Is it important to read inspirational and motivational book?

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Challenges' started by Mark Joseph Saceda, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. Mark Joseph Saceda

    Mark Joseph Saceda New Member

    For me, I think yes because you can get more ideas on how you write down your story or anything where you want to white down you story. Most of us in the blog is recommended because it's show people your story behind. How about you what is the best for you to show your talent or anything else. Express and share.
  2. celine_ciao2000

    celine_ciao2000 New Member

    I say yes to that, because we all have our "ups and downs moment in life. Reading is a much better alternative to alleviate how we feel . Sometimes people get hooked on bad habits because of wrong choices and decisions with their actions.
  3. ShaneQuirke

    ShaneQuirke New Member

    I believe it is important for us to draw inspiration from some source throughout our life, however I do not necessarily believe that source must be a book. Inspiration is subjective, for example, a college student raises £100,000 through crowdfunding to fund his independent film. While some may look at this as inspirational, others may deride him for looking to others for help.

    Inspiration can be drawn by watching an athlete overcome odds and emerge victorious or watching a loved one lose 200 pounds of weight, it is entirely dependent on the individual. So while a book is a perfectly acceptable means of motivation, I find the medium through which motivation is gained to be irrelevant, so long that it is obtained.
  4. julietsierra

    julietsierra New Member

    Reading inspirational and motivational books makes me feel uplifted and reprogrammed. Honestly, I am a very negative person but every time I read inspirational and motivational books especially my favorite author, I became a new person. There is something on it that touches my deepest core - which is my soul.
  5. RobiManimbo

    RobiManimbo New Member

    Yes, at first you need some inspiration to dream of what you want to achieve, then motivation to keep reminding you of what inspired you to dream. Reading them both is connected with each other.

    It is easy to be inspired today but without motivation you will do nothing tomorrow. So it is a good combination to read both.

    Being inspired is one thing, but keeping yourself motivated from day to day is very hard. You might get some good ideas at motivating yourself by reading books. I am not a reader myself, I read from time to time about things that interests me but I get my motivation from being inspired also, If I read or watch something Inspirational, I just remind myself of that inspiration to be motivated daily.
  6. Bamegr

    Bamegr New Member

    It helps to read inspirational books. Many people never reach their potential because they have what is referred to as self-doubt. They can do something, but they do not believe that they can execute a given task. One of the areas that are usually extensively covered in the inspirational books is a belief in self-abilities. Most of the underachievers never reach their potential because they are pessimistic, and they doubt their abilities. However, by reading the motivation book, the reader will be encouraged to have an internal reflection and bring out the best in his skills. (And of course, that depends on the person reading it if he/she wants to get motivated or not.)
    If you want positive vibes, then read the motivational books. The motivational books are all about positivity. People who think more positively tend to find solutions to various problems that they are facing. Such an individual will begin believing in himself, and this may help him realize his potential.
  7. jeffreyjose

    jeffreyjose New Member

    Yes i believe it is very much important to read inspirational and motivational books in order to inspire us to succeed in life. Because of the many heart breaking events in our lives and around us, we badly need to read those books. Reading those books will not harm you anyway.
  8. BallerinaInLA

    BallerinaInLA New Member

    If reading is not your thing, there are a bunch of YouTube channels that have great inspirational and motivational content. Some of my subscriptions include Peace Within, which has a lot of inspirational audio, Influence at Work and Motivation to Study.
  9. jhonuarin03

    jhonuarin03 Member

    for me yes, but I'm not into reading, I always watch videos on Youtube about inspirational and motivational content and it inspire me.
  10. Yes it is indeed needed, because there are times in our life when we feel that our whole world turns against us and it's forces are bestowed against us and will make us down right into our knees. All of our hope seems lost our way of thinking is dim and full od negagive thoughts but once we read inspiring/motivational books or even watch motivational videos (if reading is not your thing try to watch motivational video such as TED talks) it will comfort us and give us hope to sieze the light for better understanding into the particular thing that we are confused. At some way it helps us to lighten the burden if we feel so down. Sometimes it motivates us to do even more that's why I can consider it as a fundamental aspect in a life of each person.

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