Is it better to read a book then see the movie or see the movie and then read the book?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Eeeee6, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Eeeee6

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    We have all gone to a movie and left thinking, 'That was nothing like the book!'

    Or we have been inspired to read a book after watching the movie. Again being disappointed the book was so different.

    For me, I'd prefer to see the movie first. I tend to be over critical about stories I've read that have been butchered by Hollywood. It is better not knowing. Makes a movie more enjoyable that way.

    Best Example of this for me was the Percy Jackson books and movies. I may have been able to enjoy the movies if I had not read the books. The movies are just all over the place as if the movie writers 6 year old child told the story to parents after reading and not understanding.
  2. Siel

    Siel New Member

    I would prefer to read the book first before seeing the movie version. As I personally believe that books make our wildest imagination possible. Book lets you decide on what the book will look like based on settings, characteristics and etc.

    It would be a great comparison while watching the movie version though almost all movies add 'twists' to spice up the movies. I am still looking forward on the movie version that sticks on the book story line for at least 75%.
    That is when I can say that the movie gave justice to its book version.
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  3. Gabyinho

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    It's a very complicated question! Sometimes I love to read the book first because I can see all the details that the movie messes! But sometimes, I like to see the movie first because it gives me some quick information on the story! Then I will read the book for more exciting details!

    For example, I read the book first on Twilight series and when I've finished the books, I've seen the movies, and I didn't regret that decision because after seeing the movie series I could see the story from another point of view!

    On the other hand, the Harry Potter series, I've seen the movie series first! After that, I've read the books for more details of the story! Also didn't regret the decision because it was just perfect, the books and the movies!

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