Is it better to read or to watch?

Discussion in 'Books' started by map8813, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. map8813

    map8813 Member

    Is it better to read or to watch?
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  2. joanarc321

    joanarc321 Member

    I prefer to watch than reading because for me, I tend to understand more on things that I see than things that I read.
    You can actually visualize yourself clearly if you watch things than just read. It is like watching a story than just reading the story. You actually understand more if you watch it than just read it.
  3. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    If you ask me, I prefer a little bit of both. Watching gives you an idea on how it is done. You can follow what the is doing whether it is on television or video. Reading provides a back up when the visual instructions go too fast. Having both resources helps you learn faster.
  4. AlexTheFreshWizard

    AlexTheFreshWizard New Member

    This is a debate that I think will last for a long time, and I think the general opinion of people have always been changing. I'm sure, at one point, it was more desirable to go to a theatre than to read someone's written work, and at some point, it was cool to read the latest literature than go to the opera house!

    Over the past few years (Just after Netflix took over homes all over the world), the general consensus was that watching shows was such a better way of consuming stories, it was a lot more accessible, and didn't take that much time. I'm rather sure that people would be very confident in claiming that over the past few years, we had entered the "Golden Age of Television" (I'm sure you've heard this term as well). I, myself, am willing to admit that I too was part of that opinion. It was SO much easier to find out about a story just by watching something rather than wasting a whole week trying to battle my mind reading a book!

    I don't think television will ever die...scratch that, television is dead, Youtube killed it (No-one's complaining). I don't think that theatre in any sense of the word will die. Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries; it will all stay there, because people like the craft, they enjoy capturing truth, or imagination or whatever it might be, and we enjoy watching it.


    And I think this is a lot less controversial than one would think. A lot of people are appreciating sitting down with a good book nowadays.

    Think about it, what was the last 'Late Night' TV show that you watched? When was the last time you saw someone who wasn't promoting their "next book"? It might be because of the current political climate, but people seem to be willing to sit down and learn from an individual's written work a lot more than they have during the boom of 'amazing TV'. Whatever the reason, I think, since there was such a vast amount of watchable content over the past decade, there are a lot more people who are a lot more willing to try different mediums, to clean their palate and appreciate new forms of information. I think this is wonderful!

    Now let me tell you why I think that the general consensus of reading will prevail over the "watching".

    When one is writing a book, they're not only writing words down on paper or typing into a computer or a typewriter. They are formulating their own thoughts, able to look at them physically, they're able to critique themselves, and, perhaps, come up with a thought that is very much worth many other people acknowledging. When someone reads a book, it's the same, they're able, at their own pace, to read someone else's ideas, be it logical, creative or otherwise, understand it and develop their own understanding on whatever it is they're reading. I do acknowledge that there is an insane amount of work put into the production of, say, a movie, or Netflix series; I think this will forever be appreciated. What I'm saying is: nothing can come close to the feeling of intimacy of experiencing a person's (or multiple people's) personal endeavour, again, be it logical, creative or otherwise.

    You can watch a movie and be entirely moved for the entirety of the movie, perhaps days or weeks after.

    You can read a book and be moved for the entirety of your life.
  5. userhichou1

    userhichou1 Member

  6. beckertani

    beckertani Member

    Both are important, read something that can give you knowledge and watch something that can give you knowledge. What I am trying to say is, read and watch for you to learn. It is better than socialmedia.
  7. Anjin

    Anjin Member

    I like both reading and watching because they have the same purpose, it is to relay information, tell a story, show something. But, when it comes to reading special if it is a story, you have the full control how you perceive the story. While for watching, you may also have the control but since you are virtually seeing what is happening, the way you perceive the story/information might be different.
  8. Catutzy

