Is it necessary to write based on experience or imagination?

Discussion in 'Writing for Stage and Screen' started by Chippo, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. Warren1967

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    It has to combine both elements to be successful. You need the facts to give your script some facts and honesty. You need the creativity to craft it in such a way that it will entertain your target audience. It's like cooking a good steak. The flavor of the meat will speak for itself. A little salt is enough.
  2. gcm2455

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    A writer must be imaginative and creative. But when he uses his imagination only, he will be missing out a lot and he will be beaten by a person writing from his own experience. A writer with experience will never be at the mercy of a person with presumptions or assumptions only.
  3. wkndroyal

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    I think a writer should write from both imagination and experience. I think a writer's creative abilities come out when stories or content is conceived from the imagination. But those stories can be relatable or captivating if they were somehow referenced to the writer's personal experience.
  4. Treveez

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    For me
    Is your writing fuelled by everyday life and experiences or by imagination? ... she mentions writing residencies/workshops where writers are gathered based on their
  5. Jaaypee

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    I think you can combine your experience to your creative imaginations. Most of the films or plays on screen are known because of the writers creativity - and that is human's imagination. Somehow, that is what writers do - they use their experience and mix it on how their creativity works. I see it as a good point because sometimes we don't want to reveal some identity from our or someone's experience. Just a bit of reality can do.
  6. Alzack50

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    I think the write should must inspiring based on their experience or life situation, that you may apply on your writing.
  7. jeda30

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    Either way will do. If you had experiences that would give moral lessons to others that is awesome because I do prefer to read books which are based on reality or experiences. Also, if you have creative mind of creating stories that is amazing as well. The best way is you can combine the two, with the experiences you had and adding it with your creative imagination, a story would be very great.
  8. elliethegypsy

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    I prefer based on experience because it could be relatable for other people who are going to read your work. Well, imagination could also work however, there are some circumstances that others can't get what you're trying to deliver. But if your imagination is limitless, then go for it. It's always up to you on how you can make it believable and worth the read.
  9. yhanmar08

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    Yes, it was easy to write based on my experienced. So you can shared to the readers what happen, what did you do so that they can get an idea.
    While it is based on your imagination it's just you know if is believable. Because the writer have no experienced in what he or she is writing. It was just a piece of advice to me.
    I am interested in reading if the writer is based on her experienced because i can apply it in my life.

    When imagination writing maybe it's okay if it is not really happening. But if it is about real life, how can you write that without any experienced.
  10. Miah123

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    A combination of both is actually good if you want to write something. Writing based on your experience makes it more relatable to the audience because it is based on reality. Combining it with a few imagination can enhance the creativity of your content. The outcome would be more entertaining and empathizing.
  11. iwisting

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    I think the two would go quite handy. Writing based on experience and imagination makes one's output unique and novel to the readers. We have the gift of intellect in each of us which makes it really amazing in expressing ourselves because of its firsthand nature.
  12. selectra

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    A combination of both.It doesn't have to be the writer's experience it can be someone else's, combined with the writer's imagination to make a story more interesting
  13. teresac0726

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    I believe it is best if both play a part in it. With experience, you have that extra umph to it that will really captivate certain people in the audience. But with imagination, you will draw in the others. So with both, you will have entire audience loving it.
  14. joshlem

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    Once watched a movie where a Sutu from South Africa was an elder in a Maasai village. Whilst the elder spoke in Sutu it was passed off as one language. If you are not from Africa it’s hard to see the absurdity, i would imagine that people from here in Canada thought that it was the same language. This brings proves that experience is good, it brings out context.
  15. younglungu

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