your product. Internet gave us the power to change lives into something that do not limit your abilities to make difference. It is a bridge that connects business to a greater level of approach which makes the workflow more advance and effective way to handle professional matter. It saves time and less hassle to business owners. Furthermore, it is one of the best source to introduce your product to specific group of people for example YouTube and Facebook, these are one of the best platform to used in your marketplace to invite audience and introduced your products.
  6. Marian0302

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    Yes, Internet is very helpful to business people because through internet they can promote their products or services by playing advertisement on YouTube, Facebook, Websites and etc. It's also a great way to encourage the people to buy your products or avail your services. It's a great way to widen up your business through spreading information to the internet.
  7. russell

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    Definitely, one of the main purpose of internet is to connect people to the world. When you have business you must connect your business to the people, and one way to connect your business is thru internet. You can advertise your business thru internet. You can transact and take orders thru internet, and receive payments just a click of a button. Internet is one of the best tool to promote your business.
  8. jerahmeeltayag

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    Internet is a powerful tool that mankind luckily have possession of. It literally connects the world binding it into one system. With that being said, it is implied that communication and information are great factors. In the business world one of the steps in making profit is by making the general public aware that you have something to offer and what would they gain if they avail your offered matters. This is what internet advertising does easily, people who are on their phones, tablets, and laptops see those advertisements. That greatly helps the business creating more potential buyers.
  9. Internet has become a global means of communication in our daily lives. I can say that it is very important in business world. Communication is a very important necessity on business. The growth of internet in the world makes a very big impact on someone's business. They will be able to let everyone know about their product easily by advertising it through the power of internet. On this case, they will also be able to showcase what do they offer in just one click. It will also provide convenience and flexibility to their buyers by just checking online shops and not to visit any local stores. That can also lead to customers satisfaction. At the end of the day, a business that uses internet effectively will surely gain success.
  10. bee.rthooyah

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    Internet has now become a necessity in our everyday living. Billions of people around the world have acess to the internet. Business people had elready recognized the potential of internet not only in giving them profits but also in giving them ease in doing the business. Communication now is much easier and easy access to the consumer or customer were provided by the internet. Automation also is one of the benefits in our digital economy today

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