is Internet very helpful?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by jhonuarin03, Aug 11, 2018.

  1. Sgdadu

    Sgdadu New Member

    Internet is really important in my in many ways, right from my social circles, career, studies,entertainment e.t.c. it is easier to connect to my loved ones via internet through social media platforms, I do my research on work-related subjects in the internet, I learn a lot from it, I earn from online jobs such as here in post loop, I do purchases and sales online, I can book for a flight online,when I want travel to some place which is new to me, I use google maps and it becomes easier for me to get my way to the place....there are just uncountable benefits of the internet!..It is simply a way of life.
  2. oong013

    oong013 New Member

    From the user who work online yes its useful and people who faraway of the love ones internet is helpful because they contact each other like chatting and video call the down side for the kid who play online games and spend all the time than play out side
  3. Sonson

    Sonson Member

    Yes the internet is very helpful to me it helped me with, school ,jobs,online shopping and researching for information and so its very important and i use it daily.
    its very fast and helpful you can search anything and you'll find the answers fast .
  4. jennoel_25

    jennoel_25 New Member

    Yes! Internet is very helpful , everything is easy since we had an internet easy to connect to people and to our love ones, easy to learn , study , search what we need or buy something.
  5. Distefano

    Distefano New Member

    It definitely is an advantage, being able to store millions of information and can be accessed by anyone. It allows us to communicate with people while being in the comfort of our homes. Pictures that could be used for identifying, referencing and sharing, the internet provides it all. It could save nature by being a book and avoid people from chopping trees to produce paper. Without the internet, there will be less connection although more productivity for people. Going out to play hopscotch, tag and more street games can reduce obesity. So the absence of the internet will make people more productive, physically capable and be better at socializing in real life, but will become limited since the connection the internet provides is worldwide and could save a lot of time to deliver a message. In conclusion, the internet does help us but it also has its own bad effect.
  6. Yanke73

    Yanke73 New Member

    The internet can be extremely helpful for almost anything. If you need to buy a new part for your computer it’s easily accessible for purchase from your smart phone. If you need help with your homework all you have to do is search up th problem on YouTube. The poccibilities are endless and their answers usually can be found online. But just as helpful as the internet can be, it is just as dangerous. It’s important to keep your private information protected from the online world and the internet should be used only for the right reasons.
  7. John0520

    John0520 Member

    The internet helps us a lot specially in education and health areas. Internet also consist of news and sports and other stuffs that will pick up our information needs. With internet, communication at distant places becomes more convenient and faster. Not just communication but information dissemination is also fast. You can also have services internet serves like mobile banking, electronic shopping, online job application, and other known services which will help you lessen your waste of time. With internet, works can be done quickly that you don't need to wait for a longer time.

    Internet has everything which makes our life more comfortable and easier.
  8. markdavis

    markdavis New Member

    The Internet is extremely helpful to me. I try not to be consumed by it, and I'm of an older generation (I learned computing on a TRS 80 and after that, in highschool, I learned card punching) so I use it differently than probably many of you posting here. Nonetheless, it is ubiquitous, and the world around me relies on it whether I do or not. This makes it necessary and more than 'helpful' in many ways; indeed I think for many aspects of my life it is required.
  9. KIRZZ

    KIRZZ New Member

    Internet is known as world's knowledge, it can be whatever we make it. It provides a variety of information, used as entertainment, and we can also make a living out of it. But most importantly, we can used it to connect people, communities and countries around the world. So, I acknowledge that the internet is very helpful.

    But as time goes by we did not notice we are isolating our self from the outside world were we can live a real life, causing us to lack in verbal skills which is very important, and do not be delusional on things that is not genuine that can be seen in the internet. It destroys our personal health, as we are not exercising as we need to. Cyber crime is also common now a days, it can used for cyber-bullying, child pornography, identity theft. Harmful it is, we just have to be responsible enough in exploring internet.
  10. jay ghansah

    jay ghansah New Member

    Internet is the source for us living on the entire planet. Without internet the world will be so useless to live in. Besides without it I would not be posting this here to make points.
  11. Patpat

