Is Internet helpful to business people?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by Thonette, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Thonette

    Thonette New Member

    -now a days I believe that internet is the most powerful to deliver a messages to people around the world. And this day of technology, people are fond of it and we seek for a new trends right? We all want to stay in our home while doing work, that is why we are want to seek an online job. Internet is helpful but we have to be responsible.
  2. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    More than 1.8 billion people worldwide use the Internet in some way, shape or form, according to a December, 2009 study on A significant portion of users are business owners who have learned the power of connecting with customers and colleagues electronically. Over time, a business owner's consistent use of the Internet can help propel his company to the next level.
  3. ewapc101

    ewapc101 Active Member

    Because data, forms and communication methods are available to anyone with an internet connection, technology has created a rise in the mobile workforce. This is a positive for business owners who need sales representative in the field or have contracted work to outside vendors who work remotely. Videoconferencing makes it easy to have live meetings, and all workflow is documented in online channels. A mobile sales force means your sales team can go to the prospects. Contracted vendors save in payroll and benefits costs.
  4. KennethPabs

    KennethPabs New Member

    Internet is a necessity to businesses in order for their growth. Because all of the transactions nowadays relies heavily on internet connectivity. If you want to promote your business there are many platforms available like having a website. A social media account about your company or products. E-Commerce websites and Video Streaming platforms such as YouTube. Also all database are now on cloud technology so you have secured all your important files through a data server.
  5. travelingfortwo

    travelingfortwo New Member

    Nowadays internet is very important to every business you are in. It helps you connected to the wide range or group of people that might be interested in your product. Internet gave us the power to change lives into something that do not limit your abilities to make difference. It is a bridge that connects business to a greater level of approach which makes the workflow more advance and effective way to handle professional matter. It saves time and less hassle to business owners. Furthermore, it is one of the best source to introduce your product to specific group of people for example YouTube and Facebook, these are one of the best platform to used in your marketplace to invite audience and introduced your products.
  6. Marian0302

    Marian0302 New Member

    Yes, Internet is very helpful to business people because through internet they can promote their products or services by playing advertisement on YouTube, Facebook, Websites and etc. It's also a great way to encourage the people to buy your products or avail your services. It's a great way to widen up your business through spreading information to the internet.
  7. russell

    russell New Member

    Definitely, one of the main purpose of internet is to connect people to the world. When you have business you must connect your business to the people, and one way to connect your business is thru internet. You can advertise your business thru internet. You can transact and take orders thru internet, and receive payments just a click of a button. Internet is one of the best tool to promote your business.
  8. jerahmeeltayag

    jerahmeeltayag New Member

    Internet is a powerful tool that mankind luckily have possession of. It literally connects the world binding it into one system. With that being said, it is implied that communication and information are great factors. In the business world one of the steps in making profit is by making the general public aware that you have something to offer and what would they gain if they avail your offered matters. This is what internet advertising does easily, people who are on their phones, tablets, and laptops see those advertisements. That greatly helps the business creating more potential buyers.
  9. Internet has become a global means of communication in our daily lives. I can say that it is very important in business world. Communication is a very important necessity on business. The growth of internet in the world makes a very big impact on someone's business. They will be able to let everyone know about their product easily by advertising it through the power of internet. On this case, they will also be able to showcase what do they offer in just one click. It will also provide convenience and flexibility to their buyers by just checking online shops and not to visit any local stores. That can also lead to customers satisfaction. At the end of the day, a business that uses internet effectively will surely gain success.
  10. bee.rthooyah

    bee.rthooyah New Member

    Internet has now become a necessity in our everyday living. Billions of people around the world have acess to the internet. Business people had elready recognized the potential of internet not only in giving them profits but also in giving them ease in doing the business. Communication now is much easier and easy access to the consumer or customer were provided by the internet. Automation also is one of the benefits in our digital economy today
  11. nearxxfar

    nearxxfar Member

    I think yes. With our generation today that people tends to spend their tine going through the internet. Businessman should uncorporate their business to internet because many people would come across their business.
  12. Roy Luis

    Roy Luis Member

    There are more than 2,500 total internet providers in the United States, but most businesses will only have access to a handful. The frustrating reality of the industry is that, even by conservative estimates.
  13. SamTingWong

    SamTingWong New Member

    I don't think anyone can deny the power of internet when it comes to business. New business models have been developed because of the multiple potentials that can arise using the internet.
  14. vikky042

    vikky042 New Member

    The use of internet in the growth of business cannot be over emphasized.the use of internet help skyrocket any business to a greater and larger number of audience thereby creating the room for enormous growth.the internet has made it possibly for people to engage in so many daily life activities without their physical presence such as shopping,banking etc.
  15. bellear

    bellear New Member

    Internet is definitely helpful for people with businesses. The internet serves as a platform where in people can advertise their business for it to be known and for the business to reach the targeted audience. We are all aware that today, almost everybody uses the internet. We learn, we shop, we work by using the internet. Through using the internet, they can let the world know about their business. Business people surely benefits from the internet that is why I think that it can be considered as helpful to them. Though, there are instances where people can also use the internet to bad-mouth and give bad reviews/impression of the business that can cause to business failure.
  16. Mirodge

    Mirodge New Member

    Obviously Yes!

