Is it necessary to write based on experience or imagination?

Discussion in 'Writing for Stage and Screen' started by Chippo, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. Chippo

    Chippo New Member

    When it comes to stage or screen writing, I prefer it be done based on one's experience. Reason is that when you write based on what you've experienced, you'll definitely have vast realistic info to deliver to your audience. There's no doubt your write up will stand out from an imaginative write up. When you are being imaginative, you make use of idealism other than realism. That doesn't mean your write up wouldn't be informative though, but the difference is absolutely clear. So, what's your say on that?
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  2. yosleve

    yosleve New Member

    A straight forward answer is to ask within the writer what is the purpose to write..if that question is answered then, the decision to write either by experience or imagining is answered.. Most passionate write ups are writing from experiences by its authors.
  3. writeside1

    writeside1 Member

    It is rightly said that experience is the best teacher. Experience is a proper lesson learnt in the way of passing phases in life of humans. That is why it becomes necessary to write based upon experience rather than imagination for a person.
  4. anchoreztin

    anchoreztin New Member

    It is not necessary to write based on your experience. But it maybe helpful if you have a background knowledge about the topic you are about to put into writing so that eventhough you are writing may it be for a stage play, a book or script, everything can be relatable and understandable. For example, of you are to write a love story for a short story and you have never been into a relationship, can we say that you are not allowed to write a love story? How about of you want to write a book on crimes and justice? Do you have to kill a person so that you can write a book on killings? Put it in this way, J. K. Rowling was able to write the Harry Potter Series, does that make her a witch?
    Clearly, one does not need experience in order to beautifully write. One must have a very vast and artistic imagination in order for him to craft a well written book or script or piece. And in order for the piece to work, one can also incorporate, research and further studies to make his work, idealistic or realistic.
  5. judie_rose

    judie_rose New Member

    It is an advantage to write based on experience as you already have prepared guides for the beginning, middle, ending, conflicts and characters for your story. Of course, using imagination as well to further enhance your writing can improve your story.

    There are also instances when writing based on imagination alone provides for fresh perspective on popular topics such as love, family, death.

    Other than writing based on experience and imagination, constantly writing--even if you don't feel like writing is a good habit to improve your writing skills.
  6. Inputss

    Inputss New Member

    It depends to the writer and the demands of the story. It gives firm bases or foundation to a story if imagination and experience of the writer used fairly.
  7. naililmuna

    naililmuna New Member

    whether you write based on experience or imagination, both need deep study on story material as well as on plot and story structure. You can write also from some people experience on the same subject. Or you can even write from some people opinion on certain topics, then write down fiction story from their insights. Anything, you will surely need to study your material and craft your story. On written form, the script has to be plausible, congruent, holistic to create a world. Your script will be read by so many people before it goes to production. So make sure, they got the point of the story and can enjoy your story. Apart from whether a story best come from experience or imagination, every story (no matter how many pages written or how long it will be staged/screened), the story came from one single line of proposition. A proposition is the heart of a story. It will likely a point asked by panelist when you pitch your stage or screen project.
  8. jessica13e

    jessica13e New Member

    Well said. I do agree that there can be a lot of passion in experiential writing. But I also feel that there are those with such depth in their imagination that their stories can have layers and intricacies beyond the constraints of the physical reality.
  9. Lawy

    Lawy New Member

    Experience or imagination. Both will do provided you understand what you want to achieve at the end of the story. And to some extent your experiences guide your imagination to help you come up with an amazing story.
  10. Rickyross18

    Rickyross18 New Member

    Is your writing fueled by everyday experiences or by imagination? Of course, these two are often mixed together in the stories we tell; yet, you probably draw more from one than the other.

    You may be the type of person who eavesdrops in coffee shops and later writes stories. Or you may often be pulled into parallel worlds of other planets filled with fascinating creatures and sixth and seventh senses.

    The Role of Experience
    I recently listened to a talk by Elif Shafak, where she tells her life story of growing up as a diplomatic child of a divorcée Turkish mother and her experiences of living abroad in a multicultural environment. She remarks on other people’s expectations in regards to the topics she’s writing about. As a writer of Turkish origin, she’s expected to mainly write about her notions of Turkish identity in her stories.

    To lay out her point, she mentions writing residencies/workshops where writers are gathered based on their ethnic background, most likely in the prospect of gathering different kinds of writing material.

    Many writers do feel the urge to write about what they see, what they know, what they’ve experienced, capturing the writer’s zeitgeist. Think of Hanif Kureishi and his wonderful exploration of immigration and race in Britain or Salman Rushdie, who caused a major controversy with his writing on Islam and was even persecuted under death threats.

    If it wasn’t for writers like them and many others, we would all have been short of understanding specific regions, social and cultural issues, pastimes. In fact, perhaps we’d be in complete oblivion.

    The Role of Imagination
    Even so, what about the other side of this coin? The Indian who wishes to set his stories in Sri Lanka or a Chinese writer in a protagonist undercover as an African American?

    The imagination is a vast, limitless, and infinite vehicle that spins around universally, and its usages correlate to its features. You are free to use it in whatever way you want: Turn it around, take it as it comes, and pull it upside down, left or right, 90 degrees north.

    Or throw it away and rely on what’s around. Neither one is better than the other. The freedom of choice in literature has been won for a long time.
  11. kriztin

    kriztin New Member

    maybe it be base on experience or imagination it truly depends on the execution of the story, how you will capture your audience heart and how well would you do in terms of storytelling.