    Patpat New Member

    Many of us are almost completely dependent on the internet; we do everything online and can spend 24 hours a day online based anywhere thanks to mobile devices. The internet can be used for learning, for entertainment, for working, for meeting new people and for trying to change the world, and even for complaining about whatever is bothering us.People, and especially teenagers, can get a lot of information about subjects that they feel uncomfortable talking about. Although there is a lot of incorrect information online, there are also reliable sites that offer a great deal of help, free of charge, about health, depression and sexuality, and a lot more.If you are one of the people on the planet who has the privilege of being able to access the network of networks, you must know that you have access to a tool that can bring about a great improvement in your life; indeed, there are studies and statistics that demonstrate that the internet is good for us. That is, of course, as long as we apply common sense when using it.The internet contributes an average of 3.4% to gross domestic product (GDP) in at least 13 countries worldwide, including the US, the UK, Canada and Spain. Money production through the internet is so high that it is the same as the amount in GDP produced by Canada each year and more than that produced by Australia; and the research only covered 13 countries, not the whole world.
  12. maricrisleddaverano

    maricrisleddaverano New Member

    Totally yes! Internet is very helpful but it also has it good and bad sides. You can know almost a lot of things with internet, it even connects you to every person in the planet,and also locate a person or thing that you are looking for and also you can earn a lot of money through the internet.Although it has also negative side because some people use the internet in scamming and taking advantage of other people. You just also need to know how to use it properly.
  13. Richart

    Richart New Member

    Yes, I find the internet extremely helpful, the internet is helpful to me as a way to stay in touch socially, it doesn't matter in which part of the world my friends are, I can reach out to them with a click. The internet also helps me find people of like minds and people with the same interests as myself so it doesn't matter whether I have people with like interests in my community and my immediate physical surroundings or not, I can always connect and interact with them online.

    The internet also helps me in my business, the online marketplace is the largest marketplace in the world, and when you take a business online, you are selling in a market of hundreds of millions of potential customers and clients, it doesn't matter whether you are running a brick and mortar business with a physical location or your business location is your website where you sell only virtual products, you will find the internet a ready and rewarding marketplace.

    Another way in which I find the internet helpful is that it puts information at my fingertips. It doesn't matter what kind of information I need, if it is online, I can have it in a matter of seconds, this for me is huge and I can only imagine how hard it would have been to get the right information without the internet.

    In this age when the internet is more accessible than ever, a lot of people, especially young people, take it for granted. Some people only see the internet as a way to pass the time until it's time to do something useful, while for some, it's a distraction and nothing else, that can be your reality if you only spend time on the internet going through gossip blogs and checking out what's trending or chatting with friends about everything and nothing, but if you put the internet to the right use, you'll find out that it's really helpful.
  14. EngineMan

    EngineMan New Member

    Funny because where I live the internet was offline for a couple of hours today. I soon found myself figuring out what to do on a Sunday without internet and came to think about how important the internet has become in my daily life. The two main ways in which I use internet are for studying and entertainment. Studying in the form of reading online articles and entertainment in the form of playing online games.

    I also use the internet as my main form of communication. I rarely call my friends, everything is discussed via Whatsapp. I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing, but only when the internet goes offline is when you realize how dependent you have become.
  15. superlengka

    superlengka New Member

    No words can express how much internet helps this modern generation, it opens our eyes on what happening in our society, it connects people around the world it gives us almost all the information where looking for, it feeds our mind with learning not only with current issues but also from the past and innovation in the future. It might sadden me sometimes that some people use internet to cause confusion and spread
    fake information just for their own greed, but i must say that internet bring so much good than bad.
  16. Hyperon

    Hyperon New Member

    As my dad said, its the whole world at your finger. Its amazing how far ot has come in the last 20 or so years. Without it we would not have connections between distant relatives or rather instant contact. You can order pizza, clothes, gadgets you name it and get it delivered to your door. It is shocking though how much we depend on the internet because without it I do feel our younger generation simply could not function.
  17. Lordify

    Lordify New Member

    The internet is a neutral Rconcept and so it's quality of being bad is dependent on the user. It contains a colossal amount of information that are could be classified as being evil or good. Yes, there are different categories of information, activities and functions attributed to the internet, yet the good it has brought to mankind cannot be easily quantified. However, for whatever purpose that the abilities of the internet is used for is determined by the user. If it is for good, it will be seen as a wonderful effect on the online and offline but if is evil, then it is termed evil. The internet is not evil but the mastermind behind the activities of internet colours the quality we give it at that time.
    The wide range of application of the internet has made it an indispensable tool in our lives. The good of it's use has a large and good effect on people. However, if the user uses for criminal activities or indecent activities, then we could say it is evil. Nevertheless, it is the internet is good given the many wonderful ease and comfort and speed and accuracy it has brought to human life.
  18. C06

    C06 New Member

    The internet is very helpful, but I think it depends on who uses it. If for example a person uses the internet to downgrade another person then I think that it is more harmful than helpful. I think that the internet becomes helpful when we use it to improve ourselves; such as when we use the internet to learn more skills. It can also be a helpful tool when we want to communicate with our loved ones, I think that if we use the internet in such a way we it can be deemed important or helpful.
  19. Boki