    Catutzy New Member

    I think reading a book counts much more than watching a movie made after it for example. Why do I think so? Because the book explains the actions in detail, the decorations are explained extensively and the list can continue.
    The movie is a way of scrolling forward, which often skips over many chapters in the book.
  9. chugchug1

    chugchug1 Member

    I like those both, reading books is good for the imagination, but watching movies makes you interest it depends what movie you've watched.
  10. tmcastor

    tmcastor New Member

    Depending on the message being conveyed, reading and watching both have advantages and disadvantages. Reading can give people the opportunity to use their imagination. It’s more engaging than passively looking at an image on a screen. However, if the message is heavily reliant on sound and visual representation, the message can’t be as easily translated into words.
  11. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    Both. as long as you will learn from it why not? it help us how to read and write. it will improves our memory, thinking and writing skills. reading also helps improve new vocabulary while watching gives your entertainment, lessen stress, and inspiration.
  12. Trapbxshop

    Trapbxshop New Member

    Both. It’s good to watch to see things visually but it’s also good to read and I visualize things that you would miss while watching.
  13. Rlou14

    Rlou14 New Member

    Both reading and watching provide benefits to us, Reading can expand our imagination. It can also help us to improve our grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension. It helps us to exercise our brain.
    On the other hand, watching can entertain us by means of visualization. It is easier to understand because the messages are being sent through verbal and non-verbal languages. It also enhances our oral skills especially if we imitate how the actors and actresses pronounce the words.
    For me, either of the two is better depending on what skills we want to develop. But for me, reading is the better one for it gives me more advantages.
  14. baby123

    baby123 New Member

    Both reading and watching are interesting, we always get something from the two. Reading will broaden your mind and will help you enhance your grammar, comprehension and vocabulary while watching gives life to what you read and that is good also for it help us see what we cannot picture out just by reading books. But for me, I will really prefer reading to widen my vocabulary.
  15. AlexJBoyd

    AlexJBoyd New Member

    I think the best way to frame the discussion is less in terms of 'better or worse' than what you personally prefer. Watching carries a more visceral, emotional charge and obviously engages us visually. Reading is more cognitively-demanding than the more passive watching experience, and arguably more rewarding in a practical sense with regards to vocabulary.

    Both have their pros and cons, but I personally prefer to save watching for when I'm tired at the end of the day, or whilst I'm eating lunch or some other menial task, whilst I devote my best energies to reading (and writing).
  16. yuvo

    yuvo New Member

    definitely watch, can read subtitles
  17. Bess14

    Bess14 New Member

    Both are important and necessary but I prefer reading. Reading because it enhances my vocabulary and I love spending time with it. I also like watching, but I tend to sleep while watching especially if it is a boring one.
  18. IceBane2019

    IceBane2019 New Member

    In reading books, your can develop more on your ability of visualization. Because by reading, you normally imagine what the character looks like, what their voices sounds like, also what the scene looks like, which in my opinion is pretty good since I work as an Architectural Designer. Another thing is when you read books, there may be some parts of the book that you really love that you would like to see on the movie adaptation. But then, when the movie comes out, the part you like isn’t even filmed. I’m sure that this has happened to a lot of people and it’s somewhat disappointing.

    I think that writing a book is easier than making a movie. In making a book you’re free to describe places that you have in mind. Same goes with its characters. On the other side, movies can also be better than a book. With a movie, you don’t have to read anything and can watch while doing other things because it doesn’t necessarily need focus. But with a book, the only thing you can do is read. You can’t read a book and do house chores at the same time.

    Another advantages of a book over a movie is that, you can bring it anywhere you want, read it anytime. Though you can watch a movie through smart phones, it’s still advantageous since you don’t need a power or electricity for it.

    Another thing that I don’t like about movies is that it usually runs for about an hour and a half to two hours on the average because people might get bored or strain their eyes watching continuously. But with a book, it can be as long as the writer or author wants it to be.

    These are just the differences that I can think of, and most of them are in favor of the book. That’s why for me, books are still better than a movie.