    But always remember to always get your viewers heart with your story because of that's the best way for them to remember a piece of your story or even you as a writer.

    Audience feelings+emotion= Heart
    Audience heart+the story= connection
    connection+audience to your story= good ratings & reveiws

  12. phanuruch

    phanuruch New Member

    I have not done much on stage or screenwriting and would definitely enjoy the experience. Thing is, I have not yet found anyone who can take me in and show me the ropes or take a gamble with me. But, its something in my bucket list this year.
  13. Evergreen07

    Evergreen07 New Member

    The only thing necessary as to where to base a story to be written, is what is required. If someone asked you to write a story, of course, it's is not in your discretion as to where it will be based from unless that someone gives you the liberty to choose for yourself. But if you're writing for yourself, naturally, you are the one to decide. Unless there are other source to based a story from, there should only be these two choices, based on your or others' experience or based on your or others' imagination. The choice should be base on what you are required to do or which one are you more comfortable with.
  14. CarlaBorden1

    CarlaBorden1 New Member

    It is not really necessary to write a story or base on experience or imagination. What matters most are the thoughts and learning from that story. Tho, experience is the best teacher but its up to you how you catch the readers attention. When you're planning to create one, you need to consider so many things. I did created mine base on my experience but I challenged myself to create one through my imaginations. Creating scenarios in my head, writing content which is very timely and relevant that can inspire not just only those millenials, teenagers and those adult one.

    Dont stop writing, keep on inspiring.
  15. Kimi02

    Kimi02 New Member

    Both comes from your own mind but I think writing based on experience makes it more relatable to anyone which makes it interesting. Writing which comes from imagination takes talent because you have to take the readers to a whole new world and imagine with you.
  16. Rejoyce

    Rejoyce Member

    People today love stories they can relate to. Therefore, write based on your experiences. People want realistic stuffs.
  17. angelinepenaflor

    angelinepenaflor New Member

    Experience is a storage of real thoughts. This is the best way to reach to readers as they may be able to relate to what you are conveying in your articles or written pieces. Yes, it is important to write based on experiences.
  18. Rooneey

    Rooneey Member

    I think you can do both. Yes, it is the best if you used experience because it is advantage. But sometimes, we are hoping for a happy ending. Imagining of "What If?". Imagination sometimes, can makes us happy for a moment. While experience is reality that there's no chance.
  19. Achraft

    Achraft New Member

    Doing both is even greater. adding imagination to a real situation that was based on experience and extrapolating to new dimensions of thoughts is pure creativity.
  20. Allanjohn30

    Allanjohn30 Member

    In our generation today, writing is really huge that is why you have to be the most resourceful writer to win the heart of your readers. Combining both real situation and imagination is great choice because you can satisfy the interest of your audience. Some people like to read real situation content and some love to read fantasy content, so if you are good enough to balance both of them, you could be a well-known writer in the world.
  21. gabrielapostu

    gabrielapostu Member

    Experience trumps imagination.
  22. Twinklebisnar

    Twinklebisnar Member

    It depends. If you write based on your experience, you can explain it clear and you can also justify that it is true unlike when you write based on your imagination it's too perfect that it is hard to beleive because imagination has no limit.
  23. Bujabs

    Bujabs New Member

    Experience builds imagination, and a writer who supplements what they imagine with their own personal experiences creates more immersive, expressive and relatable content. After all, we all wish to see ourselves in the experiences of others, we all love to relate.
  24. gabrielapostu

    gabrielapostu Member

    Experience trumps imagination.
  25. tinatinay

    tinatinay Member

    They say -"Human experience is the best story teller". But for my standpoint it doesn't really matter.. as long as you are inspiring and entertaining others by writing. Writing by experience usually strike readers because its factual, the characters are more strong and realistic which you can feel more emotions and it has different dynamics. that's why if you notice most true to life stories gets more credit than fictions because it is heartfelt.

    But fictions on the other hand, are also good. writing by imaginations is more idealistic and visionary but I admire those writers who wrote books especially novels with great power of imagination not everyone has a gift like that.:D
  26. spiderplant

    spiderplant New Member

    I don't think it's necessary to only write things in your own experience - if that were strictly true, no one would write any fiction at all. I do think it's important to do a substantial amount of research, especially reading things from the perspectives of multiple people in the groups in question, if you're writing about groups of people you don't belong to. A lot of writers have perpetuated harmful stereotypes when they've done this badly.
  27. kianluis

    kianluis New Member

    Writing from experience certainly helps but is not a necessity. Not all plays or even movies or books or any other medium of entertainment are written by someone who has personally experienced it. There's always an element of imagination in fiction.

    This is why research is very important. Writers research about the topic they want to portray, the story they want to tell and even though they have not personally experienced it, this enables them to know about the lived experiences of other people who have gone through it.
  28. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    It doesn't matter people write because its their passion, also makes them happy so whether its from their experience or just their imagination as long as the content is meaningful and entertaining i can say its good enough.
  29. snesz08

    snesz08 Member

    Writing from experience because it is happened based on true story. you will share your experience and what did you learn from your past and experience. it will makes you better and strong person. you give advises from your audience or other people around you.
  30. Treveez

    Treveez Member

    yes Is your writing fueled by everyday experiences or by imagination? Of course, these two are often mixed together in the stories we tell; yet, you probably draw more from one than the other.

    You may be the type of person who eavesdrops in coffee shops and later writes stories. Or you may often be pulled into parallel worlds of other planets filled with fascinating creatures and sixth and seventh senses

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