    Boki New Member

    Internet could be a lot more helpful if there were no false informations or misleadings.Internet is abused much more than it should be.
  20. zayid

    zayid New Member

    The world is changing every day and the internet and the technology just changing as fast. I constantly use the internet without even knowing it. There are many ways I use the internet in my daily life. I always use it in my work environment for sending emails, searching google and sending files. I use it to learn from online courses and YouTube. I use it also for communication in Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. I like playing games online, watching TV and listening to musics. The most important things I use the internet for paying my bills, booking hotels and flights and sending money to any place in the world.
  21. jal04

    jal04 New Member

    Being a new mom I wanted to do a full time job raising my son well, but there are certain things I don't know. Things on how to properly raise the baby strong and happy, and because of this internet for me is really very helpful. In just a click away, the internet provide many tips and relatively shows different experiences of a stay-at-home mom. From feeding, soothing, to surviving the first three months with the baby and every little thing under the sun. Also,when I'm online I can do other things like paying bills, order diapers and do some part-time jobs while spending time with my son.
  22. Black822

    Black822 New Member

    Yes because in my daily life as a student, the internet has made it easier for me because I don’t have to go to the library, don’t get me wrong, I love going to the library but finding the right books for me takes a lot of time than reading it. So I really believe that internet has made my life more easier.
  23. ELMEY

    ELMEY New Member

    definitely YES, Internet is helpful in various ways , as a teacher , the internet gives me a chance to understand and explore my topic in class thoroughly , multi media make my class more interesting and enjoyable for my student , they learn better and retain the information as well. As mother I learn a lot of things from the internet , ranging from recipes at my finger tips to almost anything i wanted to know about , specially parenting , its hard to understand teenagers , due to generation gap , but Internet bridge that gap...
  24. ivandelrey

    ivandelrey New Member

    It is very helpful because it was made to help us. Information are easier to access now because of the internet, it has rendered many things (like music players, texting, TV, selling-purchasing and writing) outdated. I think technology will advance more in the future and it's amazing how things are easier to do now because of the internet.
  25. ahmeddeeq

    ahmeddeeq New Member

    The Internet is hugely helpful in every part of our life, from a small task to a big task government, business, education institutions, and Media etc need internet to do research, gather information and communicate with their stakeholders, for me, the advantages are a lot bigger than disadvantages. any prosper economics depend on its internet speed, and it become must have in every house or building that we live and work and I cannot imagine living without internet in now days would be easy.
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  26. Meann

    Meann New Member

    Yes, internet is very helpful nowadays.
    It can help you to browse those news that you want to watch again.
    You can watch movie and listen to music.
    You can order online in the comfort of your home.
    Internet is really useful.
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  27. danok05

    danok05 New Member

    THE Internet certainly has potential for educational use and day-to-day communication. Yet, stripped of its high-tech gloss, the Internet is beset with some of the same problems that have long afflicted television, telephones, newspapers, and libraries. Thus, an appropriate question may be, Is the content of the Internet suitable for my family and me?

    Numerous reports have commented on the availability of pornographic material on the Internet. Does this suggest, though, that the Internet is merely a cesspool full of sexually perverted deviants? Some contend that this is a gross exaggeration. They argue that one must make a conscious and deliberate effort to locate objectionable material.

    It is true that one must make an intentional effort to find unwholesome material, but others argue that it can be located with much greater ease on the Internet than elsewhere. With a few keystrokes, a user can locate erotic material, such as sexually explicit photos including audio and video clips.

    The issue of how much pornography is available on the Internet is currently a hotly debated subject. Some feel that reports suggesting a pervasive problem may be exaggerated. Yet, if you learned that there were not 100 poisonous snakes in your backyard but only a few, would you be any less concerned for your family’s safety? Those who have access to the Internet would be wise to exercise caution.
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  28. Castro

    Castro New Member

    It's very useful because it connects everybody instantly and conveniently. But you have to use it in good terms do not abuse the power of the internet because the internet is made to connect us all not to distract and separate us.
  29. Ric

    Ric Member

    Internet is very helpful. It is one of the most useful tools to find information these days. It is impossible to not have a general knowledge about something. You may need an expert, but information is out there about everything from replacing parts on your car to fixing a leaking pipe at your home. There is a step by step instruction for almost everything. I love the internet.
  30. nrico143

    nrico143 New Member

    Internet makes our lives easier in different aspects. It's helpful since it's the major player of the world's technological advancement. You can do almost everything using the internet. You can earn. You can study. You can research. You can play games and watch movies. You can connect with the people around the world. It's limitless. In this era, almost everything is already automated and is run through internet.

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