    ILUKENA New Member

    Reading is far more better than watching in my opinion in the sense that it exercises the brain,enhances our knowledge,vocabulary, memory,concentration, it offers serenity and many other benefits. Unlike watching were oftentimes everything is being done for us thus crippling our analytical thinking process and other essential mental functions.
  20. mebgem

    mebgem New Member

    I think it depends on how you understand and absorb things easily. There are people who are visual and wants to see things to better understand an instruction while there are people who learn easily by just reading. However, reading improves our imagination as it let us build a picture on our mind compared with watching. When you watch a movie the scene is already there in front of you, stopping you to build an image of your own.
  21. lakhdare

    lakhdare New Member

    will normally,Human brain and mind are work in unitask process. So you can't concentrate in two works at a same time. It's better to concentrate in a one work at a prticular momemnt
  22. lakhdare

    lakhdare New Member

    habits, like going for a run to begin your day, are regular and automatic. We don’t even have to think about them, and that's part of their value. Addictions, like smoking, are like habits on evil steroids. They are unmanageable and lead to physical dependence. Then there are rituals, like Thanksgiving or wearing lucky socks before presentations. Unlike addictions, we choose our rituals to be symbolic and expressive rather than be ruled by them. Unlike habits, they’re infrequent
  23. mvillere

    mvillere New Member

    It depends on the learning style of the individual. Some can grasp a concept just from reading the words on paper. Others need to visualize a demonstration to fully understand. The best way to learn is by combining both reading and observation.
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  24. JesReen

    JesReen Member

    If i’m not browsing the internet, i spend my time watching youtube but at the same time i also find time to read my favorite book. Keeping a balance with reading and watching has been my lifestyle. Because for me it’s important to learn everyday because the advancement of technologies and learnings right now is no joke. We need to cope up and never stop learning. It’s for our own benefits and it’s for us to gain in the end
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  25. Raysam

    Raysam New Member

    Reading widens one's imagination. I love reading because it's fun to me and builds my vocabulary. It can be pretty slow though as I'm not really a fast reader.

    Watching movies is really cool too. You get to see the action without imagining what could be happening. Most times, I find viewing the movie adaptations of novels faster because I'm all done in one to three hours. Unlike the book that could take me three days to a week to finish. And movies build my speech, helping me pronounce things right.

    I like movies more. Reading is my next best thing when there are no movies or when the movies available are boring. I think reading is better for some people, and movies for others.
  26. neneth

    neneth New Member

    To be honest, I wonder why you would say this! I like books better than TV, well sometimes I have to admit. I get a bit lazy and watch TV instead. Maybe that's why some people like TV better than books. But I think books have more detail, so its better! Yes, books are better than television because books are the guides of success for young ones to the future and the books have so many knowledge.
  27. catherineacorda

    catherineacorda New Member

    Like most other parents, we didn't realize the harmful effects of excess gadget use when we first introduced it to our kids a couple of years back. It seemed like a simple new technology back then, until we started reading recent results of research after research from experts around the world detailing how prolonged use could negatively affect the well-being of a child.
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    We decided that the only way to curb the need to use the tablet or phone all the time was to put our 6-year-old son through what others call "digital detox." We removed his gadgets from the picture for a few weeks until he stopped depending on it too much.
  28. Swaggy890

    Swaggy890 New Member

    i prefer to watch as in my opinion its easier to understand and pick up things quicker with reading it differs you are mote likely having to read the same thing constantly to take it in.
  29. ClaireG

    ClaireG Member

    Both I have to say because for me watching and reading is fun. The only difference is that when you’re reading you have to build your own imagination unlike watching all you have to do is sit back or just lay down and enjoy you’re all set. Whether I read or watch, it doesn’t matter to me as long as I enjoyed doing it. It’s my way of giving myself a break and enjoying moments.
  30. gcm2455

    gcm2455 Member

    Reading is better. It makes your mind work or operate. Your imagination is also developed. Some studies suggest that it could prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

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