    Internet is the main tool to make your business successful.
    You can send business transaction by just sending thru emails. Unlike before you have to send it via snail mail and count a week for them to received your mails. Nowadays, by just a one click they will receive it by just a seconds. Therefore, the businesses today are has this opportunity to accelerate.
  17. chrischan14

    chrischan14 New Member

    I hundred percent agree that internet need in the business. Imagine a world without internet and without email .
    Internet also need un business for transaction many companies rely their payment via internet like, Pay Pal, and other Site.
    Internet also serve as a tool for E marketing.
  18. Matilac

    Matilac Member

    internet is a powerful tool that can make your business more productive and profitable. Business Link states that when the internet and email are used effectively, they help you streamline business activities,
    Using internet resources for your business can reduce or eliminate the need for traditional postal mailing and all of the costs associated with it. The internet makes it easy to stay connected with your customers via email lists and online networking tools such as forums and social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

    Using internet communication tools effectively, you can maintain a constant dialogue with both existing and potential customers. Even small mom-and-pop shops can generate additional business with a basic website and by posting regularly to social media accounts. You can send special offers and announcements to existing customers via email, send links to your online store when a new product is released or share coupon codes and special discounts on your Facebook page, Twitter feed or YouTube channel.
    more efficiently with customers and even generate new customers or clients—all while helping to reduce business expenses.
  19. MIGZ77

    MIGZ77 New Member

    The reason why Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg et al., became billionaires. These are giants in this field. So to mention Jack Ma whom rejected many times but found his fortune through the internet and labeled one of the greatest influence of global e-commerce. Lots of people became millionaire from scratch however, with the knowledge and opportunities brought by this technology and still counting. And who knows someday one of us here will follow their footsteps.:):):). God willing.
  20. tinaers

    tinaers New Member

    Yes. Internet has been a great tool for promoting business. Internet has paved way for business to easily communicate with clients. Companies usually gather customer data specifically buying habits or trends and analyses them so they can create marketing strategies. The internet has definitely revolutionized business models all over the world.
  21. Gabriellove

    Gabriellove New Member

    Is Internet helpful to business people?
    The internet has not just helped business people, it has employed millions of people, both online just like post loop for example. People can now stay home and run or do business online at their comfort. Promoting your business online made easy, you can get the right audience, as long as you are connected to the right platform.
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    TOMSHANJ Member

    IS INTERNET HELPFUL TO BUSINESS PEOPLE? The answer is yes 100%. years back people used to move with their goods to trade ie; barter trade & long distance trade, however, the modern word now is competition in business. Believe me when i say that now days its difficult to start something new however you copy and make it better thats business....therefore you need the market for what you are selling and INTERNET comes in as the middleman between you and the need to advertise via the internet to get buyers hence the more adverts the more you sales.... so internet is primarily important in the business community
  23. jamesbaya

    jamesbaya New Member

    The internet is very helpful to business people. Firstly, it provides a platform where business people can advertise and sell their products and/or services. Secondly, it makes it easy for business people to receive payment for their products and/or services from anywhere in the world. Websites like Paypal and Payoneer, allow business people to receive money from customers all over the world. Thirdly, it provides business people with vital information, pertaining to the best enterprise to venture in.
  24. dennisbation

    dennisbation New Member

    Yes, it helps a lot. I sell freshly baked cassava and brownies here in the Philippines, I posted it through social media, I gained a lot of buyers/costumers by advertising my goods by the help of internet, without it I don't have source of income right now.
  25. ThankyouGod

    ThankyouGod New Member

    Internet is advantageous to business people. It helps them to promote, market or sell their products, services or items very well. It makes their business grow and earn lot of income. It helps their business to connect or communicate with their customers and build a strong business relationship. It helps them retain existing customers and get new customers as well.
  26. Dove2007

    Dove2007 New Member

    Unlike traditional advertising in the newspaper, radio and television industries, the internet enables you to finely focus your ads to the exact user you hope to attract. On platforms such as Google and Facebook, you can choose from a range of demographic information to consider those people who are most likely to buy whatever it is you sell. You can even use codes to follow users who have visited your website and then serve ads to them on other places they roam on the internet.
  27. PatiPati

    PatiPati New Member

    The internet is undoubtedly crucial to businesses in modern era for a number of reasons. Its sheer reach and ability to overcome physical barriers, such as distance, make it the most powerful advertising medium. Secondly, it has an abundance of information which can be helpful to businesses, such as studies on customer preferences and competitors' strategies. This saves time and other resources that would otherwise be spent on research. Lastly, it enables marketers to effectively target potential customers based on their interests, demographics, and other factors.
  28. miztahimik21

    miztahimik21 New Member

    Yes, But people need to be careful to make money in the internet whether they are investment or own business. Because there are a lot of scammers who are very intelligent too
  29. malics

    malics New Member

    Internet is very useful to business people because it gives them the data or information they needed. The information they acquired from internet can become an asset which can develop their business to the highest level. The world is advancing though internet so the business should also evolve for the better.
  30. feramine

    feramine New Member

    Internet can be a friend or a foe, to those who wish to utilize its power. It is indeed very helpful in disseminating information to reach a business' target market. At the same time, thru internet combined with algorithm, it's easier for business owners to identify and document consumer needs and preferences, delivering to these demands to their advantage.

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